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  1. Hi Bil, sounds good, I´m really looking forward to new content; your battle drill is bookmarked in my browser. Thanks to "armor forward! but with intelligence" in your battle drill I became aware of two other interesting...eh..."small books". "Fibel" we´d say in Germany. 1. Panzer helfen Dir! (Merkblatt 18b/38 vom 15.9.´44. Was der Grenadier vom gepanzerten Kampffahrzeug wissen muß) "Tanks help you! (Leaflet 18b / 38 from September 15th, '44. What the Grenadier needs to know about the armored combat vehicle)" 2. Taktisch richtiges Fahren mit dem Schützenpanzerwagen "Tactically correct driving with the armored personnel carrier" While "Panzer helfen Dir!" is in the style of the "Tigerfibel" / "Pantherfibel", the "Taktisch richtiges Fahren mit dem Schützenpanzerwagen" comes as a very specific instruction: therefore, two pictures are shown for each situation, a short rhyme per picture explains why and how to proceed (take a look on the last two pictures). Maybe this will be a future project of yours to process this content for the battle drill (like you did before on "armor forward!", sharing your personal thoughts on the given situations).
  2. Hi Bil, thank you very much for your battle drill blog. It is fun to try out the new knowledge, it is very educational. Keep it up, greetings.
  3. Hi Steve, Attilaforfun brought up the marketing-point; as a relatively new player to CM (I´m in for 1,5 years, maybe) I can tell you: It was this video... ...that brought me to CM. Don´t know if I would have recognized the game ever otherwise. Which would have been a pity. (Good) letsplayers will do the work for you. Out there are some great guys like Hobbygeneral, headbreaker, Taktikfuchs (german yt-channels that do a lot CM-stuff), I´m pretty sure their CM-related-video-content is the best advertisement you can get.
  4. Hi folks, it´s me again with another noob-question. So far I thought I was getting into the C2-mechanics. Till this night: My mortars cannot get the fire mission from "company HQ", no chain of command between "company HQ" and "4 platoon HQ". And I wonder why. Both units have radio equipped and are not moving. "4 platoon HQ" has no radio-sign in the middle of the three squres...what does that mean? Thanks for help, again.
  5. I would like to renew Bens question from 2016: what is the masterplan to be able to compete with atg, cromwells, hellcats and infantry against the panthers? It does not matter if I'm already on the rails or not, they always stand with their front to me. Is it necessary to take the right side of the field to catch them in their flank? So far I have the feeling that I can not compete with the panthers. No matter how much firepower I have on the field.
  6. Hi DerKommissar, I´m absolutely into COBI - you won´t find anything better concerning "Klemmbausteine" / LEGO-like-bricks and WWII. Just give the german yt-channel "Held der Steine" a try; it´s in german, but maybe DerKommissar understands it. Otherwise there might be subtitles. He has done a review on the Leopard 2 A4 for example. I´m pretty sure your younger brother would love the COBI-stuff if he´s already into LEGO-like-bricks. Well...the figurines...some say they don´t look so good... I have no strong feelings one way or the other about them.
  7. Hi fellow wargamers, I really enjoy a coffee over building some fine COBI miniatures, relaxing activity, perfect for wintertime. My WWII-collection of german forces grows, a good friend of mine collects the allied stuff...one day we´ll put both collections together. I´m really looking forward to christmastime...I´ve the Tirpitz to build, the Leopard II A4, the A7V, Panzer III Ausf. E, Famo, some planes...yeah, I´m ready for christmas. My collection so far...to be continued...
  8. Hi Wicky and thank you for the quick answer. Got it! I´ll do the mission again and mow down that shed asap. 😎
  9. Finally, my first comment on this board. Greetings and sorry for my English being not so good, hope you understand me anyway. Just got commonwealth + market garden and I´m very exited to give the new scenarios a try. Scenario: "18 platoon". It seems that I cannot deploy my mortar, the box to click on doesn´t appear: I tried many different spots to deploy the weapon...no success. Any ideas for me? Thank you and see you soon on the board.
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