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  1. This time I won´t update the thread and post the single videos here so take a look at my channel to keep track. There you can also find the playlist. Enjoy
  2. Captain Reyes

    Frozen After Activating

    There are some issues with overlay software and CM2 like Rivatuner but also with ones that come with certain driver packages such as Asus ROG software, MSI, etc. that can prevent CM2 games from working. But as it appears that you got it running so this is not the case for you.
  3. Captain Reyes

    CMSF2 "Black Sea" Vehicle Pack

    It was explained where to draw the line and I think it is a reasonable one.
  4. Captain Reyes

    Reshade Presets for share?

    Yes, I deactivate the shader temporarily when in main menu.
  5. Captain Reyes

    Reshade Presets for share?

    Well I just spent some minutes not hours on my reshade profile but if one needs he can have it.
  6. 😓😂 Well here is your secret, set your 3D model and 3D texture quality to balanced, you won´t notice much visual difference other than a considerable frame boost. Keep the rest.
  7. I loaded up a big scenario, checked resource monitor, and CMSF2 definitely is not running on single core but on all here. I have an I7 (4 physical 4 HT cores) and the game is able to utilize 100% in a benchmark situation. You still not mentioned your ingame settings, especially the two dropdown ones are important.
  8. Although there are no official ones there are several great quality campaigns (Stepsons of Jihad, Zawija Uprising, Guardians of the Homeland, Road to Dinas) to be found on cmmods.com featuring Syria vs Coalition settings and Syria vs Syria civil war situations. I still need to check them out in CMSF2 but I am pretty optimistic and will eventually take one of these for the Syrian Forces video playthrough.
  9. Captain Reyes

    Purchase from europe

    I´ve mad all Combat Mission purchases with paypal and never added a credit card to my pp. However I have a bank deposit added to it not sure if it changes something.
  10. It isn´t so important to do amd/nvidia settings but the lag you report is strange. What are your specs and what are your ingame settings? With all shown visual enhancements and mods in place I play my CM2 games on 40-70 fps depending on scenario size but even on my 5 year old crappy (even back then mediocre) notebook the CM2 games run pretty decent with 30 fps most of the time.
  11. In my last video playthrough series Commander Carl Benton and Task Force Thunder successfully pushed towards Homs and in a fierce fight captured the city. But the war is far from being over and there are many more stories to tell. Back in my CMSF1 days I´v played a Syrian & Uncon campaign which I think was called Stepsons of Jihad and was impressed not only by the complete different playstyle and mindset required from you when being pitted against a technology and training-wise superior enemy, making the best out of ill-trained troops and obsolete equipment. It was also the fact that playing the Syrian side provided a complete new experience as you have to expect to bear high casualties and may use all means of asymetric warfare which stands in opposite what most coalition campaigns demand. This always made CMSF a special game for me as there are not many games out there that had the courage to depict authentic modern combat in its full spectrum. I decided that in the future I definitely will start a CMSF2 Syrian Forces campaign and again supplement this with a fictional story incorporating CMSF2´s background focusing on a Syrian general named Yusuf Auda. This is 10 minutes of reading, no gameplay no special effects. Again you will see a story of war with little heroism and fanfare involved. In fact it is gritty and some may consider it depressing, so if you´re sensible to stuff like this better do not watch. Also keep in mind that although Yusuf Auda is a fictional character he comes with beliefs you may or may not share. Same goes for the mission briefings you may encounter. They have not the intent to start a political debate here or elsewhere. In my opinion being able to explore different perspectives is one thing that makes CMSF2 so great. However it may take a while before I start. First I need to explore what Red vs Blue campaigns are available, how they perform in CMSF2, and perhaps see with what the modding and scenario design community will come up the next weeks. Also there was an inconsistency reported with the civilian density setting which I think is important for this campaign. Due to all of this the Syria campaign will be on hold and I perhaps first will start first a Marines playthrough also coming with a character. Due to CMSF2 I also neglected my university duties somewhat and need to focus back on that 🙂.
  12. Captain Reyes

    Scout Team cannot acquire Jav CLU?

    Your equipped your scout team with two additional AT-4 launchers which then prevents them to get the Javelin Launcher.