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  1. homewrecker


    I too was looking for one of the old US army uniform mods, the one with the dusty 3ID uniforms. No luck. I still have a lot of the others though, dusty marines and brits, i think the brits with rolled sleeves as well. Tons of vehicle mods. Any way you could pm me a dropbox link to the US Army uniforms Erwin? I would really appreciate it. If i remember wasn't there a site for CMSF mods on the cmx1 mods site? I tried to visit it, and get an invalid certificate notice. Expired or taken down?
  2. This +1. If we ever do get an CW combat mission title, there will be plenty of map/campaign inspiration material to pull from for the community. I am probably going to pick that one up, really liking how they designed their map system for the random battle generator. Amd the in game database editor for creating/editing units. Its gonna have some great modability and near infinite replayability. Hoping we do get to see CM Fulda Gap sometime in the future, maybe a first title for CM3?
  3. homewrecker

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Cant wait to get my hands on the base game + marine module.
  4. homewrecker

    They meant september of next year!

    Battlefront has a niche market man. Budget does matter even in large companies. And those large companies have marketing dollars and distribution deals. I'm blown away I can upgrade to SF2 for $35, talk about loyalty to your EXISTING customers.
  5. homewrecker

    Demo crash

    I had one crash reloading a saved game on Day at the Beach played in Turn based mode. Happened once, didnt happen again. Havent had any since, I did play with my shader settings but i cant remember if it was before or after since I usually turn them off anyways for the smoother frame rates.
  6. homewrecker

    Demo Feedback

    Thanks sir, I'm a long time lurker, just decided to get invovled after the ball got rolling in shock force 2. SF1 was probably my favorite CM release. I just hope I can help, very excited for the update.
  7. homewrecker

    Demo Feedback

    It was you who pointed it out to me Erwin, I just went back to check. Coax isnt fired with the crew opened up either. I couldnt get the Brads to use their coax on my orders, they only use it on their own volition.
  8. homewrecker

    Demo Feedback

    Ok so now after playing through passage to wilcox again I've realized the difficulties. My Brads all use the 25mm when target light order is issued. Which did wipe out half a squad and panic a squad of engineers. What a pain! I did witness the use the coax on their own on multiple occasions, so weird. I dont remember this being as much of an issie in SF1, correct me if I'm wrong. Abrams all use the coax or mounted 762 if opened up. Could it be the weapons loadout? Target causes them to unleash the Tows, as well as target briefly. So relatively the 25mm is lighter than a Tow? Minor coding issue? Appologies if this sounds goofy, I have zero experience play testing.
  9. homewrecker

    ACOG for the US Army

    K going back I notice the scope icon for the DM of the squad, just didn't see it rendered in game. So I answered my own question. Sorry fellas.
  10. homewrecker

    Best order for building entry

    Im going to try this, i have always struggled with MOUT operations in SF, its quite chellenging. Thanks for the lengthy post with the details, i clearly havent gone into this level of complexity with my orders and need to give it a shot.
  11. homewrecker

    ACOG for the US Army

    Never noticed that, will have to go back and look. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe it isnt represented graphically? Ive got a lot of hours in SF1, but i guess I missed it.
  12. homewrecker

    Demo Feedback

    Does it depend on target? My thought is given the nature of the game troops and vehicle crews do make their own decisions based on situations despite orders. Could this be the case?
  13. homewrecker

    Demo Feedback

    Playing this scenario I had my Tornado shot down. Are there any other AA assets for the syrians in this scenario? I didnt notice any but may be mistaken.
  14. Something I've wondered since SF1 was released was why no ACOGs for the Army. All rifles seem to have aimpoints on their models. All info I can find suggest the Army contracted for these in 2007, which is in time frame for the game. Though im pretty sure they were in use as far back as Just Cause in 89. Are these represented in abstraction or were they left out of the TO&E for the Army?
  15. homewrecker

    Lt. Smash's Floating Icons for CMSF2

    Love it man! I use your icons mods in all my CM games. Thank you, well done as always.