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  1. Try to disable shaders with Windows Key + R. I´ve got the same visual bug and disabling shaders works for me.
  2. Thank you for your tests. I built a small test range scenario to compare the accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on RWS vs. the accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on a tripod. The result is that the Mk19 mounted on the tripod is considerable more accurate. I attached two clips, where you can see that the Stryker struggles to hit the trucks (400m distance), while the tripod mounted Mk19 has a much tighter spread and kills all 3 trucks in a matter of seconds. The Stryker scores hits too, but the miss rate is absolutely abyssmal. For me it seems that the accuracy of crew served weapons and vehicle m
  3. Thanks for the feedback 😊. Feels good when the Community welcomes you with good feedback! On Mk19 RWS accuracy : I did some tests and made a small video of a Stryker ICV with Mk19 firing the weapon at 160m distance. Notice the spread, even firing way above the berm or hitting the ground right in front of the Stryker. Here´s a clip I took from YouTube showing the same situation in RL. Though they´re practice rounds notice the tightness of the shot pattern. Notice that this does seem to affect the AGS-17 30mm grenade launcher mounted in the
  4. Hi Battlefront, hi community, at first I want to tell you that this isn´t one of these nitpicky gripe threads. I quite enjoy the game as it is 😀, and I´m always happy to sink my money in the new hot Battlefront product. As I played Shock Force 2 the other day I came upon some things that raised a couple of questionmarks though, so I wanted to inquire about these here in this thread: The accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on RWS. Even at targets very close, 150m - 200m, the spray is enourmous. The circle in which the grenades fall is about 20m in radius at these short distance. They a
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