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  1. Try to disable shaders with Windows Key + R. I´ve got the same visual bug and disabling shaders works for me.
  2. Thank you for your tests. I built a small test range scenario to compare the accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on RWS vs. the accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on a tripod. The result is that the Mk19 mounted on the tripod is considerable more accurate. I attached two clips, where you can see that the Stryker struggles to hit the trucks (400m distance), while the tripod mounted Mk19 has a much tighter spread and kills all 3 trucks in a matter of seconds. The Stryker scores hits too, but the miss rate is absolutely abyssmal. For me it seems that the accuracy of crew served weapons and vehicle mounted weapons is reversed or at least some off in some way. Testing this one further revealed that this is true for every automatic grenade launcher in the game (GMG mounted on German Fennek, British L134A1 mounted on Land Rovers, AGS-17 mounted in BTR4E). I found that all of these weapons suffer from poor accuracy compared to crew served variants which should not be imho. RWS: Tripod: I´ll do more tests if you wish. I clearly remember the RWS mounted automatic grenade launchers from Shock Force 1 were beasts in causing many casualties to the enemy with accurate fire even over longer ranges. Thank you all
  3. Thanks for the feedback . Feels good when the Community welcomes you with good feedback! On Mk19 RWS accuracy : I did some tests and made a small video of a Stryker ICV with Mk19 firing the weapon at 160m distance. Notice the spread, even firing way above the berm or hitting the ground right in front of the Stryker. Here´s a clip I took from YouTube showing the same situation in RL. Though they´re practice rounds notice the tightness of the shot pattern. Notice that this does seem to affect the AGS-17 30mm grenade launcher mounted in the BTR-4E in Black Sea as well. It´s very inaccurate in the same way as the Mk19. On external weapon reload under fire: when thinking about it, it sure is a thing that keeps you on edge sometimes ingame. But rightly said it´s difficult to solve. After giving it some though I´m against reloading by player command, because the micro management involved in keeping track of weapon reloads would be more stressful than keeping your eye on your Stryker crews. MAYBE it could be managed by TacAI, which deactivates the reload sequence for like 30 seconds in advance when one of the following variables is true: There´s direct fire impacting the vehicle / direct fire recently impacted the vehicle There´s artillery dropping close by at the moment There´re MULTIPLE contacts IDENTIFIED by the vehicle crew
  4. Hi Battlefront, hi community, at first I want to tell you that this isn´t one of these nitpicky gripe threads. I quite enjoy the game as it is , and I´m always happy to sink my money in the new hot Battlefront product. As I played Shock Force 2 the other day I came upon some things that raised a couple of questionmarks though, so I wanted to inquire about these here in this thread: The accuracy of the Mk19 mounted on RWS. Even at targets very close, 150m - 200m, the spray is enourmous. The circle in which the grenades fall is about 20m in radius at these short distance. They are about as inaccurate fired from a complete standstill as a ww2 tank firing its coaxial on the move. I was quite shocked when I saw the inability to cause any casualties on the enemy because of this. I don´t remember them from Shock Force 1 beeing this inaccurate, and after watching a couple of real videos with them beeing fired from the Stryker RWS on training excercises at roughly the same ranges and beeing almost pinpoint accurate at medium to close range (as I remember them), I wanted to ask if maybe I´m missing something. Reloading of weapons mounted on RWS. This is more of "wanted feature" than a observation: it would be awesome if the player could order the crew of said vehicle equipped with RWS mounted guns to not open the hatches and go outside to reload them while under heavy fire. Maybe code it in a way that they´re only reloading the guns while specifically ordered "hatches open". Because the crews are very liberate with their use of the guns, they often have to reload and I lost quite some crewmen to snipers and mg´s. Thats all. Thank you for the great games!
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