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  1. Fun game. My favourite one regrading the cold war. In the next year we should see Southern storm with the Canadian , French, czech and east germans added to the game. Anyway, my tip to you is to read the manual, it will explain a lot and if you need anyone to play in the future,i could be your man!
  2. Panzerpanic

    Email not accepted for reset password

    Please close this, i will create a ticket. Thanks.
  3. Hi, So to make it short i wasn't able to find my order on my account until i remembered that i have a second one where i'm pretty sure i did all my orders.I tried to login again with that account and it doesn't accept the password. When i try to reset it give me that message :" Can not find specified username and email address in database" with the only two email address that i used with battlefront. I still have the order email as proof and i just want to have the account reactivated. I can PM you for the account information . Thanks
  4. Panzerpanic

    CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 – Syrian Probe (Quick Battle)

    Oh,this will be good! I look foward to see your aar and, as i canadian, see ianL destroy your forces! Seriously your aar are always a thing to look foward too and i hope that both side fight well so that we witness some glorious CCSF moments!
  5. Panzerpanic


    In my experience, bmp 3 make wonderful bomb who can even destroy tank near it. You can say its a good fire support also when it see something.
  6. Panzerpanic


    I missed that completely! Thanks to point it out. Still i cant wait for that AAR!
  7. Panzerpanic


    Wait! Am i dreaming (maybe im exhausted as f*** right now) but does that force selection mean that we will be able to pick different countries in qb???
  8. For me (when it's something that can reliably bounce shell ) its always the damn barrel who goes and then i find myself with a glorified moving mg. Mmmmm, that talk of the 70 make me think of a CM fulda gap...damn that would be good!
  9. Maybe im just unlucky and i fight against and with crew that have a death wish!(ie. Panther who take 15 shot to the front while the crew is tacking a coffee brake (i guess...)) For the atg i can see that the movement seems funny though my problem is more with the set up time of some atg.
  10. One of my main problem is that the crew will stay calm inside the tank even when it is hit repeatedly whereas in the modern setting one they will run for their life a soon as something look at them funny. Even if you have strong armor, you dont know if the next shot will be the good one that will kil you. Also , yes the atg move and set up time are weird , at least for me.
  11. Panzerpanic

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Amen to that brother !
  12. Panzerpanic

    New features curiosity

    I should have been more specific! I meant being able to choose 3 or 4 h for the quick battle time limit.
  13. Panzerpanic

    New features curiosity

    The ability to choose reinforcement in quick battle. I would want to do some quick battle where i receive reinforcement but for now its not possible. Also more choice in the time section.
  14. Panzerpanic

    New features curiosity

    Shoot&scoot order. In a world where your AT/inf have to be at very close/suicidal distance or where tanks have aps/era/lwr and react quickly to treats, my guys should be able to get out of there as soon as they fire. Damn there is a systeme that have a f&f system that let me go as soon as it is fires, i should not guess how many tine it will take the guy to spot/shoot it before he run away! Oh! A command similar to hunt where the unit will engace on contact and continue at the lost of contact. If its possible, it could be modable so that we choose what the unit do when under fire/see a contact.
  15. Panzerpanic

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    For cmsf2, will it have the quick battle like the others title where we will be able to choose the force who will fight? Regardless, this is a good new and i am thrilled for cmsf2 and the others!