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  1. Hills-water (1040x960) 127a1 . this map
  2. on photo, hedge is that light green wall and it is low wall. i dont have any idea how this tall bocage is made to there . i could use that on map project
  3. i was thinking this same but it feels od to me that this tall bocage wall exist on data base but canot then build it on editor
  4. i tjust notice that on wall types there is nou listet " tall bocage but on this fotos , one of QB maps have this . Sou is this error in my game or error in game owerall ?
  5. snarre

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    well i say still it was side show because amount of troops what soviet had on that time there was sou huge. Finish troops could not tie that mutch troops from soviet army to make difference els where. How ewer 1941 this was totaly diffrend thing and our troops could help to capture Leningrad but Mannerheim did choose not to do that.
  6. snarre

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    im FIN , sure it would be nice to have Finland in CM but it is tjust side show , what happend here in WW2.
  7. snarre

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    you can make partisans missions all ready whit Editor if you want sou .
  8. snarre

    Detection/Magic = Experiment

    newer mind there was some contact icon because i was looking first that you play it on scenario testing mode
  9. well let see what PS bring to tabel , big worry is that if its going to suffer same core problems like squad.
  10. well PS is like squad if you are playet , same core problems , it is same cake whit differend decoration.
  11. im get that problem too , dont know is it computer memory what run out or is it game engine what canot any more handel
  12. i know them way to work , im been in this forum now around 5 years , any way why i asket was because steve write earlyer " wery soon" and this patch is big thing to game engine 4 .
  13. Any ETA for Engine 4 patch ?
  14. well are you going to put out some patch to game engine4 to all titles , because has been some cases about inf behave under fire ?