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  1. Ukranian infantry advancing across the battlefield.
  2. As always .. outstanding effort and quality. Really enhances my gameplay.
  3. Much appreciated. You are doing fantastic work.
  4. Updated to 1.2 with some more changes to bocage terrain and cover.
  5. Hi all, you can find my newest creation for CMAK, ready for play testing. Please post your critiques here or at TPG. Thanks in advance. DL: Crossroads
  6. This CPX will be continued. We left the game after 5 hours playing. Probably the 13th of March will be the sequel day.
  7. You can compare on this site your local time to GMT and all other timezones at the world. Just for your convenience http://www.panzertaktik.de/pzneu/wargames/worldtime.html
  8. We still need a reserver player for the PFOR because one of the participants has current issues with his computer. Pls eMail me for contact if you are interested.
  9. ok. it's done. But John is as you in the PFOR team The first enlistment roll is closed. Reserve players ARE welcome. sarjen [ February 12, 2004, 02:14 PM: Message edited by: Sarjen ]
  10. Hi everybody, I will host a CPX on 21022004 at 1800 GMT and we still have 3 seats free for players. Look at CPX-special to see more about it.
  11. Hi Flammenwerfer, did you use the 1.03 beta version of CMBB? As a german user and thus playing with the CDV-version i´m not able to use your scenario. Sorry dude - would´ve like to.
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