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  1. Normandy dosent any more start , after installing patch . i get only 1-2 second black screen and i get back to desctop.
  2. well if first tank is on ditch and some where betveen your panther and first t 34 is bush , long grash etc etc . It can block ling of sine but because 2 nd t 34 is up on ditch , it is more easy to spot. thats why it is more easy to tell if we could see hole picture and from panther side.
  3. that sounds greit πŸ˜„. any info when modul or patch then go out πŸ˜‰ ?
  4. ok , thanks for answer. hoply you find person ho do programming.
  5. i hope Bill is playing then too πŸ˜…
  6. is game progres level still on (soon) status or move to (wery soon) ? πŸ˜„
  7. ok nice , sou you get cover then πŸ‘
  8. does thous wall parts give any cover or are thous tjust for eye candy ?
  9. gun jaming is modelet in game sou extra reload animation can be that too.
  10. at least this type of field , im not test all different ground types. it can all sou delete fir-trees on some cases. I hope that some beta tester can catch this up.
  11. i mean this , you can see shape of trench line on ground.
  12. i think there is bug on ground tiles , if you place trecnh to long grass, wheat field and place your camera high altitude . you can see trench line shape on that field .
  13. hym intresting because me and my regular opponent had best time on there , playing big battles again each other .
  14. ok , i tjust want look map it self moustly , sou that i can learn better to do my own maps.
  15. can i find this map or scenario some where ?
  16. frendly fire really annoying on Red thunder and it happend mayby too often , on other titles you can atlast control where aeroplanes attack.
  17. ww2 time motorcycles are only good on road and hard ground , you dont go whit thous to wooden area. jeeps do them job all ready.
  18. CMBO/BB hand to hand fight will work fine for me on CMX2 πŸ˜„
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