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  1. mayby bug on when you try ower write old save file , it ceep old info only .
  2. sou how i install this now ? do i have to download somthing or not ?
  3. what you use to communicate , discord or somthing els ?
  4. went to side track wery fast
  5. Rad full canot be open , game will crash and inform " out of memory" .
  6. there is limit still , ewen i have high end gaming pc
  7. some of thous master maps , you canot ewen open as 1 big map . game crash then .
  8. but can we be sure that marker give you advance on hole map ? mayby it is buble around marker where it give advance to spotting if that unit/ tank stay inside of it ?
  9. release day was 8.1 ? or am i miss understand somthing
  10. Normandy dosent any more start , after installing patch . i get only 1-2 second black screen and i get back to desctop.
  11. well if first tank is on ditch and some where betveen your panther and first t 34 is bush , long grash etc etc . It can block ling of sine but because 2 nd t 34 is up on ditch , it is more easy to spot. thats why it is more easy to tell if we could see hole picture and from panther side.
  12. ok , thanks for answer. hoply you find person ho do programming.
  13. i hope Bill is playing then too 😅
  14. is game progres level still on (soon) status or move to (wery soon) ? 😄
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