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  1. To correct my earlier post Does the latest 4.0 upgrade incorporate the 4.01patch?
  2. Title says it all. Will get Big Bundle Upgrade today for all my Battle Front titles. But does it have the 4.0 patch already incorporated or do I have to download patch separately to install after upgrade.?
  3. Yeah-I'm reading ... https://www.amazon.com/Blitzed-Drugs-Third-Norman-Ohler/dp/1328663795/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488765168&sr=8-1&keywords=blitzed I am not trying to take away what he did. I don't know if he even took it that day (unless someone comes up with some kind of documents on what was supplied to units. And even then..) Not looking to get in a forum fight or a locked thread. Was thinking since this battle is so well documented if there is any indication how much rest he had beforehand. Have some pretty knowledgeable people here. Just looking for a timeline. FWIW People can then form their own private opinions.
  4. Anyone have a timeline/logs/references? I understand the Germans just arrived and Wittmann on his own attacked. On the road and attack was there any point that shows he had rest/sleep?
  5. Yes in the movie and in this photo taken July 15th it is pretty obvious the lighter grey blouse on Stauffenberg.
  6. StieliAlpa- Forgot to thank you for your observation to. Thanks.
  7. Yeah you nailed the scene. And I would agree with your observation about directors and cinematographers. Recommend the movie. Cruise as Stauffenberg??? He is very believable.
  8. Thanks Michael Emrys. Maybe-here is a scene from YouTube. I couldn't find any graphic, color plate or color picture to match this blouse to that particular time period depicted 43-44. All kind of blouses in these scenes for comparison. May have been a deliberate production value to make the character stand apart.
  9. I was watching the movie VALKYIRE and the actor Kenneth Branagh [playing General Henning Von Tresckow ] was wearing this officers blouse. Was this green common for Generals-Officers OR all ranks in the summertime? M36? Wool? Honestly never saw a blouse this green.
  10. Wondered about it. So I went looking. http://www.3squadron.org.au/subpages/Stauffenberg.htm
  11. Well even if you weren't Jewish or have a Jewish name it could get 'complicated'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gotthard_Heinrici
  12. It's Right-Cheer. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=4289 Well at the site I'm listed as the author-but really it's hard to tell who is the sole author since CMFDR put as much in as I did in research. And he uncovered sources I couldn't find. Thanks CMFDR! Screen-captures below. Lozenge Shaped regular forces, HQ icons (round shaped only) and Round shaped regular forces respectively.
  13. When did these fall out of favor? Or is anyone able to tell me that they are still allowed on modern dress uniforms. They lend a quiet elegance to a military uniform next to the highway bill boards literally mounted on peoples chest on today's uniform. Those THINGS just don't drape well on a persons chest. I know when I was in the USAF in early 80's they allowed embroidered specialty badges and ranks before we changed over to the bus driver uniforms-that is my only encounter of everyday military uniforms with embroidery. Photos of General Doolittle, Field Marshal Alan-Brooke and General Eisenhower to illustrate my point on ribbons. Okay they are Generals-but I have seen pictures of enlisted with these sort of medals.
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