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  1. In a way I can understand your pain. I don't feel it though but feel sorry that you do. That is for sure. There is so much stuff in all the WW2 and modern games if they never released anything new I still would probably play the games every single day for the rest of my life and still have stuff to do. So, years between modules for one game just isn't a factor. I am not alone - I checked
  2. Shadows are off!?!?! Oh crap I'll turn then on. I have one more turn in the bag with them off. I never play with them off and I did not intend to have them off. In fact I am not sure how they ended up off at all. I feel bad I didn't notice. As for trees as poles: they will be like that in every orders shot - so you can see what I am doing. My intention is to have trees (and shadows) on for every playback shot. If I miss some - oops - I am sure no one will be serious hurt or die
  3. Minute 0:52: Orders More area fire. A platoon of A Co disembarks and takes up position in the woods. They can move forward towards the town in the cover of some trees in the coming minutes. There is still some work to do to get scouts in position to observe the plateau.
  4. Minute 0:53-0:52: Some shots of the armoured recon firing on the town. Some is directed at the recoilless rifle. Nearly at the forest's edge.
  5. Yeah but you did not ask an open question about how BFC could do x, you asked why they don't follow your prescription of what they should do. Which by definition means you started from the answer and asked why they are not wise enough to see that you are right. Stated with a little exaggeration and some flair.
  6. LOL. I did know what it stood for. I was trying to ask: did you mean in real life? I can see how it could have been interpreted as what does IRL mean?
  7. Minute 0:53: Orders Crawling to the edge of the forest. What the view will be like. Sending some scouts to the highground. Recon by fire. Moving the battalion HQ and supporting elements forward. Pioneers joining A Co and the mortar HQ joining B Co.
  8. Minute 0:54-0:53: One more hit on the bunker... ...finishes the job. Tanks attached to A Co waiting on the road Tanks across the ford watching the town. First of the infantry from B Co are aross.
  9. Minute 0:54: Orders Since there are known threats in the town the tanks on the other side of the ford position themselves to protect the flank of the scouts. Here moving into a hull down position relative to the area near the bunker. The armoured reconnaissance move up more elements. The scouting of the forest is complete – now we need to get eyes on the area behind the hill.
  10. Minute 0:55-0:54: The bunker takes some hits. The tank crew can just see the top of a recoilless rifle behind a wall near the bunker. Infantry recon – with their tank support scout the forest.
  11. Minute 0:55: Orders Finish off the bunker. Continue forming up along the road. Reposition the recon elements to get more visibility. Continue with reconnaissance of the woods overlooking the fords.
  12. Minute 0:56-0:55: Now the 105 Sherman can see the bunker. And it opens fire. The first shot is long but you can see the bunker occupants are running away. The infantry recon continue to cross the ford... ...and scout the woods. The infantry from A Co and tanks are forming up in front of the fords. Once the way is clear they can cross. Meanwhile the infantry from B Co and thier tanks are forming up along the road.
  13. I got a bit behind in my posting but I was playing turns and writing it up I just didn't have an easy time getting my act together to post. Time to fix that...
  14. IRL? In game I am pretty sure it is faster than that. Mind you I have really only investigated it on M1s - if you fire at an M1 from a launcher capable of firing a volley of two ,the second missile either just makes it through or is just caught by the Trophy APS system. So the cycle times in game for the Trophy systems are a lot faster than 15s. I just assumed that all the APS systems in the game were pretty much the same. Having written this, I see that is not good. Has anyone tested firing volley missiles at various APS systems in the game?
  15. It is modeled that way in the game. I actually don't know much about how it works IRL.
  16. Agreed that a new engine that was able to take advantage of multiple cores would be useful and desirable. I don't see running additional processes on a different computer over some kind of network connection as being worth the effort though. Supporting multi threading and making good use of other cores does make sense for many things in newly designed game.
  17. I think you are hitting the short comings of abstraction: you can end up with some cases that are not handled well even if the aggregate is pretty good. Sorry I think you are facing one of those cases where things have not worked out for the best. In case you have not already seen it you might like to read this: I don't think there is anything to be done. I typically set my expectations for trees that they likely will give me good blocking of LOS but I am aware that I cannot count on it. That puts me in a mind set to look for terrain features to hide behind or observer from when ever I can even if there are lots of woods around. That minimizes the number of times I am surprised. It is inevitable that surprises happen though.
  18. 🙂 I am familiar with XKCD (and rule 34 from that cartoon is spot on) - just having a little fun by mixing cultural references.
  19. This rule 34? https://www.theodysseyonline.com/life-rules-nciss-leroy-jethro-gibbs Rule 34: "Sometimes you're wrong."
  20. I don't think what you are seeing is the same as the one that got into the 4.01 patch. See below... Bag it and tag it. Which is to say if you have a save game send it along you can PM me if you like. This behaviour is obviously sub optimal but I have see this happen in urban fighting for a long time. Do you think it is more common now? Do you have stats to show that? Not that it really matters. If you have a poor behaviour example... ... you can do the same.
  21. Next time get the voice actors to add one extra item that says that - would be a fun easter egg
  22. Oh yeah good point. Which quickly relegates this to worse than hot seat
  23. Short for TCP/IP. In this context it is the game mode where you can nearly play hot seat mode with some one over the internet. Nearly referring to the features @BFCElvis mentions are missing.
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