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  1. IanL

    German halftrack MG carrier?

    I am far from any kind of expert but my searches only pulled up hits on that vehicle type in reference to ASL.
  2. Whoa, that was quick!
  3. Huh? Light then up, burn through that ammo. What are you saving it for? I use my MGs heavily and I don't concern myself much with ammo. Just use it. Probably. This is a game after all. Seriously though, I don't think they are any easier to spot then they should be. After all they do fire a lot more rounds that a rifle man.
  4. @Bootie frequently helps out with that kind of thing...
  5. IanL

    Minor visual Obdervations

    No, CMSF2 has all three trees off / tree trunks in close / trees on. The tree trunk only is just more like no leaves for some of the free models. A three tree settings are there.
  6. IanL


    An excellent summary. I will only add to make clear what @Xorg_Xalargsky hinted at. PBEM is not really done via email anymore. Most people use drop box to share files and CM helper or Whose turn is it? (shameless plug) to automatically exchange the files.
  7. IanL

    Activation of modules for CMBS

    Go here and get help form people that know what they are doing: https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  8. IanL

    Activation of modules for CMBS

    And if that short cut is missing - it has happened - support can give you the work around to get the activation UI to show up. IIFC @Michael Emrys is running a Mac
  9. The soldiers from the Aliens franchise.
  10. IanL

    Existing Artwork

    That's good info.
  11. IanL

    Memory & Max Units

    The problem is that it is difficult to determine where the limits are. Your size is about where my machine cannot handle things any more either. Less capable machines will give up before that. Also it is possible to create a scenario with reinforcements where if you fight hard and take / cause lots of casulties the game will play all the way through but if you go slow and try to build up your forces oops the game cannot handle it. The engine programming is certainly a big part of the limitation and for now we have to live with it. The game is 32 bit but compiled as large address aware - which means that on a 64bit OS the game can access the full 4Gb of addressable space. If you keep the forces down to around 3 battalions total - 2 is even better - you will likely be able to play that and so will the majority of others.
  12. IanL

    BMP 1p (4c) Main Gun

    You do not have that kind of control. Your choices are to let the Tac AI control the vehicle commander and he will choose what weapons system to use on what target. You can use the target command which should use the main gun, ATGM and MGs on the target of your choice or the target light command that will use the MGs only on the target of your choice. The target briefly command is the same as the target command except it is time limited. That time limit might make it feel like it is different because it takes longer to aim and fire different systems. If you give the target briefly command a full minute or more on average it should work out the same. Also note that the vehicle commander may override your orders if they feel the need. A classic example is if you order the vehicle to target a building and an enemy AFV comes into view the TC may take action and target said AFV. The soft factors you chose will effect that choice. More experienced crews will make better choices quicker and more fanatic crews will be more likely to stick to your orders and ignore other threats. My recommendation would be to mostly favour letting the Tac AI pick the targets and if you are ordering the targeting of something specific use target briefly such that they only have a target order for part of the turn. That leaves the Tac AI free to engage other targets as needed. Obviously that's not a hard and fast rule but its a good start.
  13. Phelps is the US champion swimmer? Jones that neighbour you hare always trying to keep up with?
  14. The demo will only play the designated demo scenarios. When the full game releases the intention is that it will play the old scenarios. Due to changes and bug fixes in the engine they might feel different and not be as balanced but they should play. Better yet they will open in the editor so you can tweak them to make use of new scenario AI features etc. I have been testing out random 3rd party scenarios built with the old game with every test build. I have not yet found a bug that was directly tied to trying to run the old scenarios.
  15. IanL

    Demo Feedback

    I run all my CM games from a directory that has been white listed and is therefore ignored by my AV software. CM's DRM is flagged as suspicious by lots of AV programs but not enough of us play these games and the AV programs never bother to sort out their problems.
  16. Yep - clearly. I am happy if the wasd keys move the screen with out stalling and the replay does not stutter. For me I am frequently happy as a clam when the FPS counter shows 20. When it gets up to 30 to me it's not different that when its down at 20. Frequently I don't' even notice when it drifts down to 17 even. I am happy to play and I call it smooth. I have no doubt that if someone who is being more picky came and sat next to me pointed out the issues I would notice them. I am also sure that after they left I would get on with playing and never notice them again Totally - a full rewrite is the kind of thing it would take. The limits of the engine performance we have now is largely a result of choices made based on the state of the art circa 2004 or so. A lot has chanced since then but BFC aren't able to be rewriting the engine ever year or two. Granted they have made a lot of improvements over the years but not the kind of change that a rewrite would allow.
  17. IanL

    Existing Artwork

    Sorry no luck. My google fu has failed me.
  18. IanL

    Existing Artwork

    The .brz files contain the graphics. Only the windows game ships with a tool to extract the graphics files from .brz files. I think someone wrote an app to do the same on the Mac. I'll have a look for it...
  19. IanL

    Demo Feedback

    That usually indicates a missing graphics file. Steve already created a fix:
  20. IanL

    Demo Feedback

    No, it is not (supposed to be) possible.
  21. There ya go. I'm a gamey bastard then . Now I know I am being gamey at least.
  22. IanL

    Squad Level Drones

    If the leader of the team that called the observe mission is taken out then you will not be able to cancel it. Same for Artillery and Air support. Many times you don't notice that for artillery or air because the mission naturally ends at some point (other than Maximum missions for Artillery). I am not sure what you meant about the air controller disappearing when there is on man left. Do you mean the icon changed from the observer icon to something else?
  23. IanL

    Demo crash

    Likely not. The best thing for you to do (and anyone else reading this) is think about what you were doing when it crashed and see if you can get it to happen again. If you can write down repeatable steps then other will be able to verify and figure out what is up.