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    Modifying a Campaign

    There is not core units file stored in the campaign. The core unit file is used to mark the units that are core fore each scenario. Well that sucks - that was my thought. Do you get the same error? One possible thing you could try is with your core unit file you created go to each scenario and delete the units that came from the core unit file and then re-import the core unit file into each scenario (then delete the ones not used by the scenario and restore the AI groups, units objectives and reinforcements as they originally were). If the references to the core unit are done with some ID or other internal reference then having the names the same might not be enough.
  2. If nVidia had dropped OpenGL support the game would not even run. Sounds more like a driver bug. Have you reported it to them?
  3. IanL

    Combined Arms.

    Ah, that old thing :-). Personally I never like that feature so I'm not eager to see it return.
  4. IanL

    Action Spots?

    Ah you are talking about the dynamic shading of the ground as you place way points for infantry. No, that is not mod-able.
  5. IanL

    Upgrade License Question

    Ooooh, let's all count our keys.
  6. Yeah the cable news stations are bad / crazy news amplifiers too much of the time. My I humbly recommend the CBC's The National http://www.cbc.ca/news/thenational (about a half our of, mostly international, news followed by handful of investigation, short docs or interviews) and or The Current http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent (a current event podcast / radio show that digs deeper into a selection of the current news). Clearly those are Canadian but frankly The National probably gives an appropriate amount of coverage to US events and international ones as well. If you watched the first half hour you would be in good shape. Then The Current goes deeper into various topics - I listen to the podcast and just skip the segments I'm not interested in. The full time host (on holidays for the summer) is probably the best interviewer I have ever heard - she does not interject her ideas but she also does not let people lie to her. It's awesome listening to her point out that her guest just tried to pass off BS.
  7. LOL OK. Which fit into the scenario we created perfectly. If the Syrians were looking for a place to attack the flank they would have pull back and picked another place. For sure - anything you like.
  8. Initial situation This AAR is being played using the Quick Battle system from the v4 engine in the new version of Shock Force. We are playing a Red probe with Bil taking the Syrians vs Canadians commanded by myself. The back story we decided on is that the NATO advance is proceeding well and the Canadian battle group has been assigned to flank protection for the main advance. D Company has been directed to take up positions around a village on the main East West road in the area. Taking the walk through the village to meet with the local elders was something that Capt. Leslie actually enjoyed. The security situation for these types of meetings was much better here than in Afghanistan where, as a platoon commander, often had to provide security for the CO in one of these meetings. Over there it was always a nerve racking time. Here, today, his men had taken up their positions already and there was no love for the Assad regime around here. There was no love for the Assads anywhere actually – even in the enclave where his family drew the most support it was based on fear not love. So his walk today was pretty safe. Walking through the village reminded him of the last time he was in Syria. When he was just a boy visiting his father who was stationed on the Golan Heights as a UN Observer. Back then this trip to Syria was an exciting event. He got to fly on Hercules from Germany to Damascus where his Dad’s apartment was. The trip had made an impression. Not just the Roman ruins and the amazing castle Krak des Chevaliers (and having lived in the UK a few years earlier he knew castles) but it was really the people that impressed him the most. They were so friendly and open. It was this trip and listening to his father tell the stories of visiting with security guards on his way home each night that cemented in him the certain knowledge that you can go anywhere in the world and the regular people you meet are more like you then they are different. This meeting was just a formality but an important one. They would not be here for long and the Canadians had no mandate to provide any kind of assistance this was just to introduce the force that would be on their door steps for a while and point out that most likely nothing eventful would happen today, tomorrow or the next day. Capt. Leslie had put off this meeting for a hour because he had to spend time on the radio sorting out their artillery support. They were not expecting any action and so had only been assigned only a battery of light artillery and some Battalion mortars but he wanted to make sure they were ready with solutions plotted just to be sure. For some reason there had been a delay. Usually the artillery guys were ready before his FO was but today somehow the assignments had been confused and no battery thought they were supposed to be on call for D Co.. He had the reputation not as a rising star but a solid cross the t’s dot the i’s find a solution get it done officer. And he had done so again. Other officers liked him because he did his homework and was fair even when he was pushing for something. He didn’t make a big production but he didn’t back down either. He remembered his Dad used to say “not everyone can be a rising star, those stars need good officers to get their jobs done”. His Dad’s other advice when he joined up as a junior officer was “always listen to your Sergeants and Warrant Officers, they are the ones that have the experience know how to help you find solutions and keep you from screwing up”. He had taken the advice to heart. Force selection: The Quick Battle system is still not complete so don’t read much into what you see other than the happy path I will describe J. As you can see the usual points panel is there along with the selected force’s flag and available branches. The various units might still need tweaking in the QB list and single vehicles and teams is not officially complete and the points might change. All the usual caveats apply. No one has tested the auto pick force make up yet – although the three times I used it during testing it actually did a good job. At any rate before release this stuff will be tweaked some more. Similar to the CMBS game there are combined force battle groups available. That is where I will start: Defending in a Medium Probe lets you purchase about a mechanized company or so. I start with paring back to D Company and a platoon of tanks. Then I do something I started doing recently – renaming the top commander on QB battle field after myself. I think it is more fun to think of yourself down there in the game. Hopefully no one thinks it is too arrogant since I have never served as more than a truck driver but I’m adding a little colour this time based on an alternate reality where I joined up back in university like I very nearly did. Now the hard choices. I am pretty certain that Bil will be bringing armour to this and those T72s are every bit as deadly to the Leos as the Leos are to the T72s. That means I need to be able to handle enemy armour. So, to get the points room to have some support I chose not give up a tank but instead gave up a platoon of infantry. Therefore the basic force is two platoons of infantry and one troop of tanks. With that I’ll settled I chose to keep two of the battalion’s AT LAVs, one battery of mortars and a sniper team. Never leave home without your sniper team.
  9. Thank you @Bil Hardenberger I am game any time for an official public rematch when the Beta for space lobsters (or whatever is next) comes along. Heck if you are ever in need of an opponent for any game drop me a line - I'll probably be doing the same.
  10. Straight out of @Bil Hardenberger's lessons from the previous AAR. I have been doing a pretty good job at positioning armour for a while now but I spent too much time just parked in the same good place. Not this time. After seeing Bil so expertly handle his armour in the previous AAR I resolved to make a better effort. Yeah, I copied the master. Imitation is the sincerest form or flattery.
  11. Interesting note on this one. It was an AT LAV (TOW) that did this. Over at the village objective I had two Leos and two AT LAVs. The Leos were in key hole positions but had lots of additional choice locations but the LAVs were supposed to be just hiding. Exposing light armoured vehicles when you don't know what is coming and from where is a bad idea. But it turns out those little one story buildings are *not* actually enough to hide behind. So when the missile flew I was just as surprised as you were. After that I tweaked the position of the other LAV (it was behind a two story building) so it could peak around the corner and get eyes on the area to your right of the farm. He actually got the second TOW kill.
  12. That's actually a good question because my FOW icons are not normally tactical but are the in game ones restyled to match the look of the other ones. @Bil Hardenberger has a good point though unless the light and heavy armour icons are on screen at the same time it is nearly impossible to tell what you are looking at. I'm going to have to test that. Thanks @IICptMillerII I believe you helped me test those. They were based on my CMBS icons I forget how much tweaking was needed - or not. I have not even tested them out yet. It's on the list....
  13. Yep TRP. coming in at the 5min mark was just a coincidence. I was thrilled that a mortar call using a TRP comes in in under a minute. I am also happy to see that it had the desired effect.
  14. Interesting. Meanwhile I was expecting you to come over the top Also interesting that my tank was not positively ID'ed from its MG fire. So cool reading your AAR...
  15. I guess that was a small surprise then. My dismounted teams on this ridge gave me a huge amount of information on what was going on. I am curious to see if they were spotted at all. They never took any fire so I figured they were not.
  16. I considered that but apart from being unsporting I have had many bad experiences with C2s facing T72s so I didn't think it would necessarily end in my favour. And that's one important aspect of what happened. Close meaning close to you? My thoughts on that were that the open area would make it hard for me to withdraw over after you took Star Hill. I figured I had a chance to get back from Snake Ridge but no way anyone was going to get back from Start Hill. So instead I decided to dominate that ground from key hole positions in the village.
  17. I don't think so. I am not away or CF purchasing any in RL but what do I know. In the normal order of battle the AT role is filled by TWOs, Carl G's and LAWs
  18. Now that I have wrapped up my thread - I'm just starting to read this. Cool Kind words in deed - Guess where I learned a lot of my techniques? That's right from @Bil Hardenberger . Bil has been raising the bar on tactics since the beginning. I read his posts carefully and his blog too. Thanks Bil
  19. Thank you and glad you enjoyed it. I am not sure I'll be able to repeat that next time - I am usually a hang on by my fingernails scrap for every meter of land kind of player.
  20. Minute 148: Victory And that's game. Canadian army victory. With no casualties! Sounds like the my defensive plan to stay back and pick off the enemy as they moved forward under observation worked. The Syrian army did secure Rutsey but I never planned to hold that. Again no Canadian casualties so no points there. Wow I am surprised by that but I am sure Bil could have pushed further and caused some even if they might not have been any more successful I also did not have any one on objective Jones so no credit for that. But no one could have pulled back from that location safely so it made sense to leave it unguarded. Scored a few points for causing casualties. The tanks on KT3 each scored a BMP and a handful of casualties. The enemy ATGM I was targeting with mortar fire was not doing very well. Interesting a few tanks I had not seen yet. I suppose they were waiting for other forces to deal with my tanks on KT3. The enemy poised to move onto Rutsey. The artillery kills are scored by the caller now. Some combination of the original mortar fire and the later 105 call. Artillery kills associated with the caller – this time the second mortar call. A final look at the battlefield.
  21. Minute 1:49-1:48: As the smoke builds the sniper team pulls back. Artillery continues to fall on the enemy. A BMP shows itself on objective Rutsey and is taken out by a tank.
  22. My bold - I would favour trying this first. Having some of the initial force arrive as reinforcements would fit with your goal:
  23. Minute 149: Orders Members of 15 Platoon are still resting before moving to their new position. Area fire from the tanks on KT3 continues against the previously spotted ATGM team. The sniper team will let their smoke form before sprinting back to cover. A view of the mortar fire mission. A view of the 105mm fire mission.
  24. Minute 1:50-1:49: Some fire continues to land near the sniper team as the prepare to drop their own smoke screen... Grenades ready to go... Grenades in the air... Smoke starting to form. Other good things happen. The AT LAV that moved forward last turn finds something to target. and scores a dramatic hit. 105mm artillery begins to fall around the enemy advancing on Rutsey. While mortars continue to drop on the ATGM team near KT1. Another BMP is spotted over near KT11... It is promptly dispatched. As requested here is an overview of the battlefield with the icons turned on.