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    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Cool pm sent
  2. I am pretty sure that exiting the crew would be worth some points. Rescue your men!
  3. IanL

    What I'm watchin

    I agree on Counter Part - it is really well done. Another one I am watching is Berlin Station - set in present day Berlin around the CIA officers at the Berlin embassy.
  4. A reasonable goal. A good idea - the scenario name is the thing that jumps out saying "this is a QB map not a scenario" and the description just describes the map. Take Tiny Meet QS 005.btt as an example: http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/FortressItaly/Scenarios/Tiny Meet QS 005.html If you were to tweak the title to start with your Quick Scenario tag line such as "Quick Scenario - Tiny Meet 005" and put a line like "This scenario is essentially a blind quick battle made from a qb map, reasonable forces, assigned to an AI orders groups". Then it would be clearer. But either way these are a really good idea and I think, based on their download rates, they are fairly popular. Well done.
  5. I am re-announcing the complete list of Combat Mission Scenarios web site here since the original announcement was made before the General Forum existed. Check it out here: http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/index.html What this site is It is supposed to be a search-able sort-able list of all scenarios for CombatMission games. It combines a list of all stock scenarios and all downloadable scenarios from the old repository, the new scenario depot with information from play result information from theBlitz. What this site is not It is not a source for uploading or downloading scenarios. This site does not host anything it only provides links to where the files are hosted. I have updated all the games and added Shock Force. The Shock Force edition is not complete yet. As the original announcement states the site is created using @Mad Mike's awesome ScAnCaDe Tool. Since that tool only works with Shock Force version 2 only the stock games are listed on the site right now. Along with a few new ones from the Scenario Depot. My plan is to include the older scenarios as well but to so that I need to convert them to v2 scenarios so the tool can then process them. I have been working on that but have lots left to do. In addition there are still a few items that are listed as only available on the old repository - I still own @Bootie a list of files that are missing on the Scenario Depot. Read the original announcement here:
  6. IanL

    Squad retreat mechanic

    My annual New Years resolution No new year's resolution survives first contact with the enemy!
  7. IanL

    Squad retreat mechanic

    The v4 Engine upgrade had changes so that the TacAI would attempt to handle HE landing on troops or near troops better. The side effect was they also withdrew from small arms fire too (along with the issue of not staying in fox holes or other good cover). Those fixes have been made and the CMSF2 is the first to see those fixes. Therefore the behaviour you see in CMSF2 is coming to the other games near you. This new behaviour is much improved over the initial v4 engine upgrade. Is it perfect, of course not and we should stay alert for things to work on. BFC have still not implemented Mind Reading Decisions (tm) so we are stuck with the decisions that the AI makes. I think @Howler had picked up on something that is the big thing that people are seeing - pathfinding. What i noticed while investigating the v4 side effects was that when the troops made the decision to withdraw they frequently chose their route very poorly. Not always but too often. Nailing that down was / is not easy and a few tweaks were made. Once the v4 withdrawal side effect issues was sorted that lowered the number of crappy pathfinding decisions while withdrawing to very few. Not because all the path finding issues were fixed but because there were less instances of plotting withdraw orders. All of which is to say I think there are several things happening: We are paying way more attention to these instances because of the v4 engine issues. I'm not saying that's bad its human nature just remember two things a) expecting every incident of withdrawing to be correctly chosen and correctly executed is just not reasonable and b) we should look for patterns and report goofy stuff The actual choice to withdraw seems to be back to where they were before the v4 engine upgrade (in my opinion based on my testing) but people were not universally happy with that level even then. So, remember that more attention and people not being happy does not equate to an actual problem. It might, it's just that more people bitching is not actually evidence of a problem. Path-finding issues can make all of this much worse. In my opinion any gains towards making this better are probably going to come from tweaks to the path-finding. But I think that is going to be a heavy lift. Side effects from tweaks to path-finding can be surprising. I plan to focus on some of the obvious ones in my upcoming testing - choice of building doors, movement around walls and fences those types of things.
  8. Actually these are actually scenarios. They are @Heirloom_Tomato's quick scenarios that he created based on QB maps. So, they are in the correct place.
  9. IanL

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Some of the guys over at The Few Good Men get together and play Arma. Check it out here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/armed-assault-iii.344/
  10. Thanks. Credit for that campaign tree goes to @Mad Mike. I really like it too. I don't think that's too likely (lots of manual work for me). Hummm or perhaps a link could be made to search for mod tags on CMMODSIII. I'll add that to the list of possibilities. Yes, this is a hole. I own @Bootie a list so we can reconcile those. That is near the top of my list. @poesel and I have talked about that. He is another person I own an email and work to. This is already on my list but I have no idea when I'll get to that. Interesting I did not check CMMods for scenarios. Good catch I'll add that to my list to fix up. Scenarios and Campaigns and Maps that are only available on dropbox will *never* be added to this list. Never. Not going to happen. Dropbox links are way to unreliable. If you want your scenario added signup at The Scenario Depot, create your own web site or even use theBlitz.org. @Bootie will be happy to help you get signed up at the Scenario Depot but you can start with this video on how to get your scenarios uploaded: https://youtu.be/wNZU3PgcxSg. Oops - looks like I copied the QB files to the wrong place. On the fix list Ah that's where I found it - again ooops on the fix list. I wold be pleased to add them. You can PM me and we can have further discussion but using google translate it looks straight forward enough for me to gather them - plus it looks like you have download packs so cool. Is there a way for me to subscribe to updates from your site? If you announce new scenarios being added in such away that I can get an update message then I can monitor it myself like I do for the Scenario Depot.
  11. IanL

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Indeed. If any marketing $ were to be spent that is where I would point them too.
  12. IanL

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Yep, one of the friends that introduced me to CM no longer plays because "I'm tired and when I get home I don't want to think". LOL CM does make you think
  13. IanL

    FPS Really?

    Exactly. Smooth camera controls are way more important in CM. That *has* improved since CMBN 1.0. I can happy play the game with smooth control at 15 - 17 fps. Usually better over 20 but as long as things are not jumpy I don't even look at the fps numbers any more. There are settings changes that can be made to improve things which any one can read about here (check out the links under Performance Discussion):
  14. Yeah we'll need to report bugs to get these kinds of things fixed. If you want to share scenario and map names and some screens some of us can reproduce them and report them.
  15. IanL


    But is it a solution to a problem that doesn't exist? We don't know what the future will really reveal so while an interesting idea is such a thing really solving a problem that we actually have? I have no idea.
  16. IanL


    Vehicle pack. And the no scenarios are available that use it was a big concern when it came out. The release of the battle pack that did make use of it helped but I don't think a no scenario included release went over particularly well. I have no idea how well Steve felt it did though so I don't really know what the future might hold for such ideas.
  17. Clearly from early in the thread there is something that warrent's a look but don't forget for any group of people if you ask "any one have any suspicious CC activity" you will get hits because criminals are always up to no good an trying to get CC numbers to steal. So, just because we have people with suspicious charges does not mean they are *all* due to some breach of the BFC store. Just reminding everyone not to panic - got hold you favourite towel if that helps. And I am not trying to single @PhilM for some reason just keying off his comment to remind everyone...
  18. Thank you BTW I updated my title to reflect @LongLeftFlank's kind words
  19. Wow, well caught guys. Those are some serious coincidences.
  20. A gas station was the the last place I got nailed from (in my case though someone else had the mysterious charge and the CC companies nuked all cards that were used in that gas station to limit the damage).
  21. IanL

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Humanity? We have a very fine tuned ability to contradict ourselves and hold what should be mutually exclusive (as specified by logic) ideas in our head at the same time. That is a certainty. Trying to chase every little nit to satisfy noisy people leads to those same people still dissatisfied (see previous point) and the thing you are "fixing" in a mess.
  22. Well said. Another excellent example that has garnered some press here in Canada - statues of Sir John A MacDonald. One of our founding fathers and first Prime Minster. Not a perfect person but he did force a rail way across the country and unite it. If it wasn't for his efforts the US might have 60 ish states. But on the minus side he was a drunkard and not a very nice person who held some very prejudiced views of indigenous people and kicked of the Residential School system that did unspeakable harm. There are groups that want to see significant changes made to his statues. Including some that likely want them all removed and others that want to forget (and deny) things like the Residential School system. The smart path to navigate is to look at the intent or the effect that these statues have *now*. Trying to rewrite history is a bad idea but having to look at monuments built by an oppressive force for the purpose of reminding you of said oppression is not the same as preserving history. The city hall in Victoria moved a statue of him from outside the front door of city hall. Many of the residents of that city have an indigenous backgrounds and felt it was in appropriate that they had to walk past his statue to be heard at city hall. Contrast that with the park with his name and a statue in his home down, Kingston, where they have no plans to make any changes. Despite some small number of people who do want to. Anyone who doesn't want to think about him can visit one of many parks but you can't not go to city hall. The truth is most people don't want to rewrite history they just want people to not feel the boot of it.
  23. IanL

    Best Resolution

    Higher resolution is Best. There a bunch of things that really help with the nVida cards. Checkout the "Performance Discussion" section here:
  24. I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.