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  1. Except for mods that chance text. For example Vin's animated text mod. Those will no longer work.
  2. Well this clinches it. I'm dl'ing this once it is available. The portraits are one thing I have never bothered with but you are putting so much into this... I'll reward your efforts the only way I can - by using them!
  3. Things like specifying what to do when contact is made. For example that way you could have scouts behave differently from an assault team etc. Actually not really. The main reason we do not have super flavor objects in game now is *not* because the game cannot support the models it is the way they are treated for spotting, pathfinding and fire. A flavour object representing an amusement park ride and a steel container should have very different properties in game but in CM2 the will all behave like a bus shelter. Getting large models into the game is pretty straight forward. Having them behave in a variety of ways is not. So, it would be great to get all the supporting code in CM3 that would make arbitrary flavour objects possible. It would be a fun feature.
  4. The super hero we need. He did but he also said you could contact him and he would upload to the new site himself while he is working on it. So, @Aquila-CM I suggest sending @Bootie a PM letting him know what you have and you guys can coordinate getting the files on his new site.
  5. This is the one down side to creating flavour objects. I always for get if the stop bullets or not. But even if they do it will not be the same as what a real cubic metre of sand would do. This stuff looks really cool though.
  6. Yeah but we are all waiting around for it so thought some fun banter would lighten the mood.
  7. Strange. Is it worth spending time and energy on trying to get something designed for CMBN to work in CMFB? I know my personal answer, only you can decide for yourselves. The CMBN mods sould not have any tags. I was talking about the CMFB game looking for files with tags. Just clarifying since you already ruled that out due to time frame of the scenario you are fighting.
  8. I looked at my order for the 4.0 bundle and the shared file site showed me folders for each game. Inside those folders you want the file with the name with the string "FULL" in it for the OS you are playing on.
  9. I wonder if this is the difference. If you use a CMFB in the time frame where the white wash vehicles are used the game adds a mod tab (winter or snow I forget). In that case the CMBN mods will not have files with that tag and therefore the game will load the stock CMFB textures.
  10. Very cool thanks for sharing. For a split second looking at your first image I thought that sign (nearly dead centre of the image) was a German Infantry icon form the game. Just for a moment...
  11. But it's worse to have to reload that 5 round clip...
  12. It was totally on my end. Every now and then my protection regime bites me. You'd think that I would start there anytime something looks wonky but you'd be wrong Nice full size in the post - looking good!
  13. No he did post thumbnails but the links to the full images was blurry for me too. Now that I have let the image host run js everything is fine. They are still thumbnails but clicking on them gives me sharp full sized versions.
  14. Your analysis is spot on. I very much prefer CMBS but I'm playing plenty of CMSF too. There is so much content for SF and as you said there are people having lots of fun creating cool stuff. I just finished a scenario where I was playing red and my blue opponent killed every last man of mine and I still won. How you ask - by doing just too much damage to his forces. So the way the scenarios are constructed can make it "balanced" in CMSF.
  15. I'm not. I was going to say the same and would have been 100% serious 🙂 Totally ignorant but serious. Check out section 24 here for a discussion about escorting prisoner's to the rear: https://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pdf/Handling-POWs.pdf So, for the US at least, soldiers from units in reserve would be assigned to be near the pointy end to collect prisoners and escort them back to the various collection points. Sounds like it is a good fit to CM's abstracted medics, message runners and signal corp.
  16. Yeah, that is a tough spot to be in - a long wait. Those of us that play any WW2 game have lots to play and those of us that do modern too are crazy busy and have lots of content. Branch out man - join the party
  17. I figured it out. My script blocker responsible. ibb must be doing some interesting suff - loading a low res image and then using js loading the higher res images over top. With my script blocker on that high res image was never loaded. All is well - nothing to see here - unless anyone else uses No Script on FF...
  18. Interesting. I'm not sure what that would be. Pictures posted by @Sgt.Squarehead look fine on my end. Well I'll be - I switched for Chrome and everything is good. FF is still showing me the same. OK my end it is - thanks.
  19. Yes, all the installs were to be updated. I checked two randomly and they both have the full .02 versions for the full installers. Naw not lazy smart.
  20. @37mm those images are not looking too good. In the message they are just small thumbnails and when I click on them they get bigger but they are blurry. Any way to link them differently? Is it a problem with the hosting provider or your original capture? Don't get me wrong I want to see your stuff. This is a cool concept and you guys have done a damn nice job - I would just like to see the results better,
  21. There were some security vulnerabilities releases recently that showed hot some of Intel's look a head instructions could be abused. The solution was to change the OS (I think it was an OS change) to not do that anymore. The end result is that everyone's computer is a little slower now. Found the latest. The Spector and meltdown were what I was thinking of. https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2019/05/14/zombieload-flaw-intel-processors/amp/
  22. LOL I bet. I'll be sure to make that the default 🙂
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