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  1. Of course the soldiers of the Dirlewanger Brigade were "not soldiers like others". But the majority of the nearly 1 million members of the Waffen-SS were already. It is not without reason that the Waffen-SS was classified as a "non-criminal organization" in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. This does not mean that members of the Waffen-SS did not commit crimes. Of course these crimes did exist. The war in the east was not unprovoked, the Soviet Union wanted the war against Germany as Hitler wanted the war against the Soviet Union, only Stalin wanted the war 2 years later. Which of course in no way excuses the crimes of Sonderkommandos against Jews. The soldiers of the Canadian The Loyal Edmonton Regiment were brave soldiers, but this did not prevent them from murdering German prisoners of war in Sicily in 1943. Is that why the whole regiment is criminal? No, it is not, only the perpetrators are criminals! And with that I want to close the political discussion for me as well. I hope Fire and Rubble appears soon, I am looking forward to a great game.
  2. @_Greg I completely agree with you! It is about the depiction of a battle event, not about a moral classification of the participating units. Otherwise, no WW II game should be released. Besides, not only the skull units in the Siedlce area were "not the nicest", but also the Red Army units were not without. They not only committed serious war crimes against Germans, but also against Poles, Romanians, Finns... When they are not allowed to participate in the game anymore, it is quite empty on the battlefield. By the way, not all Japanese, Americans, English, Chinese, Poles... were particularly nice. But with some Germans you can't talk sensibly about this topic. For them the world is black and white, and Germans in World War II were basically evil. It just wasn't that simple. I thought for a long time whether I should take part in the discussion, because it's actually only about a game. Obviously, for some people it is about more than that.
  3. Yes, a really interesting question😀
  4. Hi, I am released from my employer for 4 weeks because of Corona..., here in Germany the number of sick people and unfortunately also the number of deaths is increasing..., everything not nice at all. We can't leave the house anymore. Red Thunder would be a small ray of hope. Will it be something with the release this month, or not until April? Stay healthy all together!
  5. Maybe Battlefront can soon update their schedule so we know when we can rejoice in what.
  6. Hello everyone, are there any news on the release date of CMRT Module One? It is supposed to appear after the CM Italy Module, right?
  7. The meteriological winter ends tomorrow, the calendar one on 20 March. And here with us in Southern Germany is already great spring weather...🌞 When will Fortress Italy's Rome To Victory Module be released???
  8. Yes, my Panzergrenadiere need the Panzerfaust 3! please!
  9. Auch hier im tiefen Süden, Ulm, noch nichts angekommen!
  10. I play CM from the first days too. In CMBO an CMBB we have fire. But I will not bluster, CM is a outstanding tactical simulation! an now, I will have the CMBN Demo:D
  11. Ah ok, thanks guys! it´s a pity! I think fire is extremly important.
  12. Why not??? what is the difference between burning tanks an burning Houses???
  13. yes, my English is bad:eek: will there are burning buildings, trees, gras in CMBN??? I dont understand why are these things are not in CMSF?
  14. In German we say: die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt! hope ist dying at last!
  15. Hallo! at my Computer was virus. I must reinstall the operating system. Then I reinstall CMSF. Then the Marine Modul, then British Forces. When I will play I must input the license key. But I don´t have it. From whre do I become the license key. When I bought the Modules I become it with e-mail, but don´t have the key no longer. What can I do??? Thanks
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