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  1. So you agree that the game simulates only the forces that took part in battles, yet then you say that it doesn’t matter if the unit also murdered civilians away from the front? That makes no sense. There should be a clear separation between what the soldiers did during the battles simulated in the game and outside of them. The guy doesn’t want to make scenarios where you burn churches with people in them, Jesus. He clearly states that he wants them “because these units did fight at the frontlines during this period and because the campaign should be historically correct. No more, no less.”
  2. There you go Those are all the episodes put into one
  3. Just a little question about German antitank company. I'm not a specialist, so I don't really know if that's how things should be, but in Quick Battle when I play as German Army and I purchase "Antitank Company [medium]" the 1st platoon always appears as SS while the other 2 are regular ones. It seems a little weird, is it supposed to be this way? I'm using all the modules.
  4. Okay, let me get this straight, the option refers only to crewmen, and the vehicle isn't supposed to have digital camo?
  5. Probably a dumb question but.. Is Ukrainian infantry the only unit that can have its appearance changed to "digital camo"? Vehicles like BTR-4E also have this option but it doesn't change anything. Normally I'd assume that those vehicles just don't have digital camouflage in CMBS, but the option is right there.. it's not greyed out and you can choose it. So is the "digital camo" appearance option displayed for all Ukrainian units, even those with no digital camouflage in game, or is it a bug and the camo should actually change?
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