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  1. That goes both ways...right? So many claim western media is biased, but certainly not any Russian sources.
  2. If it quacks like a duck...... Seriously though, Steve, he obviously needs to have the last word on this (in his sarcastic way). For the sake of winding down this "debate", please let him have it.
  3. Lock....He ABSOLUTELY countered your arguments. You are simply too stubborn, or too much of a Russia fanboi to accept any position counter to your own. You "do not know 100%, but are absolutely certain of your predictions" is utter nonsense. You don't even know 50%, as I doubt you work in the development of said weapons, and all you look at are pictures of "prototypes". Nobody is right or wrong for at least some years ahead, when actual deployments/specifications/etc. are available. The key word here for you is "faith", nothing more.
  4. I know....me too. The propaganda machine is running at full blast...... Talk about hypocrisy........
  5. Nice try again Dre... Stereotype? Of course that's it! Not a grain of truth there at all. And WHO gets FED information by WHOs government? Hmmmmmm.... Even my Ukraine-born wife (who only moved over here 10 years ago), sees the difference now that she doesn't live over there, and she's furious with Russia and Putin. She used to be very pro-Putin. Then she was able to read ALL the news, and now thinks very differently (and yes, she has a TON of Ukraine/Russia sites she still reads, so please don't try and tell us it's because all she reads is US propaganda!).
  6. Whew! I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that....
  7. Perfectly put. I have been buying these games, and on the forums for years and years (back to CM1- and yes, I mostly just lurk), and I've never seen so much nationalistic whining. This whole Armata thread shows how insecure certain people are. Don't confuse them with actual facts, and God forbid, if a 'Murican piece of equipment is superior, it's just flat out ignorance/bias of the game developers.
  8. LOL, yea...that's a good one all right!
  9. God, I hope not. Some of us actually don't want to play vs. Human. All I would love to see is more triggers & functions similar to what Human current gets (TAs for example), and ability to randomize more.
  10. +1 to the Thewood1, and also those ridiculous "Murican" quotes he throws around.....
  11. Yep, this is familiar....he did the same thing with me. Asked him 2 very simple questions, of which all he did was dodge/insult.... It isn't worth the time because in the end all your gonna get is "Peaches and Luv"
  12. If that comment "Wargamers are unwilling to pay for good AI" is true, that's really sad (and wrong). Typical blanket statements. I myself would pay much more than the current price for a smarter AI opponent. Heck, I'd settle for just more ability for randomization. I paid $80 for CMANO, and I consider it a complete bargain. I know not every body can/will afford a more expensive game, but there is definitely a group of us who would definitely pony up more mula for smarter AI, as I for one do not want to play PBEM.
  13. I read your lengthy "flip side to the coin" dissertations, what I never saw was you actually address certain points I questioned. But you keep telling yourself how "intellectual" you are and how "ignorant" people who disagree are. But we are in complete agreement that this is a waste of time.
  14. LOL...Stagler...of course one "bias" is sooo much more justified than another....
  15. Yep, that's what I thought....thanks for clarifying. Regarding "#165", I have not read one actual "fact" from you on those two points. I have seen you constantly blame, or insinuate, but no justification to those (just those two would be fine) points, or even the point in #168 about (dare I say) "puppeetering".
  16. I thought the first post was pretty straightforward. Please enlighten us, (not U.S.), with your "thoughtful and well research analysis", on exactly how this is (as usual) America's fault? I already gave you two points to reply on......
  17. LOL....hit a nerve huh? Nice reply....Anyway 'said my piece, of course you have no real reply, back to enjoying the thread.
  18. Nope, I think it is plain enough....but thanks for asking. Kiev government, puppeteered, by US...yes, who's fooling who? When it was a Kiev government, puppeteered by Russia, things were all perfect I guess. Then when Kiev got tired of that, and wanted to ally with EUROPE, it's a bad thing huh? Of course it's America's fault! Jeez
  19. What is really tiresome from the Putin-bots, is the notion that this is somehow a US-caused problem. Gee...whose tanks are in Ukraine right now? Funny, I don't see any M1A2s (or American troops), deployed currently, I certainly see a few Russian units..... And, how was Ukraine wanting to pursue agreements with EUROPE, America's fault. Typical "It's all America's fault" parroting from the propaganda-brainwashed Putin-bots. After all, NOTHING Russia ever does is it's fault, it's ALWAYS somebody else fault..the poor Russians, they just want peace so badly!
  20. LOL...Stagler...no bias on your part of course!
  21. LOL "journalistic integrity" ... OMG! I heard it was a UFO from a distant planet that was sympathetic to our Western imperialistic governments! Whew! read you later post.....thank God it was sarcasm!
  22. Stagler, What in the heck is so hard to understand? The developers like their business model, they are making money (for many years more or less I assume), they ENJOY developing the product, and they have enough customers to support that model. If you don't like that....then DON'T buy it. Just quit acting like you know better. As was stated earlier, when you ACTUALLY develop/support/maintain a game platform, and are SUCCESSFUL at it, then maybe your "opinion" would have some merit. This is so like all the "experts" that said Command: Modern Naval Air Operations..... would die because it's just too expensive at $79...It' one of the best bargains in the industry.
  23. Most of this is just "I have never designed/coded or run a small successful game business - but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once!"
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