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Found 2 results

  1. I have been playing CMFI and had a problem that has occurred 4x now. It occurs when I am on defense and I carefully place a gun, generally right behind a wall (not on the wall, behind the wall). Then, when I am playing, all the sudden I have no forward LOS and cannot target any enemies. I can traverse all the way around and shoot behind me, but not forward. Another aspect of this that occurred recently is that my gun and crew were invulnerable - my opponent came right up to me with MG's blazing and I had no casualties (but I couldn't shoot back, either). Eventually a side shot killed my c
  2. TEST: T-90am (elite, undisturbed, standing still in a tree line, clear weather, day) vs M1A2 (veteran, moving in open field, 2.5-3 km away) (number of tries: 10. Map: Death Valley). --------------------------- Well, despite of all conditions above and CLEAR LOS, T-90 almost never discovers M1A2 first! Even more, in plenty of times the T-90 does not see the damn muzzle flash after m1 starts shooting! Logically thinking, even with only binoculars you cannot miss an incoming and shooting tank in open field, not speaking about more sophisticated tank optics. Moreover, Tank des
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