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  1. Looks like the Rhino is missing from the M4A3(75)W.
  2. I don't see this issue on other Shermans in CMBN. Commander is a tad bit too high in the seat.... :).
  3. When I tried to install it, I had the same issue noted before. I think what is happening is if you have the game installed somewhere else, it recreates the main folder. For example, my game is installed in C:\Games\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. I pointed the installer to this directory and then I had the following after install: C:\Games\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. Just point it to C:\Games.
  4. Is it me or does the right side wheel of the trailer for the Sherman Churchill Crocodile turn the wrong way when moving forward and backward? Edit: Should be Churchill Crocodile
  5. Will this Big Mutha install set up the incoming/outgoing files just like RT and FI? Under the My Documents folder?
  6. Like this one in our current battle??? (sorry for the hijacking.....nothing to see here.....)
  7. So what? I pre-order all the CM stuff. I just summed up the total I've spent with them since 2009 and it was less than $500 US. The amount of time and enjoyment I've gotten out of this $100 a year, $8.33 month, $0.37 a day is a good value. I doubt you can find much better value out there.
  8. Just open your order email, log in, and start downloading.
  9. Can mortars now be fired from halftracks? I didn't see the standard "mortars cannot be fired....".
  10. Hello, My first attempt at a mod for CMBN. I used (mostly) the symbols from the Handbook of German Military Symbols & Abbreviations 1943-1945 for this mod. Please let me know any/all improvements for this. And be gentle.... http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5143/details http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5143?view_type=preview
  11. Not likely. Steve was just stating facts based on 15 years of data. He never said it would be out 4-8 weeks after the announcement. It is 4-8 business weeks.....which means 28-56 business days. We still have awhile to wait.....
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