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  1. Ok well we discussed it last night. We strive to try to play realistically. The last turn ended with a conscript rpg7 guy scrounging his dead friends rpg and shooting 3 rounds at a t62 about 120m away. First miss by about 2m. "Now hes dead." Guys on a rooftop. Aims. Fires. Front turret hit- era goes off no penetration. "Wow good shot. Hes fu*ked now" aims. Fires. Another hit! No penetration. Yeah he died after that. Just bad luck. But yes on the apartment complexby the railroad tracks there was heacy fighting between combatants and regime fighters. One team on a high roof popped up and put a rpg7 thru the front of a bmp turret. Another pulled off an amazing side shot on a t62 or. T72 shooting towards my lines through a keyhole on my side of that complex (you did well making the 1 story concrete walls. It feels real for some of the buildings and makes fighting very cat and mouse. I hit other vehicles too - ill give you a final score. Since I just got reinforced (cool little reinforxement msg) i was loathe to CF but am HQ and 4 squads of vet fighters with no AT ability doesnt make a counterattack. We.re gonna cease fire. Ive extricated all my fighters several blocks back and even combatants too almost all would escape irl) My SPG got wiped out but they did get one shot into a room in a stronghold - killed everyone in it. Worth it. My AT4 team just ate it though. Not worth it. My DsHK I stupidly placed on a roof. 2 outta 3 didnt make it and it mever firrd a shot. I specifically really wanted to use that on him haha. Very good battle
  2. The original. I also sent a requestfrm correct one - jclark1111172@gmail.com sry
  3. *** SPOILERS *** Well its still ongoing. Im playing as the insurgents. I overran both strongpoints, but he managed to evacuate some men out of one of them. I slaughtered the members of another. He hasnt really ran into a large amount of my forces - he attacked along the railroad tracks and some amazing RPG shots by pretty suspect quality teams got a couple good kills. Unfortunately my IED guy got killed, and 2 turns later about 2 BMPs and a T62 were parked on that little 4 patch of IEDs you put by the tracks. Thats not happening now. Autocannon and long range cannon fire ( interesting lines of sight from his setup zone and you have to be very careful of the balconies ) has really chewed up my Chechen fighters but Ive managed to extricate the core of the forces from the strongpoints. He hasnt asked for a cease fire - so Im still open to fight back the regimes cowardly dogs once again. We already ejected them from the neighborhood once now 😃 You did really good because he linked in footage of the battle in the msg when he suggested the battle and you really did well on capturing how the streets etc. look. Interesting situation for sure. As of now it seems hes massing his armor and slowly advancing towards the destroyed taxi barricade - dont know his intent but it seems hes gonna follow up his first rescue attack by going in now to try to wipe out my men. Good luck with that I will say - he did mention he messed up initially not realizing he'd be under active attack. Of course it may supposed to be that way, though he did reread his orders and said they gave him his judgement whether to leave or whatever. Otherwise all Id add is in a scenario where say Im insurgents attacking a strongpoint and theres well over a dozen armored vehicles - given a huge part of the briefing orders and points is retaining a coherent fighting force for future operations and given though that we took some losses I killed many of the enemy dogs and extricated my brave lions - wouldnt it make sense for there to be an exit zone so you could exit troops once you felt you wanted them off the battlefield? I guess since it was never intended H2H you.d figure someone could cease fire whenever..
  4. Well more than they started it Ill end my argument - and really I agree with most everything you said - by saying you can read a lot into peoples intentions by jow they treated those they captured, conquered, or when they were winning. Like how the Germans treated occupied countries or the Japanese. It gives a good indication of how they would have acted had they won. Even how the Soviets acted, versus how the US/British acted. You cant tell me if the Japanese or Germans had one there would have been no help, it would have been boot to the neck subjugation. Any effort to rehabilitate that image or whitewash it is despiscable. Btw Ive always thought McArthur was a prima donna and by Korea a madman, and I know all about him turning Japan into his own little fiefdom. But yes long winded enough. I wanted a conversation damnit.whats wrong with that?
  5. I always loved how all the Berlin signs in the foreground of old newsreel footage of the Soviet assault into the city - the signs are always sprayed up with bullets. Of course most probably are from combat but in my minds eye I like imagining drunken Soviet soldiers taking potshots at the signs as they rumble in holding onto T34s.
  6. Sburke, sorry, but I have to persist especially because you've travelled a lot more than I and Ive never been to the Far East, am I that wrong about how Japanese culture adresses the issue if at all? Especially vs Germany? I purely think its a result of Germany being a 2 time loser in world wars and losing first in WW2 therefore letting the Allies fracture that much more by Japans fall (thereby determining how they were treated)
  7. oh I apologize then. theres seriously a group of people in every forum online now that are automatically Putin apologists no matter what and the opening shots without fail on anything like this reads almost exactly how your post would. The term whataboutism ( I could be totally wrong ) I originally first heard in regards to how the Soviets and Russians argue with the West.
  8. Thats interesting DerKommissar because I thought the entire point and justification from the SU side was the 'Brezhnev Doctrine' which was that once a state went communist the Soviets would not allow it to 'revert' to something else? Old hat, like I said Putin has gotten them to be very defensive about Stalins image, the image of the SU in general, the KGB, Soviet complicity with the Nazis, really everything. A lot of it tbh Im sure he does just to troll the west and be opposed to the west. I think in the end Putin is very pragmatic. I think all the romanticizing of the SU; and kinda a *wink wink nudge nudge* yay Stalinism as well is just a way for him to play on a very Russian nostalgia for something most the people pining for it havent experienced anyways. The rise of the far right in Germany is worrying, but I still have a good deal of faith that we basically dragged their face in the mud and kicked them around enough and recently enough for it not to be the threat I could see it being in Japan - if you read the Emperors radio adress he makes it sound as if Japan is surrendering to save mankind from US destruction, and we let him sit on the throne the rest of his life. We got really pragmatic about who our new enemies were and our old enemies were. The worrying thing is Ive seen Japanese textbooks. Its very insulting to the Russians and everyone when the US common narrative is WW2 was nonsense then the US came in sorted everyone out and saved the world. But its more or less a harmless narrative vs the aggressors writing in their history book basically nothing about China or Korea, maybe mentioning Pearl Harbor in a vague sentence like we were already at war, and then spending a few chapters on nukes. It seriously reads like Japan was just minding its own business, suddenly was at war for no stated reason and bombed Pearl Harbor in a great feat few other nations have pulled off against the mighty US (huzzah!) and suddenly were terribly firebombed and senselessly nuked for no reason. Shame on the terrible Americans. There is a bit more to it than that, but seriously - the Japanese govt to this day wont just ignore appeals to adress or apologize for issues such as comfort women, no they'll forcefully reject them and deny that it happened. Japan never had its Kohl falling on his knees in front of the Warsaw Holocaust memorial moment or anything like it. (It was Kohl right?)
  9. Even more ironic apparently the DB is registered the first account like I thought!
  10. Im open for anything go ahead and send it! 😃
  11. Not really - the point is made. You're all over me today huh? Trumps thing is this - its obvious he cant shutup and has no filter. if hes thinking about russian and afghanistan and the maids in the room he.ll start yelling at her about it. Hes also infamous for not reading, not knowing history, military, politics, etc. So the real question is - the subject hasnt been on tv or really been in the news, where the hell did this come from and who put this in his head?
  12. And again, thats fine, but actually explaining an argument is better than saying - oh cool, not like the US doesnt do it though. And this is relevant stuff - for example look at the massive shift that happened to German society because of WW2. Imagine if they tried rewriting history - I dont think people would accept them saying 'Well you guys do it too!' People would just be disgusted. So I guess then if I post links to holocaust deniers someone will defend them by saying 'well there are insane Americans so you shouldnt point out how despicable this is'?
  13. Yes but two wrongs dont make a right. Just because our President sucks and is rewriting history doesnt mean people should be ok with it. Its almost like we're seeing so much crazy nonsense we.re getting desensitized to what would be seen as outrageous before.
  14. P.S. I find it equally annoying and disturbing the Japanese are basically doing the same thing with their WW2 history now.
  15. Sort of a whataboutism though isnt it? We all know the US has done this - its also done the opposite and admitted to grievously bad stuff. But why do you feel compelled instead of talking about the subject or President Trumps bizarre rant about it, do you immediately jump on a whataboutism comparison to America? Part of the reason I posted this is because its frankly alarming how under Putin the Russians are steadily rewriting history, rehabilitating people like Stalin to a degree, and denying the facts that are proven - i.e. the SU was really a de facto Nazi ally until the Nazis invaded them and WW2 wouldnt have begun in Poland when it did without complete Soviet complicity.
  16. oooh actually pls sent DB invites to jeffclark1111172@gmail.com
  17. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2018/12/04/defying-history-moscow-moves-defend-soviet-war-afghanistan/ http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/trump-defends-soviet-invasion-of-afghanistan-for-some-reason.html Smh
  18. Those 125mm marshmellow fires suck Trained fighters my @$$! You got overrun by COMBATANTS lol! Youre lucky you got that IED wire guy when the battles over and you see those IEDs that coulda gone off you.ll cringe.
  19. Ok well heres my serious reply then - if we wanted a real life replication of uncon artillery in Syria (as history has borne out) they absolutely would have indirect fire. The Viet Minh, VC had it. AQ Iraq, Taliban all have used it. ISIS has used it. Especially rockets to be honest but thats another story and MikeyD tried on that. Usually the fire was prearranged turn one stuff but theres definitely instances of it being "called in" about as effectively as youd think. I mean lets be serious here - Redfor is already at a disadvantage in BS. In SF2 that difference is huge, especially with uncons, why wouldnt you want them to have an ability that really only human players will be able to use right and two isnt outlandish at all and totally plausible? As it is I think its already been proven that the uncons in Syria from the start of their civil war to now have shown how effective and sophisticated they can be at times like the uparmored vbieds, weapons factories, homemade tanks, to the drone attack. Its a matter of factand record that in the Battle of Berlin Soviet soldiers fu*king around bored would prank call random numbers and curse in Russian and startled Germans. If in the BATTLE OF BERLIN there were some landlines still working certainly thered be q chance of the same in anycity Syria 62 years later? Or again runners, cell phone etc? Besides you trumping me utterly on real world experience in spades I didnt sed any actual counter argument as to why itd be impossible or unrealistic or foolish to let uncon spotters either through a C2 network or some radio like mechanic for other spotters n throw a cellphone icon in HQ units inventory or whatever for the fighters. Explain to me how this is totally impossible tjat these fighters that have cell ieds, radio, wire, technicals, heavy crew served weapons, can only do indirect fire (against an enemy who can murderize anything it gets LOS to?) if they can literally shout at the mortar team? I dont buy it.
  20. I reserve my right to use the wrong adjective and remain obstinately obtuse
  21. I think its silly. Sorry but I could see even if they could put a cell phone icon from the cell ied guy in spotter teams and let it function the same as a radio with crappy call ins and response for the mortar because as of now they have to be in vocal communication its really just not worth it, or justified by getting a spotter. Even if you could somehow integrate it into the c2 tree where if they were in command the info could be called in (simulating runners, working landlines in some areas perhaps, other signals) but I dont believe thats possible Ill look into that tomorrow
  22. We ALL know us 'Eastern Front Nuts' are the TRUE chosen wargamers
  23. jclark1111172@gmail.com for a DB invite. Ill play any side. Dont like gamieness - I.E. exploits, or extreme map edge use. we can loosely discuss if we do a QB or whatever. I play realistically - doesnt mean you have to... I say realistically loosely btw =p But scenarios, or qbs whatever. I like reinforced company with support weapons or tanks and arty.. and Ive found +1'ing the map size to battle size is a great way to give yourself maneuver room - battles medium size? large map. small size? medium map.. Ive noticed it makes a huge difference and turns things into not just frontal assaults. My other major thing is I dont like meeting engagements. I will if you insist, but I prefer probes and attacks. Assaults give such a high ratio to attackers that theyre almost guaranteed a win. Probes or attacks still have the attack/defend dynamic but with much closer to parity on forces. IIRC its 1.25:1 probe 1.5:1 atk and 2:1 for assasult. Again though I only have on oppo currently =( so Im very flexible on these 'rules' =D
  24. Yes thank you I had noticed that. I havent been able to check if either vehicle supplies ammo. Thats my other major beef with fighters. Again fine combatants, sparse ammo. But there should be the *option* to have an ammo cache or truck for the fighter uncons with extra ammo and rpgs to simulate well armed insurgents who.ve had time to prepare or whatever. Ammo really becomes a problem otherwise. Its also really bad because to use an analogy - we're the US fighters in Vietnam before they got their guns back - we have no close combat mechanic so I cant even Allah Snackbar suicide attack my men into a shocked enemy hoping for some hand to hand goodness. This would have for example, allowed me to carry the day assaulting Lethafaces strongpoints in the excellent scenario Daraya Tank Raid (Syrian Forces vs Uncons, me as uncons)
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