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  1. @para tell meit this was just aneceotal. Patch B118. 3 war patrols in a row - never saw a ship
  2. Maybe crude and erotic. His notations on death warrants besides "had it coming etc" theres lots of "whores" and "cheated on x or y" "banged z"
  3. I wondwr what Stalins poems were like
  4. Para do you know which version of the cable measurement theyre using? When I look up the length of a cable theres 3 different standards. One the US Navy uses, and 2 others. The differences arent gigantic but ARE 20m or so..
  5. Hitler in art school? July 5, 1949 4:00 PM GMT "UP Article" 'Obscure Artist Famed for Bizarre Political Views and Protests Dies of Narcotics' Adolf Hitler - small artist from Austria living in Paris once famed for outrageous protest acts in the 30s died this morning in Paris. He was 60. Hitler claimed to be preparing to tour the Italian countryside for his famed much hyped collection of paintings, but failed to secure financial backing as critics pointed out he'd been making the same claim since the 1920s. Its thought Hitlers sprial into drug use began after his draft in WW1 and after he fled the shattered remnants of Germany following the war. Hitler was known to lecture anyone who would listen how the Great War destroyed his ability to draw people the same - he claims he had no problems before being drafted out of school -and hence that was the reason for his famed "carpet muncher" tirades whenever German diplomats happened by him in the streets. -meanwhile in Boston, someone sets a newspaper doen' "Ma whose this Hitler guy?" -whap!- "I TOLD you I dont want you looking at that degenerate art from Paree!"
  6. Wait so 2 men can listen to hydrophones? To be clear - i can only assign one guy to radios hydrophones theres 2 sets listed Yes the decoys theres a pill launcher NOT stern tube near diesel compreasor. That saved me from persistent escorts actually. Also it seems that when I do the multiple target solution thing that either A the last person orderes for solution is where thw torp goes or B hydrophone gets priority. I had 3 freighters with solutions. Flooded tube 1. Fired then flood tube 2 fire. Both torps went for the first target. I started giving all 3 officers orders on the same targets. I wish youd get a morale boost (maybe not a + per second but a fixed number) when you sink a ship... Only makes sense?
  7. Gah. Ok so the decoys are useful. I sank 3 ships. Mission one. I wish the messages vectoring you to targets wouldnt always say the ship has important tech. Saying ships spotted amd giving it a random U number or source would be fine? Anyways anither mission but this time a convoy. 3 ships down. 2 escorts hunt me for 2 hours. The deciys allow my escape. Then CTD. fml I hadnt even saved new game. I doubt it autosaves. Oh well Im done for today time to go fly around in Il2
  8. @para idk if you do this.. But even with first patrol when I buy all my torps I dont leave port. I speed up time because your engineers can load up the tubes.. First time I left port and cpuld have had 5 more fish! How do you use those decoys? Also wyen i select my rsdioman to go on hydrophones 2 seperate phones are listed with the same title. Is that a bug?
  9. Ay paraif i reassign my officers default job in the drop down that just sets their duty station when not orderedI presume?
  10. Whats this abt the CO getting an assistant? It calculates faster but no double solutions Yes you can do the obs, hydro, and attack periscope though thats clever..
  11. cheers! At first I waz like mehh I knew these but noo great list. Any good stories to share?
  12. Oo here https://prodigygamers.com/2019/05/03/uboat-all-controls-for-pc-keyboard-and-mouse-controls/
  13. Ok i noticed little things like repairs etc and discplining crew Ill see a little +25 exp pop and disappear near relevant crew member. Discipline incidents Ive seen - burning scrambled eggs x4 Sleeping on duty x1 My issue though is theres no real reason to get draconian except for imagination purposes. Youll NEVER have morale problems until they fix this unless its intwntional - just make sure you have a couple diff typesof food in cooks station. Its like +60 morale.. Ridiculous. I read somewhere even same food in different spots does it. Apparently my discipline menu works but.. Alas ... I dont see the point. For example Im notating in my log whose being a coward. I give the bad asses pipes hehe. Let me see. Otherwise... Throwing those sheets I just woke up throwing those on the ventilator helps with keeping the oxygen. Your aware of the control room device that pings the ocean floor right? One does it very quietly and you dont risk your positiom. For XP otherwise go to menu, then management. Select yhe crew. After a mission or two especiay your officers youll note may have a 2 instead of a 1. Even sometimes witb 1s I think - pick your officers amd if they have tge points to spend it gives you 2 options per phase and depends on their job. For example engineers can get better at repairs or making spare parts. Also the favor thing and messing with crew recruitment I got a 6th officer ASAP. Do you know if selecting his job fron the drop down really matters (or is it just what he reverts to autonatically) What exactly does ALT do? Tab works great to pop a wondow ans give orders. That N tip was priceless buddy. Anything else on ur end? Any other ?s
  14. So para you run underwater most days like real life? Im surprised. I dont I have so many issues with Co2 I really maybe just need to pay more attention maybe. Do you know anything about future dates etc? The tutorials 1939 and the games 41.. Hmm yes discipline does work. Caught a bastard sleepimg. I had him arrested. Unfortunately after his dressing down... Nothing! What gives! He better have the gestapo waiting when we get to la spezia!
  15. Omg if they mod it or if we.re not all dead and Ive still staved off my ineviteavle end penniless in a gutter in ten years when my uboat games have gotten to that level teust me ill have some creative captains masts. Im temptdd to cross the equator and see if they dress up as Neptune and f with the rookie sailors. Btw Para I am impressed woth the crew gaining xp and specialiazing abilities over time but also its not too crazy its just either or. Im sure in the future or modded thus will work great... I also want them to add songs. The radio statioms are great but Im shocked I *already* know the words to A Long Way to Tipperary after ONE DAY LOL
  16. Thanks. Yes I kno the officer thing. Waddya mean mine is bugged? Noway its a legit steam version. Did urofficer strqngle him or choke hold him? Lol cuz the knock out option is a choke hold not them blasting him hehe. Btw you know the 2 bars by crew men if you select them it adds crew to the officers. Pls keep em comin though I learned something How are you anyways? You may not remember me as much but I remember you when I was a teenager from here. You were into 6th Para and Arnhem and wanted to become a Para. How are things? Lol we both grew up together in a way and are from diff continents. Thank u again @para
  17. I had it 3 times in a row. Got killed trying to get thru gibraltar. Im compiling bugs and suggestions. They need to reduce the morale for food variety. How do you stay underwater for any period of time thats long at all? Is there a way to crash dive really quickly? Is there any pro to decks awash? It acts like youre underwater so i dont see much advantage.. Why does it point out wreckage? Theres never anything floating to salvage. Ive sank some ships just ordering them to do a targetting solution. Ive got a little ways to go before I do it manually. I forgot to add my third crew member. Next question.. Fast travel seems useless if i hit the fast forward it seems to go faster. I think im doinv it wrong and it has something to do with the dots on the map delineating locations.. What am I missing? When I need an envineer or leader to research I assume I "buy" one right? What use is having small arms on board? I saw a discipline menu in live streams. Yet all Ive seen for burning eggs was cleaning toilets or arrest. (Maybe execution was there) but its only come up for burning eggs. I had one guy hamdle stress will and he got a pipe icon over him. But no other benefit I saw? Promotions dont work yet? How do I reward say a guy doing that? How do I punish cowards? You can yell at them or knocknthem out. Yelling at them seems useless. Knocking em out gives XP but then nothing else...? Have you seen any unique discipline situations arise besides panickinv crew during alarm and the scrambled eggs? The lighting. Yes I know morale benefits. I know blue is silent runnjng. You cant set your engines to it though? When you can close off compartments theres an option that turns the lights off so to speak. Whats that do? @para Thanks
  18. Sure. Yeah ive been looking on there. If i get the damned sub with a dead crew mission again Im gonna flip out
  19. Where are you getting answers for any questions? Am i an idiot did the game DL with a manual?
  20. I really like it. Im submitting bugs I sss too to trt to help. Very few Ive found but I hve gotten ordered to find a uboat that the creww dead 3 times in a row..
  21. @para mind having a little talk abiut the gam? I may have some tips for ya and u may be able to ansa some questions of mine?
  22. Para how you liking it? Ive got likes dislikes so far but more I think from simply not understanding all the mechanics. I *do* think modded and out of early access we have a winner...
  23. Like even the scrap metal fir reapairs. If your welding a patch inside a sub thats not far fetched. Yiu definitely cannot do a serious repair on a broken like lens..
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