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  1. Like the das boot soundtrack I was dismayed to see unobtrusive but still there health meters under ship names in streams. But its still EA and Im certain thatll be modded out if nothing else first. That or hackenkreuzes get my guess for the first things to be modded lol. Still - everything else really has me sold. Ive seen it streamed now where it was 1941 and also right before the war in sept 2 39 and a mission was appropriate to right before the war commences with the west. Ive seen some other missions. The rest of the stuff - even now if the bugs are fixed and moddable the game
  2. Oh yeah no I get it done. Fancy stuff though mehhh Anyways I think Im gonna jump for Uboat tomorrow. Yes thank god for youtube. You literally can learn games, how to field strip a gun, or watch strange fetish videos.
  3. Lol classic Im gonna watch it again hehe CHISPA! (The way they drew the english people and their evil cackle is hilarious to me) Oh ya.. I just watched it again. Woww ya I somehow missed that gurkha part the first time!! Epic!
  4. Yeah I just thought it was a little fun is all
  5. Love the British translated subtitles hehe
  6. Deep and insightful. Opened my eyes. My ears still kind of bleed
  7. I liked SH3 with TWOS and full realism. I still ordered people to do the firing solution though LOL. I want to be a captain - not do everyones job as well. Plus Im terrible at math LOL
  8. Well sure. That said it looks like it leans way more towards simulation and has a lot of neat authentic touches. Modded I can see this being a classic classic game. Even unmodded Im seriously considering finding the money for it tuesday - it just *looks* like a blast!
  9. Spiking the gun actually is from when they had old cannons that shot cannonballs. They had an icepick spike and driving it into where the fuse went with a hammer broke the cannon. With modern guns yes grenades down the barrel or doing something to the breechblock from what Ive heard. That gun if a grenade wouldnt fit.. Perhaps they deliberately sabotaged the end or ammo and fired it from distance? A round detonating in chamber (say if they stopped the end up) would maybe do that?
  10. I could never get/bother to make them all work with 5. I did it all with 3 and 5 was so underwhelming and bugged when I messed around with it for a week... Good to know though can I message you to hear your thoughts when you do? @para
  11. This is the one though I havent seen that part. Actually I have heard of subs grabbing random stuff before. But it wasnt frequent at all and wasnt really done for scavenging at all. More like "oh cool a flag we can souveneir." Still pretty minor niggle compared to everything else especially as a game has never been done from this vantage point; and you know I know my history fairly well - there hasnt been anything in about 2 hrs Ive watched thats made my eyes bleed from a historical perspective at all. I mean I dont recall ever seeing squads of enemies in a same room just stare
  12. Yeah. SH5 was so broken for me even modded. The sideview etc andotsof details Ive seen on streams looks really cool. Financially things are rough but if it releases at 30 Im reallly tempted especially as I think itll probably retail for more. Yes though it does look really cool, though there are a couple issues Ive seen. That said the developers have mentioned a lot of stuff I never saw on the stream and I dont see why theyd simply lie - if half of the stuff I heard was confirmed done is actually done itll be shockingly good IMO (esp with how it looks playing even now on EA)
  13. Anyone seen youtube vids? Looks really impressive though seems it lacks variety in missions but its still verrry early. Anyone else considering snagging it on the 30th?
  14. Oo I never heard of it. Im going to google it.
  15. Lets all be honest its not Howard Hughes. We've just lost our way. Teams of a/c designers designing a bra, noseart not allowed anymore, no more trophies off enemy troops.. We're a different nation now and in mamy ways not for the better. Many tendencies or things we're doing almost seem to promote something thats becoming a problem in developed countries - lack of children being born. Or we want our military to also be cops and social workers and also killers - but POLITE killers! It has to be nice!! Crazy. And no I dont think the people in or the other large group have got it rig
  16. By word of mouth? You can hardly talk Love ya guys just joking
  17. Actually yes thank you you I was aware of what BRIGHT LIGHT, LEAPING LENA, AND SHINING BRASS ARE. What tripped me up is in the transcript The 2nd LRRP team calls "Prairie fire! Prairie Fire!!" Almost like Col Moore calling Broken Arrow at the Ia Drang. (Though that always confused me too. I thought that meant a lost nuke) I did clarify later that SHINING BRASS just morphed it into it. I was aware of Igloo White before but had thought the program failed and the LRRPS were a whole diff shebang - not that they came about especially because Igloo White. Yes I got the same email.
  18. Thank you JK O/T but i have something you can look for for me if you want - and yes Im looking for conspiracy theories but nothing with aliens or psychics please- I just want plausible theores or evidence supportinv the idea K129 had gone rogue and was going to nuke America and or there was a mini underwater sub war in 68. Its interesting the Scorpion was lost in the Azores and Azorian waa to retrieve k129. Along with k129s supposed extra 15 men and being off station. This could all be total nonsense its all anecdotal except there was a k129 and project azorian.. Ourang ourang ill
  19. And itll look back at you Yeah. It used to bother me thinking of what it musta been like on a U Boat or US sub or whatever and get stuck on the ocean floor and youre just.. Waiting for the air to go.
  20. You mean you cant wait to have enjoyed the 60s like Emrys did
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