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  1. Then you know allll about it. Not much has changed youll be glad to know. Whats *really* cool is sometimes a weird random light will catch an old train car sidelined. Theres only a couple; there were 3 and they made on into a just sort of "look thru the fence" type exhibit of a 60s subway car from the outside. The ones just shunted off to some track for god knows what reason ir how long? Pretty cool. I suspect they may be used late nite just for t personnel needing to go work parts of the line. Not totally sure. The subway tunnels are cool to me. The paris catacombs and th
  2. Ive seen this before ripper. thanks The guys nuts his other vids are better. he sits on top of some skyscrapers with on protection legs dangling. He took that in cambridve at the central sq station. You can easily hope onto the tracks and run down when I was homeless like 15 years ago some homeless punk rocker kids who hung in harvard square invited me to their squat. their squat was a vintage 40s train station with booths and everything left like it had closed a few months before. absolutely pitch black but with flashlights - there was also a surprising amount of actual debris from tha
  3. Since i cant get my damned f14 module.. Theres a sale for the il2 bos module i can snag it for 16 bucks. Of coyrse i just lost my job amd its prolly not too wise to be biying new games that aside can someone tell me if its good or if I sbould wait to get Bosenplatte or something and how it staxka to DCS
  4. i know you jest but Id give up computers entirely if I knew it saved 1 million lives let alone 100
  5. Oh I agree. I also laugh at the what ifs of Nazi victory. Its all there in Mein Kampf. Hitler would have had Germany in forever war - peace time would merely be strategic pauses. This meant for any nation including the US or USSR but let alone Germany failure was ineviteable. You cannot take the entire world over. Its never been done; dont think it ever will be. I had an excellent class on 20th century warfare and the teacher focussed in the Reichswehr and cheatinf Versailles. Hitler was explicitly warned especially in thw Rhineland that ANY French military response would be a total dis
  6. Kettler thanks for the link thats actually a very good story. I also realized now I mistitled my post as prairie fire was a radio code apparently akin to broken arrow meaning a LRRP or SOG unit was in danger of being overrun. I wonder if Shining Brass is the same or was the ops names. I know Bright Light was a type of mission. Regardless a good read and yeah those guys probably saw some of the worst and ugliest combat of the war. And we'll never know 99.9% of those stories - ever. O/T a little but if you search in youtube "in a b52 over hanoi linebacker II" theres an audiotape of an
  7. Well like common sense it may haps have not been that common. I wasnt alive then Westmoreland DID ask for nukes which is crazy.
  8. Interesting thank you. However as you and Emrys pointed out by 1943 there was a tiny gap that wasnt covered by air, and we were producing so many liberty ships their chance was over. Off topic but Ive always wondered at the verscity of a claim I read once saying the Soviets extended peace feelers in spring 42 and the Nazis rejected them outright. Emrys, true the Allies however from what I understand already were pretty upset and worried about Germany - in fact as the historical narrative changes somewhat these days Chamberlin gets off lighter as buying time for Britain to rearm. Im
  9. Im not arguing the battle of the Atlantic was doomed from the start unless all those shiny pocket battleships and the Graf Spee had been turned into another thousand uboats and I still doubt it. I still also believe the Nazis defonitely would have lost anyways but realizing enigma was cracked and changing everything could have drastically changed how the war played out and Im shocked it didnt occur to Donitz as he was so close, it seems, in hindsight at least.
  10. No you werent blocked JK thank you I have some IRL employment issues that have caused me a lot of problems is all.
  11. that books a masterpiece Working Class War by Appy is non fiction but a bunch of anecdotes from Vietnam with lots of stuff Ive never seen anywhere else. That was really good too. My professor at UMass Boston recommended that. I also remember when I took my class in UMass Boston on the Vietnam War Professor Hunt (who wrote a pretty dry but exhaustive and good book on the NLF based on Rand Company reports) brought in a former student who had been a Marine at Hue. The guy didnt go into personal detail much but he did mention being a combat grunt in Hue, and then mentioned when they at
  12. Fair enough - though what about Donitz in '43? He ordered a fourth rotor installed, and had visible results too. I dont see how he could have ignored this cause and effect as it seems he did..? The rest yes, as I said especially Churchill was very very careful to make sure that planes or ships 'happened upon' enemy convoys. Thanks though Wicky as usual your post was good $hit
  13. Anyone played it? Im drooling. Csnt believe my bad luck lately - I almost owned this and finally updated my CMs ro 4.0 with bday money and I lose my job over nothing tuesday. Im furious. I cant find a damn online game (another insult. I never got MP to work until 2 months ago) that wasnt all F14s. Ugh...
  14. Thank you. My best Vietnam books are novels writtwn by vers that are really disguised autobiographies Matterhorn is my favorite. Closer Quarters by Heinemann was good 13the Valley by Delvecchio I loved Fields of Fire by James Webb was great Best DBP book I ever read was widrows The Last Valley. The Good German was a great book IMO. For time travelling time and again and time and time were my favs also kings 11/22/63 I could go on endlessly
  15. Id buy it BUT- I cant resist I think if so he demand (and would eventually receive) command of a battlegroup crowned with same Yamato. Then he leads a suicide charge and goes down with the ship. I think culturally and given his backround that'd be his method, if not outright seppuku. Also if so - he was very high ranking - easily he could have excused the other 'betty' bombers and claimed they needed to save fuel - thereby making him the ONLY target, not 1 of 4 (or was it 3?) It has an allure but I feel he was too professional and too patriotic. Just like some of Hitlers
  16. Yes. Churchill was brilliant in ensuring that even at the cost of lives the made sure a allied convoy or plane would 'happen' upon the DAKs resupply convoys etc. However, and yes hindsight is 20-20, I still think Donitz's error of not realizing the truth by 43 (Admittedly too llate but if he persuaded the entire Heer to change everything it may have really extended the war) is nigh unforgiveable. He added a fourth rotor and voila! shipping sinkings rise dramatically and losses drop dramatically. For a small period in 43 until the extra 'bombes' (super comps to break enigma) got the 4th
  17. Unfortunately youre all to right. And much of its going to simply be lost forever. It reminds me of reading how a German archivist found Kaiser era German invasion plans for the US - from 1906. They planned to land at Cape Cod, move on Boston, lay siege and hopefully conquer it. Then the main drive would seize or shell at least NYC and hold this region hostage for American concessions for colonies, terrritories, etc. Even then they expected a 26 day (!!) trip and planned a decisive naval victory (which they deemed necessary) with the USN before the landing. And they noted this wa
  18. Im rereading Deightons excellent novel ' Winter ' about 2 German brothers and their lives through children pre WW1 - WW1 - then one goes to America, the other ends up in the NSDAP... I also found an old copy of a good novel I read once ages ago called Hell at the Breech. Very good novel about the south post civil war and some kids who get involved in a little crime thing.
  19. Also mike lemme clarify. Are shiningbrass prairie fire all SOG missions for N VN LAOS and Cambodia, or did they mean LAOS and CAMBODIA ONLY? If so what were LRRP/other insertions in N VN? Id love to be able to see what will be declassed about now in 50 years. but alas. it makes u wonder what theyll never release about vietnam. there must be some rlllllly juicy stories.
  20. a report on a prairie fire team MIA for decaSdes that got found sparked my interested. I remember SFC Schue, and 2 others were killed. a local remembed the NVA yelled capture the americans - schue had a deifnite bullet wound below his ribs, the other US were heavily wounded by grenade fragments. BRIGHT LIGHT couldnt get there until the next day due to weather. They only found some web belt that was it. around 2011 they found the 3 americans in shallow graves nearby. RIP but that and Pete Wennmans avatar is a USN F4 pilot named J Chesshire. Hes got fantastic anecdotes - and of cours
  21. Emrys you smartass you know damn well what I meant. Worse still I have to thank you for it. jerk. Anyways Heil Grammar! and all that thx buddy
  22. SHINING BRASS then PRAIRIE FIRE as I explain were deep LRRP penetrations BRIGHT LIGHT was emergency rescue units for these teams - often to no avail and nothing there except blood trails. Some of the most harrowing stories from the war come from these missions. Anyone have a good repisitory of history, anecdotes, etc
  23. Prairie Fire (forget the predessecor name for LRRPS in N VN) as I explain were deep LRRP penetrations BRIGHT LIGHT was emergency rescue units for these teams - often to no avail and nothing there except blood trails. Some of the most harrowing stories from the war come from these missions. Anyone have a good repisitory of history, anecdotes, etc
  24. It is thanks. Idk if I can find the pics. Tbis wasnt a novelty it was REALLY well hidden and I only found it because I was literally working in the empty apartment and had the run of the empty place. Ive never seen the stereotype staircase behind a bookcase(it swung didnt slide) I knoe the street adress my next option is googling the adress amd seeing if anyone else ever got a pic (If you know boston its paralell to mass ave by berklee college of music, 1 block to the side of mass ave on the fenway park side, the first old buildings by the parking garage)
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