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  1. Its daunting at first but this is the thing The free planes the game comes with are great introdcutory planes almost all have the same great flight model but the flaming cliffs games dont have wevery button clickable. this makes them simpler though many are still quite complex. if you take the plunge I recommend buying either the full flaming cliffs getting 6 or 7 planes ( su25a, a10a, f15c, su27, su33, mig 29 variants, jf11) or you can buy them 5 to 10 apiece. they can be complex but learning to fly them is rdiciously easy. a button starts electtronics and 2 diff buttons starte
  2. Look first - Im not plugging another game. Seriously everyone here knows about dcs, some like it some dont. not same category as CM, and many who work for BFC are heavily involved in DCS. Just a disclaimer - I feel this is harmless. Ive been VERY impressed with DCS continual staying but customers, upgrades, and their new modules are jaw dropping. Financially I cant keep up and its a shame; especially now that the F14 (!!!) module is coming out. if you youtube DCS f14 module.. if you lived in the 80s you'll understand. Plus I was never interested in a Mig19P. But I watch the videos
  3. I was working inside a house near mass ave and boylston st in Boston a year ago and found a secret stairway behind a book case and tiny room. The owners had no clue. All I can think of is bootlegging during the Prohibition or underground railroad (the building is that old) I gotta see if I can find the pictures on an old phone. Id never actually encountered anything like it.
  4. Ill get the QB map name from my oppo QB map red setup Its a long setupzone not deep, with a steep ditch before your zone ends. putting Syrian tanks there I noted if I placed them just right ( looking for hull down) I could make the tank suddenly appear to be standing on end, i.e. resting on its rear gun pointed forward. As tempted as I was to try this innovative Syrian defensive move I quietly moved my tanks into more traditional positions. (for them to explode to javelins with no contacts whatsoever. Ah yes. Syrian armored night attacks vs the US LOL)
  5. Guys - I know this is borderline. Im not advertising. Im banned from their msg boards. long story. I just wanna say though that.. anyone here play? I need avice on how to make SRS work ghetto ( i.e. earbuds with mic) and would like to fly. vet 03369 played but I havent spoken to him
  6. Of course. I dont even own it but I literally stood there almost gaping for 2 hours before my feet hurting made me realize... Id been in the store standing still for 2 hours looking at these gigantic hand drawn fold out illustrations (panoramic) of combat on the Somme day. Full detail and gore. It literally is so beautifully drawn it made me excited like a child when I used to see really cool battle pictures or drawings. These are painstakingly drawn based on photos, maps, and AARs. My god.. It killed me to walk out of that store without that book.
  7. Some of the best hand drawings and stuff Ive ever seen. A real treasure. https://books.wwnorton.com/books/detail.aspx?id=4294976046
  8. I find the autocannon on warriors or USMC 40mms work well to demolish those high concrete walls that surround some compounds etc. For mouseholing demo charges works better.. Ill lay down. Target light as the game gives friendly infantry a pass on small arms. Not sure if you know this trick but asigning the blast command PARALELL to what you want to blast through will make the team blast the wall but not rush in. Or rush through.
  9. @AlanSA ill rexownload the demo. Everyone has to start somewhere my friend. Also if you want we can play but openly discuss whats happening almost like a ongoing AAR - so we.ll fight but itll be almost like training. Or we can fight ans go over what happened after. Or just fight. Also itll help you if we give you NATO most battles except say Alamo. Unfortunatwly for you Im NOT blind for Alamo or Breaking the Bank 😕 ill still play them though. Msg me or let me know? trust me human players are a million times more fun than ai. Its so much more rewarding to kill a humans tank
  10. *****SPOILERS****** This one was relaly tough and I took way heavier casualties than necessary. I advise agaisnt a broad front advance. Pick a line of advance. Concentrate your men. But dont expose them all to fire. Be very csreful with buildings and your warriors and tanks. Use your engineer teams to blow holes in building walls so youre not at the mercy of doorways. MAKE SURE you look at move points that end in buildings from the enemys line to yours. Mame sure there isnt some balcony!! You have a lot of time. Be very sloe and metho
  11. I apologize for what its worth. Thank you, and no I have no ill will towards you either. Yes it was stupid to post. In real life my mouth gets me in trouble a lot too. Im just blunt and honest. Anyways I apologize.
  12. it was foolish to post. that said I think mauser was joking. however howler since Im feeling like Im being judged - so youre saying YOUVE NEVER used another persons netflix or wifi, and NEVER downloaded any songs or movies then? If you truly havent than youre right I guess Im a dirtball. If not, then I daresay youre being a hypocrite.
  13. Well true but TBF BFC has proof I alwats bought their stuff and I only did it with ganes that are 15+ years old. As a matter of principle (dor exaple paradox games) I bought them when I realized what treasures they were. Thanks for the advice but its up anyway
  14. Hope youre well. I needa find a vpn. Thank god my comps wrking again. Unforunately i can only play everyone in SF2. I cant afford upgrading all my othee titles when Im desoeratelt trying to figure out jow to get the DCS F14 out soon and the new BFC modules have me salivating too 😕
  15. I dont know what happened. i havent even been around. I just posted and kind of was shocked at the reaction I got. I accept responsibility for what I posted and as I said before I scrolled further up and read @Rinaldi'rin's response my apology was genuine and I felt a fool assuming it was me. I just want pbem opponents. If steve has to ban me i hope he lets me make a last post begging for oppos for sf2 @sid_burn youre right and thankyou. I was mad, and typing on a cellphone, standing up on a crowded mass transit bus navigating the snow in East Boston. No one made me post there - jus
  16. I simply cannot get a working multiplayer connection. The game runs fantastic on my rig otheriwse. Imm banned from there forums (its nonsense for what I got banned for but whatever)
  17. I dont need your prayers "dawg" but thanks anyways If youre gonna waste your time praying pray for America to survive the Trump presidency. As i told someone else I actually was about to apologize to u then I saw ur answer and reakized that no u were talking about me. Whixh is odd we.ce always been cordial. But whateber. Dont pray for me because Im definitely not the bigger man and if I send any thoughts your way they wouldnt be prayers for yourbwell being
  18. Oh well of it wasnt directed at me then I apologize
  19. True. Then again tomahawk is much more reliable than Kalibr which a lot of the missiles seemed to jave failed and landed in Iran. Anx Tomahawks we just have soooo many more. We could just swarm a target and theyd get through. Also we've been successfully using them for 30 years. I dont think Russia eve rcombat used a cruise missile until the 2016 Syria incident. Correct me if Im wrong of course.
  20. Im a usual bot? Listen 'friend' Im not a bot. 2nd I find it a bit rich for you to call me a bot whem Ive been posting here since 1999. We act snarky esoecially to new members at our own peril. BFC needs more customers not ppl being driven off by jerk answers to questions. RTFM used to be an answer but people still courteously would explain as well. Frankly I worry sending people here sometimes when I never used to because some of this board has gotten so elitist/rude to people.
  21. Yawn. We.ve had Tomahawks since the 80s that are as good as Kalibrs IMO. Please though I seriously wanna hear about the S-500. Its a SAM?! TY for the Khinzal thing Ive been misinforming people who asked which is embarrassing.
  22. My laptops been broke three weeks. In that 3 weeks I disocvered. Quora and have gotten over 500k views on my answers. Lol I have sent some vets and grogs this way - expect some.classy smart guys to show up including a Vietnam M48 tanker with beaucoup stories and photos. Awesome guy. I lost everyrhing data wise. All my other CMs arent up to the latest 4.0 or whateber and moneys rllly tight. If i hadnt met some random nice guy on quora my comp would still be broken. This guy refused any suggestion of money or er.. Plants to pay him back and send me 3 flash drives priority mail till i
  23. thamk god for random acts of kindness by strangers. Im redownloading my copies of CM. unfortunately I lost 255 gigs of priceless stuff. lotsa pirated games. (no I dont do that to BFC but other companies. meh. if its a good game I buy it) however! bring the PBEMS! especially for SF2! I dont have the latest 4.0 upgrade for the others =/ ALSO ANY DCS PLAYERS WHO PLAY ONLINE PLS CONTACT ME
  24. Interesting I thought Kinzal was more made to strike satellites in orbit?
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