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  1. Have you read the books? I've just finished the second one and they've both been amazing. I only saw the 1st episode of season 1 because I heard that the 1st season kind of overlaps multiple books. I'm the kind of person that likes to read the books first.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the link. I've read the book "No Better Place to Die" by Robert Murphy - an excellent read.
  3. I, for one, am ready for the next line of CM engine. My vote goes for stop making CM2 products, It's time for CM3.
  4. Echoing what everyone else here has posted: Wego is turn based and I think what most people play. Real time is mess if the unit count gets above a company size engagement. You can pause the action at any time in Real Time mode but when the unit count gets so large you'll find that you have to pause the action every few seconds to give or change orders. This sounds ideal until you realize that the game is being paused so often that it's not really "Real Time" any more. The one and only advantage that Real Time mode has over Wego is that you can give orders at any time, so you could avoid potential disaster ambushes and perhaps time attacks better with multiple units. Most people love that anticipation of 1 minute of solid action that Wego provides. There are demos to download, btw.
  5. Well the first frontal assault was somewhat excusable. The paratroopers were about to be ambushed when a girl ran out to warn a German officer who then alerted his men. I think the firing started immediately after that - The Germans were already caught out in the open for the most part. Maybe the girl told him that there were only a few men in the woods and he figured that a quick frontal assault was the best way to quickly solve the dilemma. The second frontal assault was the real incompetence.
  6. Honestly, it should have been a Company's job to hold Lanzerath. Bouck's I&R platoon was the only "front line" unit guarding the road to what was supposed to be a rear area where Company L and K were bivouacked as the sole reserve of the entire 99th Division. The 99th was spread that thin. Actually I think there was an AT unit in Lanzerath belonging to another outfit but they high tailed it out of there before the German paratroopers entered the town. The artillery observers left the town too but at least went up to be with Bouck's platoon on the tree line.
  7. For those interested in this there is a good read about this unit and the famous action: The Longest Winter by Alex Kershaw Although they technically held up an entire Battalion all day, it's not as if the entire battalion attacked at once. However, they still did an incredible job, decisively stopping two strong frontal attacks before running out of ammo on a 3rd flanking attack. The defenders were well dug in and only lost 1 man KIA. A pretty amazing feat. And for a SQUAD LEADER trivia bonus, this I&R battle is tied to an old classic scenario: For those of you that had the original Squad Leader game from Avalon Hill, one of the original scenarios that came with the base game was a 99th Division Company L of the 394th in chow lines at Bucholtz Station. When shadowy figures emerge in casual walk along the rail line, it takes a few minutes for Company L men to realize that these figures are German troops. Company L is able to beat back the ensuing firefight and hold the line for the day. However, without the heroic stand of the Bouck's 18 man I&R platoon, Company L would have quickly been hit by this same FJ battalion and most likely overrun putting the entire 394th Regiment in serious jeopardy on the 1st day of the Ardenness Offensive.
  8. You can use this site to find sunset/sunrise times. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/ Just type in a city like Caen: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/france/caen
  9. Seems like so far you've only tested walls vs terrain. Are you sure it's just walls and not other place-able map elements such as buildings, trees, hedgerows? I'm not in a position to test, just thought it might be bigger issue than you think.
  10. Osprey released a nice Order of Battle series of books. Very good unit diagrams and detailed battle maps. However, I have noticed a few mistakes in a couple of the books, but overall they are a great resource for any battle designer. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=osprey+order+of+battle+ardennes&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aosprey+order+of+battle+ardennes
  11. Are off map mortars bound by range? In other words, if you target the enemy's side of a very large map can you actually exceed the mortar's range or even decrease it's accuracy?
  12. I did a search on IMDB.com and came across Castle Keep. It's the same basic theme but the squad is in a Castle. I've never seen it though. Also, I came across Attack which is not the movie you're looking for, but after reading the comments I now want to watch it.
  13. That's good to know. I wonder what the smallest cycle is. Yes, that's the whole purpose of my post. Hopefully, any future CMx3 engine will have much quicker spotting cycles, at least closer to what reality is. I agree that in reality there isn't insta-spotting but in the case of a bazooka team rounding a corner and seeing a huge Tiger tank in the middle of the street 40 meters away, it's pretty close to insta-spotting. At this point you're pretty much talking about human reaction times and decision making.
  14. Another thing to consider in the whole 'scoot and shoot' debate is that the LOS cycle is several seconds long (6 seconds IIRC but please correct me if I'm wrong). So even if Batttlefront were to implement this as a time based or shot based command, it will take longer than imagined by all of us. For example, let's say your bazooka team rounds a corner and then sees an enemy tank. In reality, the 'scoot and shoot' process is fairly simple and should happen quickly: 1) round corner 2) immediately see enemy tank and stop 3) aim 4) fire 5) scoot to safety However, with CM, step 2 could take considerably longer depending on the LOS check cycle. They often seem to be tapping their toes while we're yelling 'shoot for Christ's sake!'
  15. The issue is that it should not be time based at all. It should be shot based. In other words the team should not scoot until it shoots. I think though that normal TacAI conditions should still apply, ie. if the unit comes under heavy fire before it's able to shoot then it should take appropriate steps to get under cover. In this case the 'shoot and scoot' command should be overridden like other movement orders would be by the TacAI.
  16. Also, it's based on a novel which is very well written. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  17. Almost sounds like 'A Midnight Clear' but it was made in 92 and definitely not black and white.
  18. Well, I'm talking more in the context of troops landing on D-Day vs Troops after D-Day. For example, 1st ID was permanent & 29th Div was a reactivated Guard unit, so they probably both had soldiers who wanted to be in the army as apposed to draftees or volunteers after the war started. However, even the 82nd and 101st, which were considered elite troops, were full of citizen soldiers, although mostly volunteer.
  19. Another thought. It would be fair to say that the majority of soldiers after D-Day were citizen soldiers, i.e. not career soldiers. However, this is still a far cry from the term conscript, whether it's the Webster Dictionary definition or the Combat Mission definition.
  20. Before this gets out of hand, let's define conscript. It is by definition a synonym of draftee. User1000, has a point that a lot of "real life" U.S. units after D-Day had conscripted soldiers but they also had a lot of volunteers. However, if one is talking about the 'Conscript' level of soldier quality in Combat Mission (i.e. poorly trained, poorly motivated and little or no combat experience), then the answer is obviously no, there were no U.S. combat units after D-Day that fit that definition. At worst there were some green soldiers, but most might fit into a 'Regular' category. Usually well trained but little or no combat experience.
  21. No, how is getting older a character flaw? You're reading way too much into his post and mine. I just found it odd that you're referring to yourself in the 3rd person, now I'm pretty sure you're a troll looking for his next meal. You didn't come for a fight but you're the only person here picking one. Every person here that's responded to you has been helping players for YEARS on this forum, especially MikeyD who is a beta tester. We've all been on the forums that long. You're here one day and you're picking a fight. You could have simply said "no, it's not my change in taste as I'm getting older", but instead you directly insult him and ASSUME that he is attacking you and trying to discredit you.
  22. Wow, I'm not sure why you think this was an attack on "the poster", which was you. BTW, why are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person? Odd. Anyway, he's just trying to say that people's tastes change as they age. Maybe you don't play as much because you're different than you used to be. It's certainly true of me. I don't think he was trying to be rude or try to give excuses as to why the game has these limitations. And, btw, we're all well aware of these game limitations or unrealistic aspects of the game. But, answer me this: Is there a more realistic tactical game on the market? NO. So that's why we play Combat Mission.
  23. Yes, I forgot about targeting while having a waypoint selected. But doesn't it use the ground level at the waypoint to calculate LOS?
  24. I suggest using Move or Quick to the point where your "best guess" is that your unit will see the enemy unit, but then follow that with a Hunt command which will go well beyond your best guess. This will cause your unit to stop for sure and not go too far. The problem with cresting a hill and using Hunt is that your unit will spot the enemy when standing and then stop. They will likely drop to knees at that point, lowering their eyeball level just enough that they may not see the unit anymore. Using 'Target Arc' will not cause your unit to stop. It only restricts your unit from firing outside the arc. Be careful when using this because an unseen enemy may be suddenly visible outside the arc and wipe out your unit while they are helpless to respond until the next turn when you cancel the arc.
  25. Your previous post you said: 1. reinstalled v3 and successfully activated 2. Installed v4 but you don't mention activating it, but you get a message stating that you need to v3 If you did indeed activate v4 then definitely open a ticket.
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