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WIP- Urban Battle

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I've been making a fictional urban battle for a while now in order to get used to scripting the AI in the editor. I'm particularly concerned with getting the AI urban combat scripts and opposing force ratios nailed down so that there is a challenge, but it isn't impossible. I have a plan for a a semi-historical series/campaign if I can get a good grasp on the AI scripting.

This is a dense map, so 5+ minute load times are to be expected. The map runs fine once loaded for me.

I'm uploading it here if anyone cares to have a look and add suggestions/constructive feedback:


Play as US side (assault). There's no briefing yet, but all AI is scripted for the defense (German). It's a work in progress, so anyone expecting polish probably should wait (but I am finding it playable and somewhat fun even knowing what to expect).

I have a working QB map for assault and meeting engagement, but I want to finish the scenario up before returning to the finish those up.

Thanks for looking, and I appreciate any help given.

Pics of the map:


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Really nice map Ben. I am absolutely looking forward to playing this and want to avoid peeking at the AI so it is not spoiled. Its gonna be Carentan meets Hue or something like that I hope.

My preference personally, never played much on the dusky maps but then again never gave it a chance. But thats easy for each individual to change.

Nice building and street arrangements. 528m X 960m good size, gonna need more than an hour the way I play.

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Thanks, Nik. I tried doing the dawn lighting to allow a little freedom of movement by the attacker in the initial stages of the battle- it should be light by about 1/2 way through the battle (which should be 1.5 hours- I prefer scenarios that allow lots of time). I'm happy to change anything that doesn't work, too.

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