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A slightly different take. Perhaps units which have suffered 80% losses should take more time to bring up to strength? That level of casualties and disorganisation is not something which could necessarily be recovered from quickly,or close to the front. Even more of an issue later in the war as manpower and morale levels fell.

I know the game models this by setting limits on the points increases for units in some cases at a price but perhaps these units need to become a kind of cadre/skeleton and must withdraw if possible to a suitable location i.e. a city with a points value,or even a town to refit and reorganise.

Such casualty levels would render them unable to function as fighting units,as was often the case in WW1.

This would ensure careful battle planning and force build up before a grand offensive could be launched but still leave the Nivelle approach as an option.

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i have an idea for some decision events. normally you can only say "yes" or "no" when a decision is made.

for example: "do you want to support these partisans for 50MPP? ... yes...no"

why not making a decision interface that allows you to adjust the money you want to spend?

"do you want to support these partisans?" now the window gives the player the opportunity to adjust the money you want to spend. instead of the "yes" or "no" buttons there could be something like the reinforcement-button for units.

an example:

4 different possibilites for the player, which can be selected by a window similar to the reinforcement one, but shows the money that can be spend on.

spend 0 mpp -> nothing happens, or even nation morale suffers or what ever

spend 25 mpp -> only one partisan script is activated... or in other words: what will happen when you spend less money than usually needed ?

spend 50 mpp (the original decision) -> the chance for partisan activity is raised, other scripts are activated or enemy morale suffers...

spend 75 mpp -> additional scripts activated or other stuff is going to happen

the mpp steps and the limit can be set in the scripts.

yet another example could be... just an idea :)

(ger 1942)do you want to spend money in rebuilding damaged infrastructure in udssr?

0 mpp spend: partisans, supply damage...

100 mpp spend: less partisans...

200 mpp spend: again reduce of % partisan activity

300 mpp spend: only few partisans in key supply lines left, morale boost, other scripts...

by doing so players are given the more opportunities in usually less important decisions. i believe when a player pays more or less mpps this could lead to a surprising action in some cases. i mean... why not spending more mpps in something i really want to ? :D

"sending an airship to africa for 50mpp?" ... nice idea i will send three for 150mpp, this will improve their %chances of success ^^


something completly different:

germany is launching 3 new submarines in 1941 but some players maybe want additional surface commerce raiders...

3 subs(200 each) -> 600mpp

2 cruisers(300 each) -> 600mpp

the idea is a german decision event in spring 1940.

"...have to discuss about our futher navy projects... will be completed in 1941....three submarines (yes) ... two cruisers (no)"

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There are several features I would like to see some day in SC. First of all, I´m not a programmer so probably it´ll be difficult to make it real.

1-Simultaneous attacks to enemy units (2vs1/3vs1/4vs1) with bonuses for flanking/rear attack.

2-More flexibility with Action Points, I mean you can use one action point, move another unit and later spend the other three action points remaining.

3-I would give better bonuses in combat to infantry in woods, cities and rugged terrain, tanks were much better in plains.

These features would add a much better richness from a bellicose point of view. For sure diplomacy and research were very important, but also tactical combat.

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Honestly: don't waste your units thoughtlessly. There will come a time, later in the war, where you'll regret the useless or unnescessary death of your precious units.

But, I have 10's of thousands of points to expend before NM even begins to affect me, why shouldn't I expend some of those points? To hell with them all, let them die for the fatherland as they were suppose do. What they were born for I will command. :__)

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Hey everyone,

I've been playing SC European Theatre for a long time now, more games than I can remember against the AI or my friend in a hotseat game. I recently decided to purchase SC WW1 and have been gripped on it just like I was with the old one :)

So many great new improvements, really great work on the development.

Is there a place to mention bugs in the game? I noticed that when the AI is taking their turn, if you keep rolling the mousewheel until it is zoomed right out on the whole map view, even with Fog of War active you can see the position of all their units.

Also, is there anyway to turn off National Morale? I like it in many ways but there are times when after a long hard struggle, when you have finally turned the tables, that you really want to go and finish your enemy off. Or is that just me?

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Great to see you're enjoying our WWI game, and you could effectively turn off National Morale by increasing each Major's National Morale starting values in the Editor.

If you open the Editor and then the relevant campaign, go to Campaign -> Edit Country Data. Then increase the NM values to the value you desire.

However, this would have side effects on game play because things like the Russian Revolution are triggered by falls in NM, so depending on what result you want to achieve you may want to increase some Major's NM values more than others.

Once you've made your changes, hit File -> Save As, as you'll need to give your modified campaign a new name as the default campaigns are protected.


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