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  1. Losing the capital isn't the only necessity for having a country surrender, as there is a calculation once the (last) capital is lost that is based on the number of units remaining. So if the Red Army still has a force in the field then a delayed surrender is a possibility, but if you can whittle it down then their surrender shouldn't be too long in coming. Bill
  2. You must be right then, it's been a long time and I can't remember exactly when something changed in the engine relating to unit deployments like this. Perhaps check to see if the relevant UNIT scripts exist in the game if you start a new one, assuming this is an official campaign and not a modded one?
  3. Hi Did you by any chance conquer the island on the same turn as the US entered the war? I have a feeling that this might have prevented the UNIT scripts from firing and deploying the ships there, as they would have fired at the end of the turn, but if the port was in Japanese hands by that point then they might not have fired. The Arizona, California and Oklahoma Battleships, and the New Orleans Cruiser were due to deploy there. Bill
  4. Hi I can't speak for the German economy as that would require knowledge of the AI's turns in depth, though you may be able to gauge something from the Reports screen. But for the first two I suspect there is a rational explanation because I've never heard or seen of bugs that would cause either behaviour, and the game hasn't been updated in a while so I'd like to think that we'd have spotted/had reported such things before now if that were the case. Things might be happening so fast that some of what is happening is out of sight, as it's certainly not a deliberate part of the code that the AI can cheat in any manner like that. Bill
  5. Hi If you encircle the defender then the maximum strength they can reinforce to is 5, and this will leave them far more vulnerable to destruction in a subsequent turn. Another requirement for any successful offensive is to have HQ support in close proximity to the attacking units, as this will provide both supply and combat bonuses to the units under its command. Bill
  6. Hi It will need to be connected to a supply source, e.g. a Capital or Industrial Center, that itself has a supply value of higher than 5.
  7. Hi Dave Regarding the issue, it would be best to raise a ticket via the supportdesk at http://battlefront.com/ The most recent version of Strategic Command (available at Matrix Games) which is a WW2 game does have the AA upgrades on ships. Bill
  8. This formula can only be understood with reference to the unit properties screen and the other factors that might apply, e.g. terrain or resource bonuses that benefit the defender. Units also get a bonus if they attack without having moved first. I would suggest playing, trying things out and you'll soon get a good grasp of what matters.
  9. Hi Action Points = the number of hexes you can move Strength Losses = each point of strength lost from the default unit strength of 10
  10. PS You'll have to de-select the Full Screen button too if that is currently selected.
  11. Hi Mancspartan If you go to Settings in the game and change the Video/Mode to one that has a lower resolution than your monitor, then it should work. Bill
  12. I think the problem with your email game might be something to do with Windows rather than the game itself. It might be that the folder where the PBEM games are saved is being hidden. It might be best to raise a ticket with the Helpdesk as they may have advice on what to do about that. In terms of Global Conflict, yes, it's an upgraded version of WAW with a new map and other features.
  13. Thanks for the update, this is great to see and congratulations to John Helm on winning!
  14. Hi I don't know of a maximum size, and suggest experimenting with different sizes to get the best result possible. A different approach would be to use it just to design a proportion of the map, e.g. leave out part of the map from the image, and draw that part by hand in the editor.
  15. Hi I've looked at the instructions and when you double click on MapGen.exe it should create a new file called map.txt Open it in notepad. The number on the first line is the number of columns. The second line is the number of rows. You will need this when you go to the editor to import it. Copy the map.txt file to the same folder as the game's editor. Start a new scenario in the editor and press F5. You should see a new tile map created from the data in map.txt. I hope this helps but if you do encounter any issues please let us know. Bill
  16. Hi pacifffick The best thing to do is to create a test campaign and use it to test out different ideas and also how things like MapGen.exe work. Do you have a specific question about the MapGen.exe that perhaps we can help with? Bill
  17. Hi It's not something that's come up before but I'll add it to my list of things to consider. PS The series continues, but we are now being published over at Matrix Games.
  18. Hi Ground means that won't fly as interceptors or escorts, which makes the Carrier more vulnerable. You can set them to intercept only. It does mean that they will intercept strikes against friendly units rather than just the Carrier, but even so, by doing so they will weaken the enemy's air units.
  19. Hi In your custom campaign, if you haven't already you'll need to open its campaign.ini file and change this line so that it shows as: #CUSTOM_BITMAPS= 1 Then open up the campaign and hopefully it will now display.
  20. Thanks for sending it, glad we got to the bottom of it. :-) For everyone else, Laos isn't formed on the mainland until 1949 so it's best not to buy any units for it before then.
  21. Hi I've tried working it out via the Editor and running a test game, but it's hard to replicate the exact circumstances so would you be able to send me a save turn so I can take a look? Thanks Bill Email: Bill.Runacre@furysoftware.com
  22. Both are separate, I think the 2016 update was more of a technical fix, so my recommendation is to play Breakthrough's Call to Arms campaign.
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