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  1. Losing the capital isn't the only necessity for having a country surrender, as there is a calculation once the (last) capital is lost that is based on the number of units remaining. So if the Red Army still has a force in the field then a delayed surrender is a possibility, but if you can whittle it down then their surrender shouldn't be too long in coming. Bill
  2. You must be right then, it's been a long time and I can't remember exactly when something changed in the engine relating to unit deployments like this. Perhaps check to see if the relevant UNIT scripts exist in the game if you start a new one, assuming this is an official campaign and not a modded one?
  3. Hi Did you by any chance conquer the island on the same turn as the US entered the war? I have a feeling that this might have prevented the UNIT scripts from firing and deploying the ships there, as they would have fired at the end of the turn, but if the port was in Japanese hands by that point then they might not have fired. The Arizona, California and Oklahoma Battleships, and the New Orleans Cruiser were due to deploy there. Bill
  4. Hi I can't speak for the German economy as that would require knowledge of the AI's turns in depth, though you may be able to gauge something from the Reports screen. But for the first two I suspect there is a rational explanation because I've never heard or seen of bugs that would cause either behaviour, and the game hasn't been updated in a while so I'd like to think that we'd have spotted/had reported such things before now if that were the case. Things might be happening so fast that some of what is happening is out of sight, as it's certainly not a deliberate part of the co
  5. Hi If you encircle the defender then the maximum strength they can reinforce to is 5, and this will leave them far more vulnerable to destruction in a subsequent turn. Another requirement for any successful offensive is to have HQ support in close proximity to the attacking units, as this will provide both supply and combat bonuses to the units under its command. Bill
  6. Hi It will need to be connected to a supply source, e.g. a Capital or Industrial Center, that itself has a supply value of higher than 5.
  7. Hi Dave Regarding the issue, it would be best to raise a ticket via the supportdesk at http://battlefront.com/ The most recent version of Strategic Command (available at Matrix Games) which is a WW2 game does have the AA upgrades on ships. Bill
  8. This formula can only be understood with reference to the unit properties screen and the other factors that might apply, e.g. terrain or resource bonuses that benefit the defender. Units also get a bonus if they attack without having moved first. I would suggest playing, trying things out and you'll soon get a good grasp of what matters.
  9. Hi Action Points = the number of hexes you can move Strength Losses = each point of strength lost from the default unit strength of 10
  10. Thanks for the update, this is great to see and congratulations to John Helm on winning!
  11. Hi It's still in the game, so the options still exist to say no to Vichy if you should wish to!
  12. Hi Noah Rail guns and rocket artillery are good at demoralizing targets (especially rocket artillery) and reducing the target's levels of entrenchment. Bombard with these before ground units attack. BBs and Cruisers can bombard ground targets, which has a small chance of causing a casualty among the defenders, and it will also cause some demoralization. Bill
  13. I've just found this video online which will be a great start for new players of this game: One thing I'd like to add is that when playing as the Entente I always invest heavily in Diplomacy, providing the situation allows, as this can be a very good way of hitting Germany's morale and income without having to lose any men in the process.
  14. Hi Great to see you're enjoying our WWI game, and you could effectively turn off National Morale by increasing each Major's National Morale starting values in the Editor. If you open the Editor and then the relevant campaign, go to Campaign -> Edit Country Data. Then increase the NM values to the value you desire. However, this would have side effects on game play because things like the Russian Revolution are triggered by falls in NM, so depending on what result you want to achieve you may want to increase some Major's NM values more than others. Once you've made your changes,
  15. I'm intrigued to know what that Chinese transport is up to?
  16. I'm certainly interested in seeing what's going on, just wish I had more time to play!
  17. If it does migrate, it would certainly be nice to hear some reports on the forum from time to time, as I do like to see how things are going.
  18. Hi Welcome to the forum and I hope you find some opponents soon, if you haven't already received any messages from players willing for battle. Bill
  19. Hi Whiterider There is a work around method as described here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=91324&highlight=hotseat
  20. Ah, if it's a question of game balance then I'm all ears, and will be willing to consider changes as necessary. Possibly by tweaking other things, so if the game seems to have a pro-Central Powers balance then please let me know and we can discuss what might need to be done. Perhaps starting a new thread might be best too.
  21. Hi Micha Here are a few thoughts on keeping your units in good morale and readiness: Keep them in good supply Have a HQ commanding them, the best available if possible Reinforce units after they have suffered casualties to the maximum as soon as possible Strengthen with Elite Reinforcements if available After reinforcing, especially from serious casualties, rest the unit for a few turns before committing it to combat again. It can be wise to take battered units out of the line to rest them, because if they remain under shell fire or attack then they will struggle to recover. The li
  22. I see what you mean, but I prefer the variable chance as otherwise the Central Powers player will know that taking Russia out of the war automatically leads to war with the USA, whereas this way it is a very variable contributor to US mobilization which won't necessarily lead definitely to war. Admittedly if that was the only factor triggering the US to mobilize, then war with the USA would be very unlikely before France is also knocked out, but I wouldn't want to penalize Central Powers players who have used some unrestricted naval warfare and then pulled back from carrying it too far. Esp
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