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  1. I'm looking for some to play Breakthrough 1.05, Call to Arms Campaing, I can play with any side. I don't play this game since 2013, but I got some nostalgia in the blood and I want to play one good match, but the AI is no fun. I'm a seasoned player, but not a pro. If you are interested, email me at wh40k.biffy@gmail.com Note: I don't want "soft build limits" turned on.
  2. Welcome to the forum Mafran. Your idea is soundy, kind of good. I can't speak for the development team, but what I can say, is that your idea, the first one, will probably be implemented only in SC3, but you are giving fuel for the project, that is nice :cool:
  3. Looking for an opponent to play PBEM CtA mirror match, with Soft build limit: ON and Undo Moves: OFF. wh40k.biffy@gmail.com
  4. No ev, if you change supply value of the towns you will destroy supply lanes of land troops, it would be disastrous, unless you add more towns, which is not a good idea...
  5. This makes a lot of sense, since it happened nearly in all wars in human history. A famous one is the fake army of the allied forces in Brittan nearly Pa de Calais, making the Germans believes that these were the real invasion force. The type o terrain also makes sense, for it was very difficult for the German armies to find and counter the partisans in the forests of Russia... These are interesting observation that should be considered.
  6. Looking for an opponent to play an email game for 1914 call to arms to play the entente or the central powers, although i preffer to play the central powers. wh40k.biffy@gmail.com
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