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Is The XK2 Black Panther The New Best Tank In The World ?

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Videos: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xk2+black+panther&aq=0

The XK2 Main Battle Tank, which will be commissioned in 2011, is a next generation of main battle tank to replace the older K1 and American M47/M48 tanks. It will be fitted with German MTU 1500 hp Europowerpack for the engine, and a new 120mm cannon with autoloader. New armor and sensor system are intended to be comparable to the M1A2 and LeClerc. South Korea's next-generation tanks, code named "XK2" and nicknamed "Black Panther, were first seen during an unveiling ceremony in Changwon, southeast of Seoul, Friday, March 2, 2007.

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The way it can raise and lower its shocks it can go hull down anywhere. Either that or it will fit right in at a low rider rally in East LA.

I must be getting old as these low riders seem the most pointless waste of money i can think of in the auto world.What a waste of time

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Some build model railways, some make their cars bounce. Aren't all hobbies basically pointless? People love to fiddle with things to see what makes them tick be it cars, computers, power tools or anything else.

Im not joking about power tools!

Lawnmower racing

Pointless yes, but harmless fun for everyone involved.

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