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1938 Calm before the storm

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.0

I have created a campaign for the Global engine, it is quite similar my PDE 1938 Calm .... But the map is new, it is based on the Third reich map, but i have modified it heavily (i am quite satisfied with it).

The game has a working Allied AI, the Axis AI has not been my focus so i am not sure about that, there are a lot of Axis decision events but not so many AI scripts supporting them.

Some comments on the mod:

-I have added Ethiopia and the possibility to fight the second italo-abyssinian war in East africa

-More countries available (Luxembourg, Montenegro, South American, African and free countries after surrender)

-More decision events (143 now), including some from the original global game that i transfered.

-Made Naval upgrades very expensive to simulate old/new battleships

-Changed some unit types (corps =divisions, special forces) corps, AT= shore guns/fortress guns or rockets depending on country)

-Lowered Combat data for some countries and units (Norwegian cruisers, Swedish BB´s, Ethiopian corps & divisions, Italian units)

-Added some territorial/surrendering events that the PDE engine did not allove

-More MPPs in the game since ports and minor cities also has some MPPs now

-There are some flags missing (i have not found any usable ones, if you have these please give me a notice) and some i have tried to make myself with varied result

-US atomic bombs and German atomic bomb development project

-Militia, divisions and rockets for Germany and USSR, fortress guns for other nations.



You need to download the file called Media 1938 Calm also and copy those media files into the games media folder.

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Now i have upóaded version 1.1, i guess it will take some hours before iut is ready to DL

SC-WWII Global

1938 Calm before the storm v1.1


Ok, here comes one fast update with many small changes.

Changes for V1.1

Fixed decisions script for plundering Moscow (wrong position)

Changed text in one decision script

Added decision script for re-integration of former Romanian territory back to Romania from USSR

Adjusted layout of decision scripts

Fixed wrong position in decision script

Fixed faulty allied Offensive script

Changed unit size of a few offensive scripts

Changed some target positions for german raiders in strength scripts

Fixed some strength scripts positions

Changed strength event for Italian army in East Africa

Added units script for USSR

Changed difficulty levels for some unit scripts to fire

Adjusted layout of unit scripts

Added pop-up text in unit script

Added names on units in unit scripts

Changed dates and failsafe dates in unit scripts

Removed picture link from one unit script

Changed condition positions in unit scripts

Added variable conditions in unit scripts

Smaller adjustments on pop-up scripts

Fixed wrong positions in resource scripts

Adjusted some conditions and condition positions in Mobilization scripts

Adjusted text in Mobilization 1 scripts

Added territory script for re-integration of former Romanian territory back to Romania from USSR

Changed trigger percentage for some supply scripts

Fixed Flag ID for one supply script

Changed trigger in Surrender_2 script

Fixed position for Moscow and Sverdlovsk in Victory script

Fixed a few weather tiles

Added rivers

Added roads and rails in USSR

Fixed a tile ownership

Added some mountains in Germany

Changed geography of Germany

Changed name of one German Submarine

Fixed one faulty 3-d sprite on german tanks

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Actually I played another turn and it seems some fired off when I purposely moved units infront of Moscow and Stalingarad to see if they would fire. Also the Kaukas scripts fired as I moved to the Oil fields below Rostov. Still the USSR seemed to weak for Barbossa, and I'm not sure if they are going to be able to hold on for long.

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Here's where I am at now. It's April of 1942.

Stalingrad and Moscow both fell in 1941 just before the soviet winter striked. Russia has been holding steady at about 25-30 ground units since that point, although with the spring thaw my experienced troops will most likely dice them up. According to the losses chart Russia has lost 83 units, which would seem like alot, but I marching forward with alot of units also. I have 3 main attack groups now 2 of which could probaly reach Sverdovsk before year end.

Egypt has just fell to Italy, and Sudan to Italian East Africa. Spain is 85% Axis, so I am still waiting to see what happens when Franco joins.

There seems to be a problem with the Fall of France, or the Plunder Paris script, as I had to replay the turn after the game crashed twice. I don't know which script caused it because it crashed, but the game played through on the third try, and I have not had any issues since. For reference plunder Paris script and the surrender of France did not happen at the same time on my sucessful turn.

Operational movement costs alot it seems, especially during the summer months when MPP are very limited. I like this feature, as I have been forced to march my troops more than beaming them through space, however the AI definitley over uses it. As a result they waste much more MPP's than they should. I find this is the biggest problem in Russia, as the AI zaps units around the country contiously because of the constant change in my troops positions. Because of this Russia rarely reforms any of their lost army's. Russia only reformed 4 units over the 1941-42 winter when MPP's are most abundent. My best guess at a solution would be to just start the AI with level 5 infastructure, to limit the cost of the MPP's they waste.

Also there are many USSR unit scripts that did not work. Examples:

USSR activates Leningrad troops

USSR activates Kiev Troops

USSR activates Odessa Troops

There are many scritps named similar (with different city names) and to my memory only one of these scripts fired off during 1941. I do not remember which city it was. The only exception were the Moscow, Stalingrad and Kaukas scripts. Which worked when I had fog of war off..... hmm.

There are also AI only units scripts that say for example USSR (Army - 1939 - Sverdovsk - Allied AI) that I do not think worked as they are still viewable on the Advanced Options - Scripts page.

I hope this helps. This is an amazing mod by the way!

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Hello Crispy thanks for the detailed feedback, it really helps!

Strange about the crash after Frnace fel since i have not had that problem, i have had crashes at other times and Hubert has helped me a few times to clean away those faults.

In my upcoming v1.2 i have beefed up USSr in their production queue and unit scripts.

I do not know why the scripts not work all the time, but it could be that the fire when you are for example 1-3 tiles away from the city and maybe you are 4 tiles and then you move directly in and occypy it and the script do not have time to fire.

I have now changed some of the scripts to fire at 4 tiles distance.

Another factor is that many of the scripts have triggers that not is 100% so sometimes the do not fire!

And thanks again!

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Cantona, do the corps in your MOD purposely have all the attributes of Special forces (30% Demorilization, 2-Detrechment) or is that an oversight? With the high number of Corps available and their special attributes, also including cheaper upgrades, and higher movement range I found them more useful than armies. I would actually suggest giving Corps the same movement range of Armies (motorization 2 is available afterall and more affordable for Corps than Armies) and lessening their demorilization to 0 and detrechment to 1. This would effectively space out the effectiveness of Army vs Corps vs Division.

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SC-WWII Global

1938 Calm before the storm v1.2


Now i have just uploaded V1.2

Changes for V1.2

Chnaged infrastructure research for UK, France, USA, USSR to level 5, if you play as Allies against Axis AI, please change this back using the editor

Gave USSR level1 in tank research

Added industrial centers to USA

Changed USSR minor cities to cities

Changed UK and French cities to minor cities

Fixed a fault at the map

Added roads & rails in USA & Canada

Added units to USA production queue

Added units to USSR production queue to arrive 1941 july-October

Small changes in US build data

Changed Corps demorilization to 0% and detrechment to 1, also changed action points to 2

Changed divisions action points to 1

Fixed activation positions in amphibious scripts

Fixed variable conditions in amphibious_minor scripts

changed text in annexation script

Fixed condition position in decision script

Added 3 decisions scripts (Form Repubblica Sociale Italiana, Vlasov forms ROA, form Luftwaffe Feld)

Added decision script link to unit script for Luftwaffe Feld

Changed text in decision script

Changed friendly position in Operation Ikarus

Fixed variable conditions in garrison script

Fixed spelling in garrison script

Adjusted trigger percentage in Mobilization_1 scripts

Adjusted mobilization percentage in Mobilization_3 scripts

Added one Mobilization_3 script

Fixed tactical position i offensive script

Increased size of UK offensive script towards Tobruk

Changed text in pop-up script

Fixed positions in pop-up script

Fixed tactical position in purchase script

Fixed condition position in resource scripts

Fixed condition position in surrender_2 script

Fixed activate position in transport_minor script

Changed text in territory script

Fixed condition position in many unit scripts

Layout changes in unit scripts

Changed text in unit script

Changed picture to one unit script

Added units to USSR unit scripts

Added unit script Vlasov army group for Germany

Added unit scripts RSI for Germany

Added unit script for Montgomery army group

Changed unit scripts trigger, dates, failsafe dates & conditions positions

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SC-WWII Global

1938 Calm before the storm v1.3


I have just uploaded v1.3, expect it to become official in a few hours

Changes for V1.3

Added 3 German corps to production queue, arriving 10th of june 1941

Fixed a picture

Added two pictures

Removed 1 army from Germany, UK and Italy build limits and 2 divisions from Germany, UK and British Africa, 1 corps from British Africa and Bulgaria

Changed Axis parent for Croatia to Germany

Added more oil wells & industrial centers for Iran, Iraq, USA and USSR

Changed position in resource script for one Iran oil well

Added town Ghardaia to Algeria

Added rivers

Added name Nicosia to unnamed Cyprus city

Added more roads & rail

Removed 1 militia from the map for Yugoslavia

Lowered strength of Greek units

Added Greek HQ to the map

Changed Swedish and Norwegian map & borders

Lowered Uk & France mobilization with 7% each

Fixed spelling in some bitmap messages

Removed one war entry script (for Italy Dow Greece)

Reduced trigger from 100 to 80% for Italy to DOw Greece in another war entry script

Fixed position in pop-up script

Added three pop-up scripts

Added condition position for one decision script

Added variable condition in decision script

Added decision script for Operation Frühlingserwachen and supporting unit & strength scripts

Changed AI triggers in decision scripts

Fixed spelling in name and text of decision script

Added one offensive script for Germany to attack Turkey

Added belligerence scripts for Italy to be at war with surrendered nations France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Norway.

Changed partisan flag för Ethiopian partisans

Added free unit script for Croatian units to become German after surrender

Changed layout of supply scripts

Adjusted some strength scripts

Added unit script for AI to support decision script

Added units to German AI unit scripts

Added experience to units in German AI unit scripts

Added pop-ups to unit scripts

Added some level 4 unit scripts

Added tank to USSR unit script, changed that script to only Allied AI also

Changed some unit scripts from level 0 to level 4

Changed one French unit script from militia to army and corps

Changed dates on a few unit scripts

Changed names on German paratroopers in unit scripts

Changed unit script for 1st Indian to be a division (instead of army)

Changed level on some unit scripts (from 0 to 4)

Changed trigger in unit scripts

Fixed layout in unit scripts

Named unit in British unit script (SAS)

Removed one army from UK unit script in Kenya

Switched division and militia with corps in USSR unit script

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Hi Mats

Testing your V1.2 calm before the storm mod, I encountered some problems/bugs.

1. Right on the first turn (Axis) there is a popup that says a) that the japanese lost the war and B) that therefore the US increases their production.

2. The program crashes when trying to install Vichy France.

Perhaps this has already been fixed in V1.3.

Otherwise keep up the good work!


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Hi Mats

The program crashes when trying to install Vichy France.

Just tried to recreate the crash. Went back to the autosave and captured Paris again. As with the first try I install Vichy France. When I answer "yes" another decision screen pops up, completely blank (no text in it), which also happened the first time, and I answer "no" (first time "yes") although I have no idea to what I am saying no...this time the game doesn't crash and I am able to go on (strange thing in Africa btw, where first a french colony declares neutrality but then is taken over by Vichy anyway).

Until now, I tried a slightely ahistorical approach to the war.

1. I never occupied or remilitarized something (like Rhineland, Saarland)

2. I didn't occupy Tchechoslovakia.

3. I did the "Anschluss" of Austria though.

4. I committed the italians in Eritrea/Ethiopia (which seems to be a bad thing, since the british kick my ass there, they even took Tobruk btw).

5. I never attacked Poland so far.

6. I didn't use the "Altmark-Incident".

7. I didn't sign the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.

All in all I did little to annoy England, France or the US.

The decisions led to the following situation:

1. France declares war sometime at the end of '39 (don't know why, because I never attacked France, their colonies or even Poland).

2. Decided to invade France through Switzerland then, without attacking Belgium, Luxembourg or Netherlands.

3. I captured Paris in August '40 without ever being at war with Benelux.

4. Russia always reminded me, that I didn't "maintain order" in Poland (although I am not at war with Poland) and then soon declared war on Axis.

5. Long before the fall of Paris the British declared war on Axis.

I hope these observations help you in improving your good mod!


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Hello Samichlaus, US increase of production is solved in v1.3 thanks to Hubert

The crash after France surrendering is new to me

The empty decision event is plundering Paris option=+250MPP extra, i am not sure why the text does not apply because there is text in that pop-up

The other things i need to think about, but many thanks for the comments, it will definetly help!

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France declares war sometime at the end of '39 (don't know why, because I never attacked France, their colonies or even Poland).

In V1.4 i will add variable condition to require Poland to be surrendered if France shall enter War, but i will also add 10% war entry trigegr for UK and France anyway

Russia always reminded me, that I didn't "maintain order" in Poland (although I am not at war with Poland) and then soon declared war on Axis.

In V1.4 i will add variable condition to require Poland to be surrendered if USSR mobilization script shall fire

Thanks for the feedback!

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