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  1. yes, it´s been incredible silent for a looooong time
  2. Strange, i have uploaded it and got the message for is
  3. 1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.8 -------------------------------------- Increased map to cover whole of North Norway and Finland Reduced the number of unit available for some Minor Axis countries Added new countries Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, replacing Montenegro, Iceland, Luxembourg and Lebanon, and related scripts also changed then Adjusted German gold reserve capturing in different decision scripts Some changes of German heer at the map, build limits(fewer armies) and scripts And other small adjustments Remodelled Swedish oob Some resource changes Fixed faulty German-Romania decision script Added UK second BEF army in unit script and more and more The Media folder is empty to reduce the size of the zip file, so copy the content from the existing game´s media file.
  4. roy, that has happend to me also, Battlefront belives it is a image in a pop up message that causes this, try to remove the Media folder from the Calm folder so you have no images for the pop ups and se if it helps, you can put it back later in the game. For instance you can cut the Media folder and Place it under the bitmap folder. Hope this helps!
  5. Hello, you shall garrison the polish cities marked with a G to prevent the USSR mobilization.
  6. Hello roy64, thanks for the nice Words! i have an update in the works, just some fine tuning, not sure when it comes, so nice weather no so not much computer time :-)
  7. Hello, just uploaded v1.7 of my mod, many Changes as usual. Heads up that the Media folder is empty, so please copy content from v1.6 to the new folder!
  8. For me it depends on the situation and time of the year, usually good to just try to strengthen un it a bit and at the same time invest in new units during the vinter so you can attack at spring
  9. Hello, to be honest, i have forgotten about the Breakthrough version :-)
  10. Hello, since scripted units cannot be chosen to have only one upgrade I have decided to have no at all on German armies since there were no German armies that was motorized and then sometimes I have used the second Germany (Germany.) for weaker German units (Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine ground units etc.) that I do not want to be able to upgrade.
  11. Hi Accoma, thanks for the kind Words, i will fix this problem when next version is uploaded.
  12. 1938 Calm Before the storm v1.6 uploaded with too many Changes to write down, long time since last update. Enjoy! (When it is published by Battlefornt). The media folder is empty so put the content from the v1.5 into it.
  13. Thanks for the answer, for paras, what kind of script is used? Offensive?
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