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  1. So there are fore more unit slots than before? (That can be modded)
  2. I have tried to make all kinds of decision events in my mod, 1938 Calm before the storm, i now have 145 i believe
  3. Hello, i have played trahwns mod, but i modified a bit (no major, some units and small stuff etc.), fall 1941 i recieve this message and the game crashes, FAILED(handle_supply_scripts) segmentation violation, why?
  4. Hello, yes exactly the same happened to me, i have tried all kinds of things, it´s still unplyable slow.
  5. Hello i have problems with installing the hotfix (and i need it since i have this directX problem- the game keeps crashing), after finishing the installment and trying to kaunch SC2 it says can not find Bitmaps/Activation_sprites, but the regular SC2 works fine, what is the problem?
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