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1938 Calm before the storm

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SC-WWII Global

1938 Calm before the storm v2.0


Changes for V2.0

Increased map to 182x104 tiles

Changed and added text on map

Fixed german rocket bitmap

Fixed faulty links to bitmaps in convoy scripts

Lowered upgrade cost for Battleships, cruisers and destroyers from 100% to 40%, 30% and 20%

Changed text in one territory script

Changed type of a few territory scripts

Fixed Stockholm port (now it belongs to Sweden)

Replaced Cairo and Alexandria cities with each other

Added Mareth Line

Added cities/towns of Dortmund, Mainz, Adana, Fea, Swansea, Bologna, Damietta and Marakkesh

Added Aarborg, Hamburg, Torshavn, Alexandretta ports and Cardiff mine

Added roads in Africa and Europe

Small map changes

Small terrain changes

Added tiles for France surrender_1 scripts that was missing

Added german cruiser Schleswig-Holstein and UK cruiser Berwick to the map

Added german carrier Europa to the force pool

Changed names on german SS divisions, numbered them

Added SS divisions "2nd SS Das Reich" and "3rd SS Totenkopf" to the german production queue

Changed diplomacy percentage hits for minors to 20-40% range

Changed german resource script

Added decision script and matching territory script for UK to occupy Faroe Islands

Added decision script and matching unit script for german Black sea u boat flotilla

Added decision script and matching territory script for USSR to incorporate Ukraine into the USSR

Added decision script and matching strength script to form the SAS

Added decision script and matching strength script for german poison gas

Added decision script and matching unit, supply and strength scripts for german paratrooper expansion

Added decision script for the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and changed matching surrender_1 script

Added supply script, Vichy France attacks Gibraltar

Corrected spelling in unit scripts

Lowered strength on 2 german units on the map and 2 in the production queue

Fixed spelling on german 2nd army

Removed african partisans

Added a few tiles to Ethiopian surrender_1

Changed ownership of 2 tiles from Ethiopia to Italian North Africa

Lowered german build pool with one corps

Added a sound to some scripts

Increased German build pool with 2 divisions (to 15)

Changed strength script for Operation Barbarossa

Changed ownership from neutral to Denmark for Faroe islands

Removed 1 corps from german unit script for Operation Marita

Added German X corps to prodution queue for 1942

Increased unit cost for Germany and Italy

Removed attack bomber from german unit script

Moved date for decision script preparing Operation Barbarossa to 15th may 1941

Fiex picture linked to pop-up warning Germany about too many units close to USSR border

Changed conditions for Strafgericht decision script

Added picture link to pop-up script

Added Aaland isles

Increased size of Iceland

Changed German occupation area in surreneder_1 script for Poland surrender

Removed 1 picture

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Hi Mats

I just finished your V1.8. Just in brief a few flaws I discovered (perhaps already corrected in V2.0?):

1. I again invested in the Uranverein, but nothing ever happened.

2. I invested 300MP for 10 turns into Reichskommisariat Ukraine, but nothing ever happened.

3. Although I was very cautious as german in the pre-war period (never attacked Poland) and could conquer France without getting at war with England, England dowed me a few turns after the surrender of France anyway (in a VARIANT) and again the US followed already in the end of 1940 (and in the same year Norway in a variant joined the allies...).

4. Unlike in other games, the axis seem to have very little possibilities to diplomatically influence other countries. It's 1947 now and Spain still remains neutral although I invested the maximum diplomatic points.

5. Starting in about 1945 I get the annoying decision to give Franco Oran in exchange for some ports. It pops up every turn and I always answer "yes" but nothing happens.

6. From the moment I conquered France I get every turn a partisan reminder, although NEVER any partisan in France appeared til now.

7. Although I never attacked Poland I got the reminder to garrison warsaw as long as russia wasn't at war (I denied the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact btw).

8. When I attacked France I got the option for op Tannenbaum, but at the time when Tannenbaum could be launched, France was already history...

These in brief (there are other minor flaws, like messages that are outdated at the time they appear, f.e. Hess flying to Scotland or the british withdrawing at Dunkerqe when these events were obsolete or the british never had their in France at all...).

Hope this helps to improve your good mod further.

cu Sami

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Hi, thanks again for the feedback!

Here comes some comments about your findings.

1. For v2.1 i have changed the script type to 1

2. That was faulty, i fixed it but if you read my comment in this thread i will change it again, so you just will get the city Kiev to form Ukraine.

3. In v2.1 i will add one script for UK to react strongly on Axis attacking France

4. Strange, i have not changed anything about the percentage to get diplomacy hits, i have lowered the influence percentage when you get lucky

5. The decision script type was wrong, now i have chnaged for v2.1

6. Strange that you do not get partisans in France, there is 8% chance per turn

7. I have now added Poland to be surrendered for this to appear

8. The date for Tannenbaum to be offered is 1939 January and the next decision to attack Switzerland is in february 1939.

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I have a possible bug -- if not a bug, definately an AI vs. Human oddity.

Still play testing this 'oddity' out a bit more but will post up a screeie showing the 'oddity' very soon.

Other than that, game plays fine on AI max settings. Thanks.

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In version 1.8 I had two strange things happen. After I bribed Portugal to let me use the Azores a year later I was informed the Allies had established a base there. Luckily I had occupied the port with a sub so it didn't change over. Also, about 2 months after the USSR surrendered, I was informed the defunct/defeated USSR had annexed Persia/Iran.

Probably just have to add the status of the USSR and Azores into the scripts to fix this. Also, it would be nice to know what the borders of the Ukraine are in the game. I established the Reichkomisariot (SP?) but partisans are still appearing in what have been historically Ukrainian territories. One unit associated with the Ukraine did appear but that's it. Not a lot for 3,000 MP.


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Hello and thanks for the feedback

The Azores is a territory script and it is not possible to add any status for USSR in it.

Regarding the annexation of Iran it is a surrender_2 script and that has status that USSR shall be at war and not occupied, strange.

; 1st Line - UK politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

; 2nd Line - USSR politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

; 3rd Line - Iraq politically aligned with Axis and surrendered

The Ukraine reichkommisariat script did not work well, i have changed it.

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Hello and thanks for the feedback

The Azores is a territory script and it is not possible to add any status for USSR in it.

Regarding the annexation of Iran it is a surrender_2 script and that has status that USSR shall be at war and not occupied, strange.

; 1st Line - UK politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

; 2nd Line - USSR politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

; 3rd Line - Iraq politically aligned with Axis and surrendered

The Ukraine reichkommisariat script did not work well, i have changed it.

Very strange indeed as only one of those lines was true in my game. The UK had lost the British Isles but had not surrendered. Iraq was allied and at war with the Axis. The USSR had surrendered. Could it be the conditions are treated as an OR statement and not an AND statement?

Great mod by the way!:D Very challenging.

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By the way project Uranverein came to fruition last night when I dropped the bomb on Washington and Atlanta. Seemed to work well although the yanks showed their legendary pluck and refused to give up. Maybe we are at a nuclear stalemate since they have used the bomb too (on Japan).

Seems like this script works fine when the conditions are met.

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Global conflict: 1938 Calm before the storm v2.1


Changes in v2.1

Changed territory script for creating Ukraine Reichskommisariat and for USSR to incorporate it into the USSR to only 1 tile (Kiev) to prevent all units surrendering that are in Ukraine.

Lowered MPP cost from 3000 to 2400 to create Ukraine reichkommisariat

Added partisan script linked to forming Ukraine Reichkommisariat

Linked German variant unit script for Ukraine units to decison event to forming Ukraine Reichkommisariat and also changed percentage for it to fire from 10 to 50%

Fixed spelling in text at map

Changed dates for when Panzerarmee Afrika arrives in Tripoli

Added German 9th army to production queue in 1942

Changed type and AI pop-up in decision scripts

Added one position in French partisan script

Changed pop-ups for German garrison of Poland

Added mobilization_1 script for UK to react if France is attacked

Lowered reserach percentage

Increased German subs initial dive to 30%

Increased German rockets combat target value research increase to 1,5 per hit

Increased German Build limits to 9 HQ´s

Added German HQ´s Wohler, Tippelskirch, Rendulic, Friessner

Fixed 2 unit scrips condition positions

Changed variable conditions and condition position in pop-up scripts

Added 4 pictures

Added pop-up script

Chnaged research, increased maximum chits to invest at some areas, and more

Increased number of diplomacy chits available and lowered the influence percentage

Changed date on decision script for Germany trade Oran for use of spanish ports

Added decision script for German attacks on Malta, Crete and Gibraltar and supporting strength scripts

Added links to pictures in strength scripts

Added unit script linked to decision script for German airborne troops and changed 1 other

Changed AI settings, text and more in supply scripts

Added decision scripts for setting up Brandenburgers and Decima MAS and supporting supply, strength and unit scripts

Changed triggers for SAS attacks strength scripts

Added 1 German heavy tank research chit

Added 1 French tank group to production queue for 1940 february

Increased experience and strength on Bismarck in production queue

Changed variable conditions for unit scripts related to Operation Weserubung

Changed date on pop-up

Changed trigger for one convoy

Added three convoys to UK (French Equatorial Africa, Free Belgium, Free Netherlands)

Changed French garrison scripts for Paris defense line

Changed flag ID and trigger for German long range bombers to attack Florida in Supply script

Added name to minor city Heraklion at Crete

Fixed text in decision script for Operation Tannenbaum

Added territory script for Lithuanian tile to go to Germany under right circumstances

Changed MPPs to 0 for ports and fortresses

Added oil wells for USA and USSR

Changed resource script for USA

Added city of Naples and changed Milan from minor city to city

Added research chit for Germany at Anti air

Fixed owner of unit script (from Slovakia to Italian East Africa)

Removed old text for Switzerland and replaced with Bern

Added 5 mibilization_3 scripts for Axis attack on Switzerland

Changed strength script for operation barbarossa

Remodeled research for all countries

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I have played the first year of this as Axis vs. Allied AI (because you commented that Axis AI was not very developed). So far, this is a great mod, but I have one question so far: Early on the German is queried as to whether to emphasize U-Boats or surface ships in building up the Kriegsmarine. It wasn't clear if "Yes" meant U-boats or not. Please clarify.

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Uboats are by far the cheapest tool in the naval war. Especially if you park them off the US/CA coast where they reduce port values. The AI is smart enough to build TAC to counter this but doesn't place them very well.

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I finally got a chance to play 2.1 Cantona, and it seems MPP's have become very scarce. I have played a few years already, and I still have not been able to increase the Italian's aircraft even one single strength point. In Babrossa there is enough MPP to restrengthen a single German unit. Is this how you meant for it to become?

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Global conflict: 1938 Calm before the storm v2.2


Changes in v2.2

Fixed pop-up warning for greek partisans (wrong pos)

Added rail to fix supply

Added Mobilization_3 script for Reichskommiseriat Ukraine

Changed some rivers

Changed Swedish and Norwegian partisans to full partisans and also added some positions

Added Finnish partisans

Added strength script for German airborne units to attack Ankara

Increased percentage for Free Italian units from 5 to 10%

Added script for Free vichy naval units to become German

Increased strength on German bomber (from 4 to 8)

Increased strength on German fighters and attack bombers from 4 to 8

Increased strength on German HQ, Strategic bomber and army from 5 to 10 in production queue

Increased experience at 3 German armies in production queue (2 from 0 to 1 and 1 from 0 to 2,5)

Changed victory conditions

Added fortresses around Sevastopol, Leningrad and Stalingrad

Fixed USSR garrison scripts

Removed fortification scripts for Stalingrad

Fixed territory event for Poland surrender

Added German division Grossdeutschland to force pool and to the map

Added German HQ Balck to force pool

Increased experience on German division 1st SS Liebstandarte

Removed German HQ rundstedt (von Rundstedt is there instead)

Changed tile ownership from Belgium to Luxembourg and Netherlands, 1 tile each

Changed some text on map

Changed text in decision script

Changed positions of Polish forces, and added 1 corps

Changed starting date of campaign to 1938 08 12

Added 1 fighter to Denmark in the Build limits and to the map also

Named Danish militia and divison, increased militia to strength 2 (from 1)

Added Norwegian fighter and division to the map, all Norwegian divisions have strength 2

Added Finnish corps to production queue

Added 2 mines to Czechoslovakia and 1 to Austria

Added forests in Germany and Czechoslovakia

Added industrial center of Bochum and added that to total war resource script for Germany

Increased German build limits to 4 Anti air

Fixed some image links in pop-up scripts

Changed strength scripts for Russian winter to season 4 (Winter)

Added 1 picture

Added Fuhrer directives to text in decision scripts and changed date on planning of Operation Marita and Fall Gelb

Added decision script for Operation Barbarossa and matching unit script

Added decision script for Operation Lila and matching unit script

Added 2 decision scripts for reinforcement of DAK and matching unit scripts

Added 2 decision scripts for Operation Typhoon and matching strength script

Added 2 decision scripts for Operation Edelweiss and matching strength script

Changed decision script for Fall Schweden

Added 4 decision events hat give US free MPPs (since they do not get enough MPPs even when US is filled out with resources)

Fixed text in decision script

Added decision scripts and matching territory scripts for Romaina and USSR to annex Transnistria from each other

Added 2 decision scripts for Operation Theseus and matching strength script

Connected some German unit script to one decision script for Airborne infantry

Added 2 Italian unit scripts for Libya

Added German paratropper unit script and 2 German North African unit scripts

Added German unit script for 91 Luftlande infanterie division

Added 4 German unit scripts for corps and divisions

Increased strength on German scripted African units

Changed dates for some German unit scripts

Changed Estonia SS unit script from militia to division

Added Turkestanisch ost legion, Lithuanian freiwillige polizei and Nederland divisonen as German unit script

Changed names on German unit scripts

Changed 2 German unit scipts from armies to corps

Changed failsafe date on USSR unit script for Siberian reserves to be fired

Increased strength on German 6th army in unit script (from 10 to 12)

Added 2 more Luftwaffe feld divisionen (militia) to unit script

Fixed names on some units in unit scripts

Replaced Croatian fighter with strategic bomber in force pool and in unit script

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Thanks for all the updates in 2.2. Trying it out, I come to the same thing I've had happen in earlier versions: I activate the Italians against Ethiopia, and am able to defeat them just after the third special offensive event in early 1939. I then move the IEA army up to the border with Sudan and wait. Germany attacks Poland on 9/1, Britain and France declare war on Germany, and then I get a slew of events such as Haille Selassie summons the troops and Khartoum reserve activated, and when my turn starts, I can see that Italy is now at war with Britain and colonies, but not France. Is this how it's supposed to work? The whole Italian activation process is gone, and the NAf campaign starts in 1939 instead of 1940. I couldn't figure out from the scripts which one is making Britain be at war with Italy, no message appears in the log about it. Appreciate if you could look into this, thanks.

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Because Italian East Africa and Ethiopia are are both minors of Italy and the UK, the two parent nations are at war. What could change, and I would reccommend it so that Italy can actually take the time to mobilize for war, would be make Ethiopia a minor nation of the United States. Because Ethiopia is annexed by Italian East Africa after the nation falls, it does not really matter if they are a minor of the UK. This would mean that Italy's war entry could be much more historical, and the North African campaign would not begin early. Italy would be at war with the United States, after the USA joins, but that is immenent anyways.

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Axis surface raiding from ports seems a little overkill. I was just able to totally cut off every major ports supply to the point where only Cuba was sending convoys. I then would have no use for my wolfpacks, since I could just sit surface ships along spanish coast. I turned them all off via the script page, as I thought this was going to kill the Allies because of the high costs of units. The game is going great so far other than that.

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