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M-60 Tank

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And Wikipedia sayz:

Although developed from the M48 Patton, another interim until replaced by the M60, the M60 series was never officially classified as a Patton tank, but as a "product improved descendant" of the Patton series of tanks. [Hunnicutt, p.6 & 408]

They should learn how to cite properly, though.

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But in any case ... :)

You'd be hard pressed to "mod" a M1 to be a M60 (even a M60A3 would be difficult, and the M60A2 impossible).

Apart from the external shape, you'd have to adjust:

1. The Fire Control System

2. The effectiveness of the main armament

3. The armour protection values

4. The crew survivability, and

5. The automotive performance

None of which is available to people (apart from the developers) to "tweak".

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I was somewhat disappointed that Turkey won't make it into the NATO game. For one thing there was your excuse for building the M60A3 right there! Plus we've got the purely hypothetical prospect of Turkey raiding into northern Iraq (again) to punish the Kurds and running into U.S. forces. A Blue-on-Blue battle that's not as entirely outlandish as most. :)

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