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Bouncing grenades are cool!

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I just played the Brit battle in the demo and enjoyed it thoroughly- and not just because I like to see new and colorful shapes moving around my computer screen.

One thing I like is the way grenades bounce. In one case, some British troops on top of a ridge were throwing grenades at Syrians a few metres below on the steep slope. The grenades kept hitting the slope and bouncing around, usually then falling past the target and exploding harmlessly. Very cool visually and seemed realistic. Finally one did explode on target and ended the engagement!

Later, a British team was in a similar position, wanting to clear Syrians off the slope from above. This time the Syrians, without being visible, threw two grenades up the slope and killed off the whole team. Very interesting to be reminded that you can get killed even if the enemy doesn't seem to have a good shot at you with small arms. Especially after CMX1, where I can't recall ever losing a man to grenades.

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Yes, grenades are very cool, and realistically nasty, in this game. I had a situation with my inf section hunkered down behind a high compound wall. They knew there were enemy on the other side, but seemed to be safe behind the wall - or so I thought!

In fact, they'd been spotted. Obviously the Syrians couldn't shoot through the wall, but they could lob grenades over, which is exactly what they did. I was both hugely impressed and profoundly miffed that my brilliantly executed tactic was nipped so effectively in the bud.

War is horrible indeed.

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The grenade flips the wrong way and frags his own unit!
That seems to explain something I've noticed when assaulting a building. Often when I've issued Quick command to assault a building that has well suppressed enemies, the soldiers would go in and start throwing grenades. What I found confusing was that the assaulting units would get suppressed even though the enemy is not shooting back and getting fraged. Is this because they are being suppressed by their own grenade explosions??
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In my experience neither friendly small arms nor grenades kill my own forces. Has this changed or have I just been lucky?

You've been lucky. Small arms won't affect one side but HE does. Moral of the story - support infantry "target light" any buildings you're entering. "Target" means HE which will supress or kill your own guys.

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Other Means, you just got me thinking so I did a test.

When this game came out I did a topic called "assaulting a building fierce and agile" (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=82927)

and there I used TARGET command, and never got suppresion or wounded from my own handgrenades.

Now I did a new test with a marines unit and with FIRE you actuall get suppresion and KIA from your own grenade....

in the building complex next to it I did the same thing but with TARGET LIGHT and they thrown just as much handgrenades as the TARGET did, but no suppresion or WIA/KIA.

Weird... must have been changed in a patch or so... I always use target light just to save on ammo so never noticed the change.


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Okey here comes a save game of the test.

I had 4 squads. 2 marines and 2 Stryker squads.

No1 Marines squad had TARGET

No2 Marines Squad had TARGET LIGHT

No1 Army Squad had TARGET

No2 Army Squad had TARGET LIGHT

Turns out its only No 1 Marines squad that uses TARGET that kills themself.. the No2 Marines didnt get suppresed and no causaltys. None of the army squads got suppresion or WIA/KIA.

Somethings weird?


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Are you sure that when you're using target, it's the grenades doing the friendly killing, rather than LAWs or AT4s?

edit: whoops, i see you just posted the save file. Will check it out myself.

edit2: zip appears to be corrupted. Anyone else have luck opening it?

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the zip works for me...

but after watching I see its the M32 thats doing the damage...

when using TARGET the M32s fires, when they fire they frag one of their own...

the squad that was on TARGET LIGHT didnt use their M32s, there the gunner throwed handgrenades instead.

so its the M32 thats the criminal here...

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