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V1.12 Patch ?

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Hi I play a lot of PBEM games, with the British Module, hopefully, less than a month away. My question to BFC is will the V1.12 Patch be released at the same time? This will greatly effect if I will start any new PBEM at this late date, as they will then be unplayable with the new patch. Hope to here an official response soon.



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Of course I cannot answer your question, but I seem to remember that the British Forces code will actually be version 1.20, indicating some significant improvements??!?

I tried to search for 1.2 to find the original post, but the forum software would not let me ...

Best regards,


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... there may be a day or two delay for the standalone patch due to installers being built/tested. But definitely not longer than that.


WOOT!!! Only a day or two until v1.20 is released!! And there was much rejoicing in the village...

(Hmm, I wonder if the redacted parts of the quote are pertinant?)




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Umm, Steve didn't say anything about 1.20 coming out in a day or two. Steve said that it shouldn't be more than a day to two delay in a patch coming out AFTER CMSF: Brit is released. And even that might be a little optimisitic because I am usually the one that makes those installers and I tend to test them pretty thoroughly. ;)


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