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Thank you Battlefront!

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I just bought the Shock Force bundle pack a week ago.

I upgraded to v1.11.

I opened it up and started playing at 8pm.

The next thing I knew, it was 8am, light outside, and I was late for school.

I also just noticed I had a splitting headache from staring at the computer screen.

I think my social life has just ended.



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Get AKD's sound mod for that extra Immersion Factor , too. Helps with the tinnitus.

I landed a Paradox-flavoured CMSF from a used software store a month ago. A lot of good men died in the following month. Many beers quaffed, too.

Oh, and I apologize to the folks at BF for going the cheap route and it was right there on the rack...well, you know...

I'll be getting the Marines and the Brits (when it appears) when my credit card recovers from my last holiday...should be soon.

Oh and get Mord's death sounds too (check the title, I may misremember it) as it adds just a little more black humour to every mad minute you may encounter.

Enjoy! And make sure you take the odd bathroom break. I ruined a few chairs this month.

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Patch 1.2 contains my new glasses?


Thanks for the suggestions. I was poking around CMMODS and I saw the sound mod, I will give it a try. I do love my beloved immersion. Also, don't forget to keep an empty soda cup next to desk at all times!


Roger that! I've been poking around CMMODS for a few days already.



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Yes, welcome to the crack. As in the kind of crack where you spend 1000$ for a top of the line computer, buy several games that test my CPU as much as possible(Crysis, Far Cry 2,Brothers in Arms:HH, etc.) and end up playing this 2007 game all damn day.

I should just call my wallet pocket "Steve's Purse."

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