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Orders in WEGO


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Small but significant problem in WEGO here.

I have some infantry on the crest of a hill and they can see a Syrian AT force in a building about 50 yards to their front.

Behind the infantry is a Tank and all he need to do is drive up the hill and blast the building in one go.

The problem is that in WEGO the tank drives up to the crest and sits there 10 yards behind the infantry until the Syrian At team kills it.

It only takes 10-12 secs for the Tank to get into position but it just sits there for another 30 until it dies.

What would be a good solution is to be able to give firing orders to the tank before it starts its move. Hunt to hill crest then fire on building. Any chance this can be included in a further patch as it makes PBEM much more tricky than RT right now.

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Have you tried:

1) hunt to top of hill - pop smoke - wait till next turn - give fire orders

2) hunt to top of hill - associate a very small and specific covered arc to the end way point - give suitable pause order (hoping tank picks up target within that amount of time) - roll backwards out of LOS

At one stage, in one of the patches, ISTR that you could actually associate specific targetting orders with a particular waypoint. Is that no longer the case?

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The problem is that the AT team isnt visible but the building I know they are in. Your solution has merit though, but if I play it in RT I can kill the building every time.

It would be good to be able to pre-plot the target so that the minute the Tank views the building it fired.

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It's still the case. You can associate targeting orders, covered arc etc with waypoints.

So GSX, waypoint to the top of the hill. Select waypoint and target the building. It's a bit confusing that the targeting order still looks like it comes from the unit but it will snap to the area if LOS is possible.

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Hello GSX:

I think the first picture in the Sticky: Shoot-n-Scoot thread illustrates what you are looking for.

I would set the pause to only ten seconds to minimze exposure as much as possible, and if they can, get your infantry to put suppressive fire on that team the same time your tank makes it's move.

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It would be good to be able to pre-plot the target so that the minute the Tank views the building it fired.

Well, since WEGO turns are 60secs long, you literally can target the building the minute it comes into view.

It seems that what you actually want, though, is to be able to target the building the second it comes into view.

IMO, that's a degree of control that is beyond superhuman.

"Driver, advance!"

"Gunner, target that building!"

"Uh ... boss? We're in a city ... which building?"

"That building! That one! Over there! The sand coloured one!"

"Uh, ok. That doesn't narrow it down at all."


(Note to any Treadheads: yes, thank you, I do know tank crews have very rapid and effective means of communicating. OTOH, I don't believe they communicate and react as fast as GSX wants them to.)

But anyway, it seems you can do what you want by associating a target command with a waypoint.

Yet another option is to issue pause and movement commands so that your tank crests the ridge just before the end of a turn, then you can issue an explicit target command at the start of the next turn.

The point being, of course, that there are already multiple ways within the game to achieve your stated aim. May I suggest you use one or more of those?

IMO there is no need for any future patch to include anything to address this imaginary issue.



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I think the prob is that GSX is(was) unaware of the need to setup the movement path then unselect the unit and select the individual waypoints. Then give target orders from them instead of from the origonal unit selection.

Aha! Yes thats it. Thanks guys I shall try this method didnt realise I had to deselect the unit first.

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I still think the targeting line should come from the waypoint. Bit confusing how it is now.

Agreed. Its counterintuitive.

Another thing I would like to see is the tab command for the waypoint that you are working from. Its very time consuming when you are trying to sort out whether the target line hits the spot; you have to go back to the particular waypoint to reissue the target command, but TAB takes you back to the unit so you lose the spot where you have to target from.

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