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why not construct 3D models like this

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In the game of <company of hero>,all soldier have a strong body.So ugly and unreal.

soldier's 3d model should be like <tow>,

Actually if TOW has something going for it (and it generally does not) it the models, the Armour Models are excellent and CMWW2 would do well to have their ww2 armour looking as decent as TOW does.


Actually there is something else, the buttons that change Tank platoon formations would be good too, clicking on the leader and then clicking line abreast, wedge etc would be a fine addition.

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Actual size of Flames of War miniatures are much smaller than it's showed on above picture. They look great in masses, not individual figures. And you can't make minies in 10 mm without disproportions.

BTW, I always interested. What is connection between Battlefront.com and NZ Battlefront Miniatures? :) Just name?

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