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Exit Victory Conditions


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One of my all-time favorite missions that I made for CMAK was a mission where both sides, equal in composition and size, had to cross the map across three bridges and exit the other side, through the opponent. Made for hectic, chaotic battles. I'd like to be able to make a new version of that. ;)

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And it would also be nice to have the possibility to link "TOUCH" objectives to specific units

Yup, another good suggestion. It's much easier for that M1A2 SEPS (or a T90 for that matter) to touch that objective than the FOS the briefing suggests it should be. There's a LOT I could do with both these victory conditions too.

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+1 for this I would also like to see the ability to allow you to order your men to move off map. I remember doing this in a couple of CMAK games while defending and decided that it would do me more good to cede the map and preserve some of my force. Anyway I would just like the ability to be able to pull your men back off map to preserve them.

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