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  1. There is the FOW in the operational side? Thanks.
  2. Potrei venire anch'io a fare una partitina, รจ molto che non provo l'online: E' un brutto periodo per trovare del tempo, ma vedo di aggiungervi a steam.
  3. I played this scenario, the German side, in PBEM against a friend with a lot of experience in CM (like me!) Ended with a win major allies. It is certainly an interesting scenario: the map is very beautiful and also the story. I think that is not very balanced for H2H. The ratio between the infantry is practically 1: 1and "tanks" can not make a difference. So I think it would be necessary to create a duplicate of the scenario (named H2H) eliminating part of the allied infantry. In any case, I thank the author for his work, I had great fun playing and using the new vehicles.
  4. There are two numbers, the first the true cost. The second takes account of the rarity. You look in the initial settings of the QB for rarity setting.
  5. Great idea. I will wait these scenarios for H2H. :cool:
  6. Are you sure! You've tried that works, start a game and play some turns. I did not think this feature to work. You could put "yes" in CMSF but it did not work then play.
  7. Thanks you have been very kind. One last question: no H2H because it lacks the briefing or the score and forces is very unbalanced?
  8. I am interested in this scenario. Where can I find it? It is playable H2H. Thanks in advance
  9. Honestly, I think this is a great opportunity and I thank Battlefront. The price for this upgrade is really reduced, compared to the benefits that we have (CM always updated).
  10. How to object: there will be a small discount for those who purchase the upgrade 3.0 for both CMBN and CMFI?
  11. try to set graphic option max speed.....
  12. Given that you can save, you can switch from one game PBEM to TCP/IP or viceversa?
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