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Back at the Fire Control Center...


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Interesting idea, Flanker15. Except for Marine 60mm mortars, artillery assets only have 2 tubes. You, of course, get to select 1 or 2 to be used (or, with 60mm mortars, up to 3). I'll test and see if that is what is going on.

If I select 1 tube and only one green dot turns red, that would support your assumption. If it holds true for 2 and 3 tubes, then you may've cracked the code.



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The little green dots appear to be the units tubes. As they fire they turn red until they reload and turn green. Although some of the smaller arty will only fire the first few tubes and the rest will stay green (probably because they don't exist).

Paid enough attention (for once) to notice that this doesn't hold true in my current PBEM. Arty with 2 tubes currently has 5 out of 6 dots red at the end of a turn.

I'm sticking with my previous understanding of it showing how much extra delay is added on top (in addition to intrinsic firing unit / FO / communication net delays) for the next mission.

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According to manual:

"Responsiveness - green/red dots showing how quickly the current

unit can call in support from that Asset"

As to why they change during fire mission, I think this is due to the artillery crew simulation. Keeping up a high rate of fire can tire the crew, so they will be less responsive afterwards. This is my guess, however.

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Honestly, now that I've gotten a bit more in tune with CFF procedures, I think it would be best if we could request a specific number of rounds per mission instead of just "light/heavy" with a numerical count of how many rounds per tube remain. Interface wise, you could simply replace the "light/heavy" with something like +1, +5, -1, and continuous.

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