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Have I said?


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it was put out and hacked to death by them they cut out russian campaign, german campaign, multiplayer etc etc. total rip to me.Was maybe 1/2 completed when released.They even took down website and forum before release which means it was dropped and they released what they had "as is"

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Originally posted by Wolfseven:

Have I said lately "HOW MUCH I'M LOVEING THIS GAME"! :D

Ok, now if you would just put up a looooooooong list of things that you like about the game in the hopes that it would stir up alot of conversation so this thread can go on for six pages.

That would round things out.


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Umm let me count the ways

1 I love the mini map distance counter

2 the terrain

3 the modeling of the equipment

4 the long distance engagments

5 the interface

6 damge effects

7 the fact that I can take a control of a tank and tell it what ammo to use and what target to enage

8 The little details of the TO&E of each and every soldier and the equipment they carry

9 The TO&E of the Tanks and their equipemt

10 most of all the methodical tactics I have to employe to over come enemy forces when I engage.

11 the fact that I have to use Combined tactics

12 Have I said how much I love this game?!

This game is what I have been looking for in terms of replacing Blitzkrieg the 2d with 3d rendered models made by Nival, this is what their Blitzkrieg III should have been

Thank you BFC for makeing my dream come true

keep up the good work I'm sure we will se a few patchs but what game has ever realy gone unpatch

Oh I can name a few, but out of respect for those games I will not I do own them though.


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Well thanks Wolfseven, for daring to come here saying you like it. I like it too.

Sure it has its rough edges and stuff, and we shouldn't be blind to them, but to see ToW so roundly rubbished by some is very disappointing and it's genuinely good to see there are those that do enjoy it.

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Maybe the thread title should be changed to reflect the cheery mood in here!

I can hardly think of anything that could be made better in this game.

I *hope* that it will get the proper attention from the talented modders and scenario designers around here, and useful input from all of us!

Very, *very* nice game!!

Best regards,


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Best wargame ever. I am loving the game.

One thing taht puzzles me is that battlefront said the game would have more than 40 missions, and by the looks of it, it probably has more than 50 missions, they deliver more than they promise, how refreshing. ;)

And as i am finding the game challenging in easy settings, it should keep me busy for a long time.

Of course it has some stability issues, many people is still having trouble whith the game, they should make it more stable before going to gameplay issues solving and bug hunting.

A couple of patches and many people will tremendously enjoy this game.

I only cracked half the solo missions, and the first two of the polish campaign, so the future is bright. :D

In fact add a skirmissh mode and i will play the game forever, or until TOW 2 ( dont worry battlefront i will play Shock Force also, one has to diversify tongue.gif )

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Agreed, I love the game too, it's giving me many hours of fun. Admittedly it needs a few things sorted out in the patch, like stopping soldiers from kneeling to reload from a prone position, and way points are desperately needed.

I remember one of the BF staff saying something about a button that makes vehicles stay on roads! I haven't seen it, anyone else?

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