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  1. I agree also and not ones where we have to pay for additions that should have already been in the release version of the game...which is what a lot of game peeps are pulling these days...I'm downloading the demo right now but from what I already read I think I'm going to wait and see if the missing obvious units that should have been there are going to be added sans extra money before I click the purchase button...
  2. use the jonesoft generic mod enabler to use/add mods...much easier
  3. lol did that with all the game's current campaigns, so much much better then being forced to take only certain units , etc...
  4. lol there is always direct ip mp play hehe, happy new year to you to and also to everyone playing on the virtual battlefields...
  5. I like playing with the Germans but it's all good. I have the high speed connection , just don't have the system required to both serve and play atm. PM me for xfire contact info.
  6. ebay and such is always buyer beware...
  7. true, I like tw's and the fact they allow you to choose between 2 or 3 dif styles.
  8. OK 2 things, well 3 things really: 1) the m3a3 half track by the piat teams has no ammunition. ( bulldogs_1 ) 2) All the units make me lag so that leads me to #3 3) going to reduce the main battle units a wee bit while keeping balance for the missions as I play them. Then I'll upload the adjusted campaign for you if you'd like and you can use that modified campaign version for peeps to play who have average or lower systems. This way they can also enjoy the campaign. Also the timer for the Jagpanther attack on the player's HQ position should have 30 more seconds to 1 minute added onto it.
  9. I don't think there is any dif in the builds....
  10. OK the prob is with the mission itself ( Bulldog_2 ) , it crashes when loading it into the mission editor so can't fix it or even try. When it crashes during loading in the campaig itself, it creates a mission.bad xml file so it needs fixing somewhere. I was actually editing the Cheux mission before ( was having a *duh* moment lol ). mission editor exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MissionEditor.Objects.BPSet.LoadFromXml(XmlElement node) at MissionEditor.Objects.BPSetForUnit.LoadFromXml(XmlElement node) at Mi
  11. I have uber patch, JSHV and your campaign installed...must be a conflict somewhere with JSHV mod...any who, reinstalled JSHV and going to remove/add firefly again see what happens...I didn't have any previous beta of yours installed before beta 2.
  12. lol I'm use to "all in one" editors myself but I can see where your coming from...
  13. did that before posting and didn't work also getting a ctd going into battle on mission 2 ( while loading )
  14. cool, thanks Gnasher....know any reason why sherman firefly won't show ammo in forces reserves for mission 2 yet it shows the ammo and ammo is selectable in the encyclopedia ? any quick fix I can do for it...I really want to use it lol thanks in advance.
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