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  1. Thank you very much for this detailed answer. I have the CVD 1.03 version of CMBB installed on my Windows 10 PC. I have installed in another than the default folder, I am running in administrator mode and I have tried all of the available compatibility options. The game simply does not start; nothing happens at all when I run the .exe. I would purchase the battlefront store version to run this game again, but I do not know if it would work on my PC. I wish they would make CMBB work again, this was my favourite all-time game, unmatched in detail, in scope, in editor use, in moddability and replayability.
  2. Pardon me Tom, how did you get this problem solved? I have the same (CDV version + Windows 10), and neither 1.03 nor 1.04 CMBB seems to work at all.
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