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  1. Thanks for the addition. Was wondering when you were going to make this ever since I found this site back when CMBO first came out. I love the internet. It's the only place I can get games like this anymore.
  2. I liked the Close Combat series of games (up to the Battle of the Bulge one). The only thing I disliked was the dancing tanks. Oh, and because I seem to play way to many games, what is the difference between porn and real sex?
  3. The only time CMBO was removed from my HD was when I had a disk crash and had to re-install. It will stay there until either something better for the West Front comes along or I run out of room on my hard drives. That last one will never happen because I will slick other games to make room before I slick CMBO. Heck, I'll even start slicking HPS games if it comes right down to the wire.
  4. If all you want are total production numbers then go here: http://www.onwar.com/tanks/index.htm
  5. I'd like to play it here at work. Please send it to me. rsilva@edocombat.com
  6. It could be any organization (well funded) who did this. Maybe even one of the so-called rouge nations (if they were stupid enough).
  7. Maximus, your making a joke about this? If you are then you have very bad taste indeed. :mad: This has NOTHING to do with Bush or the Republican party. It effects all the people in the U.S. no mater what party they belong to!
  8. Of course I lose to the AI. The first time I played the Beta Demo I lost. But only me and the AI know how often I lose, and it never makes fun of me and calls me a mommas boy (and it never will if it knows what's good for it!). But, I have learned by my mistakes in doing QBs with the AI. The AI has taught me to run from cover to cover, don't bunch your men up, Smoke is your friend, Combined arms is GOOD, BEWARE of that 105 (allied) or 150 (German) infantry gun (I HATE those guns when I'm on the receiving end). In my last QB a darn Allied 105 infantry gun blew away one of my Pumas and made a platoon of SS Wussies run back to their Mommy! [ 04-20-2001: Message edited by: MadDog0606 ]
  9. I'm just posting to see what the number of my member is.
  10. I've had CM in one of my drives since it came out because of a number of reasons: 1. When I was a little kid (over 30 years ago) I use to play with those little plastic soldiers and have make-believe battles that would last for hours (just like CM). Of couse my arty attacks would only consist of big rocks flying through the air with no cool explosions. 2. I love the explosions in CM when ANYTHING blows up. 3. It's nail biting when all you see is sound contacts and really don't know where the main attack is comming from. 4. I LOVE the mods that are generated for this game. 5. The anticipation of CM2.
  11. I like to try new stuff. If you have the time email to maddog0606@home.com
  12. Better late then never. I am a very well maintained 44. Total Respondants: 72 Total Years: 2,495 Average Age: 34.653 For once I am in the above average group. So what if I can't add? [This message has been edited by MadDog0606 (edited 02-27-2001).]
  13. MadDog0606 -- The MadDog part was my handle when playing DukeNukem while using the company LAN during Lunch hour (which sometimes lasted 3 hours). The 0606 part is my birthday and used to seperate me from all the other maddogs out there.
  14. 3 (I have no problem lossing for either side) 1) 4 2) 6 3) 43 4) 23 5) 20
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