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  1. I was using 2.5.4 - never updated because other than the seldom-used chat, it was fine. (EDIT: Not sure if it was 2.5.4, but it was certainly not the latest.) I just updated to 2.11.0. I'm not seeing the temp chat files appear. Or if they are I don't know where. Chat still doesn't work. At least, in the 30 seconds since I sent a message, no one has replied. (See, this is why I just use e-mail.)
  2. I don't use chat much... could very well be Dropbox. It's temp files, Windows... my assumption is sheer perversity on Microsoft's part. There are files in the directory older marked with last-modified times predating this PC, the hard drive, and the OS. Here's some actual data: When I open H2HH 2 new folders/files appear in the temp directory. FWIW, this happens even if the DB client isn't running. (Or, at least, I've exited and I don't see the DB icon anymore.) The last directory formed was named "tmpkklgzo" The file inside is named: "chat_36074243940227.h2hh" And the entire
  3. In Users/#account name#/AppData/Local/Temp I found about 1600 folders with chat_#numbers#.h2hh files (one each) in them. The few I checked were blank outside some stuff like ""current_seq":0,"local_daylight":1," It totals up to about 6 megs. Chat wasn't working with my H2HH install last time I checked, btw. (GaJ: Read my mind and dosomefink.)
  4. It sounds like there's nothing to interfere with a human player changing plans on the fly so long as the units involved have suffered very little damage. (Plus, I assume, changed-plans shouldn't involve arty.) But it's going to be tough to get scattered, rattled units into new positions. So... perhaps plan and prepare for one group to do the breakthrough, then another the exploitation, then have some reserves tasked with mop up? Hmm.
  5. Call it "Whose Turn is it anyway?" and, each time a new turn arrives, have it display an improvised joke based off a headline pulled from google news and a random noun. Heck, when I read the thread title I assumed that's what the program does.
  6. Not at all... depends on just how you're judging it. Sounds like the show did pull a bait and switch, though. It'd be interesting to take an onion-layer sort of approach to the question. Start at equal-numbers very basic tactical match-up between tanks, and then start bringing in things things like communications and ease-of-use, and then move in to logistical and transport concerns, and finally the equipment's actual role on the battlefield. (The final thing, for example, might take into account just how often Shermans were required to go up against Tigers, as opposed to giving lesser-fo
  7. "Breakout...Minsk, 41". (One of the many scenarios called to my attention after I expressed a liking for early war battles. I've yet to see a JS tank or a Panther...) How could a scenario cause such a lockup, btw? Terrain not "assembled" quite correctly? The presence of a buggy unit? I've got the saves - after a few heartwrenching expereinces with a TCP/IP bug in CMBO I've gotten into the habit of saving most every turn. Also usefull for "what ifs"..."Lets start again at turn 11, exploring the question "What if you weren't such a bonehead and didn't walk that platoon into HMG fire?"
  8. CMBB is locking up during a TCP/IP scenario I'm playing. The game (and computer) freezes up while the "Data transfer in progress" window is up. I'm not sure if that's the right text - the window is the one that appears in the middle of the screen after hitting GO and has the red bar that fills in from left to right. My opponent recieves the turn and can watch the movie. On my computer the "data transfer..." window never goes away and a reboot is the only way to leave CMBB. I tried switching to PBEM for a turn - same problem after changing back to TCP/IP. Win98, GeF2, latest drivers.
  9. I posted a review at the SD yesterday (The Bridgeheads)... or two days ago? Well, "in the past." I realized, btw, that if I can be sarcastic in a review I'm more likely to post one. And remember Andreas, re: the review - you owe me one.
  10. Thanks, JonS! We've played a couple smaller (2-3K points) of "Not so quick" QBs using the info in this thread. (Auto-generate map in editor, add units in editor, add a few more "suprise" units.) The NSQBs have been fun. A nice compromise between scenarios and the sometimes bizzare and a-historic QBs. In the one I played I controlled the Germans. With help of a lot of smoke (all of my extra points were spent on 2 81mm mortar FOs) I won while trying to closely follow the tactics Jason outlined. I lost more tanks than I would have liked to, but I've never had the chance to chase severa
  11. Thanks much! How about suggested German defense configuration?
  12. How far back....? Rhetorical question. What I'm getting at is: Jason (or anyone) - How about suggesting a map size and general terrain? Maybe two sorts of terrain: Attacker friendly and defender friendly? (Esp. if there's a difference between the sort of country Germans or American's liked to attack through.) Turn limits and Victory flags suggestions? (To make the scenario "balanced" even if the forces aren't.) The force compositions and sizes - for both defender and attacker - look fun. As do the tactics outlines. (Thanks Jason.) Given those, plus the map/turn info, we'd have the
  13. Did I ever mention that I think reading the terrain is the most important skill? Well, I meant to. + What I was thinking is that someone could post a well-landmarked map file. Hmm... this is sounding like fun... units could be placed via the editor, and discussion could be helped along by screen shots showing specific LOSs, ATG placement, brew-ups , etc. Anyone want to suggest a map/scenario that'd be good for discussion? (I don't have any suggestions.)
  14. I like the idea of a tank tactics thread... I was about to start one, but I think it'd be much more usefull if someone less lazy than I posted a map and an OoB to "hang" the discussion on. (I think that's why the discussion has tended to be unsatisfying for some people when to gets down to the practical specifics. So many variables, so many counters. Priest - to pick someone completely at random - has done a fine job of presenting what he'd do, but pretty much neglected all the counter-tactics and qualifiers. I think that's OK, because it'd take for-bloody-ever to get into them all. Un
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