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Close Assault

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I know these days the US probably would never "close assault" a vehicle unless the soldiers were in a pretty bad situation, however, there have been a few accounts of enemy combatants and fighters storming vehicles and getting really close, mostly with RPGs. In one incident early in the war, a combatant charged the rear of an M1A1/M1A2 with an RPG and fired it at the grating at the rear of the tank. He was so close when he fired the RPG that it blew him away too. I dont recall hearing of them throwing grenades into tank hatches, but have heard of them throwing grenades through open windows of trucks and hummers.

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Originally posted by John Catsack:

Well, you could try rifle grenades. Those can kill BMPs. It really is a pain, considering that infantry squads love to shoot off their AT-4s during area fire.

I've seen the us squads shooting rifle grenades against BMPs and getting kills I think hehe, but they weren't that close (<5m)
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Statisoris, I you can emulate the RPG think if you get close enough to an enemy vehicle, it could be done in MOUT with some luck and a single vehicle w/ no cover from friendlies

About the nades, I don't think if they would try to throw nades at hammer but usually with just some small arms fire you can kill the driver etc.

All that apart I agree pretty much that this things are too much WWII-like and now adays would be rare. At least in the type of war we are playing, maybe in a total war between major powers scenes like these could be seen sometimes under some circunstances and if troops did not have other options.

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If you target area beside the tank your troops will fling grenades and catch the tank in the blast.

I knocked out the tracks, smoke launchers and killed a crewmember this way. If your really lucky the action spot snaps to the one right under the tank.

Let the grenade shower commence!

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