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Win XP and Combat Mission

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I am a newbie with this game and I have a couple of questions. How do you load any premade maps. I downloaded some from the internet but I can't find any info in the manuals (I have both games) on how to load them, but they say that it can be done.

I also am having a problem with running the games in my dual boot PC (Win98 - WinXP Pro). They run just find under Win98 but when when I install them under WinXP they run for a couple of turns and then reboot the computer.

My system is: Athlon 2100+ 512 meg memory

Asus Geforce 4 128 meg

Sound Blaster live 5.1 gamer

DirectX 8.1B

All the drivers have been updated to the lastest Microsoft approved drivers and it doesn't seem to help.

If this as been answered before I am sorry, but I really like to ge it fixed as the games seem to look better with XP for somw reason.



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To use custom scenarios, you need to copy (or move) them into your "scerarios" folder under the CMBO or CMBB folder. Make sure you unzip them first if necessary since Combat Mission won't read the zipped file. Then start up the game, go to the scenario listing, and look for the name of the scenario. It should be mixed in with the others.

As far as your dual-boot problem. Have you installed your games under both OS installs, and in different folders? I believe that would probably be necessary in most cases since a lot of games use the Windows registry to store information. You could probably get away with installing the game into the same directory (folder) under both OS's, but you should at least install it under both so that the registry entries can be made properly.


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I have each OS installed on it's own hard drive with their own video & sound drivers. All programs are installed for each OS separately with no conflicts.

I am running the ASUS Ti4600 at 1024X768 with 32 bit high color with the Nvidia 29.42 drivers in Win98 and the same in WinXP with the Nvidai 30.82 XP drivers

If I drop down to 256 in XP would that make a different?


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I doubt that dropping to 256 colors will make a difference with your problem. Both CMBO and CMBB run at 16-bit color, so I'm not sure what they'll do if the desktop is at less than 16-bit color.

CMBO makes some registry entries if you use the installer (and they're only used to uninstall CMBO). The game itself doesn't write or read any registry settings. CMBB doesn't use an installer (the BFC distributed version that is) and hence it doesn't make a single registry entry (unless you count anything stored in the Start Menu). The point to this is that you could use a single installation for both OS's if you had to. However I believe that the Prefs file may get rewritten when it's launched from a different OS, especially if there's a difference in resolution, etc.

It's interesting that you don't have a problem under Win98 but you do under WinXP. Do you have the chipset drivers installed for both OS's ? Do you have anything extra running in the background on WinXP that you may not have running on Win98 ? Have you installed the WinXP Service Pack 1 and/or any other WinXP patches ?

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I have the chipset drivers installed for both OS and everything else is installed for each OS, sound, video, and all other drivers on each hard drive. I did drop the XP video down to 1024x768 16 bit HR and it managed to get through a small scenario with no problems.

Why would it run in 32 bit on win98 but needs 16 bit in WinXP

Thanks for the help


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