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1989 Fulda Gap Scenario Ready for Playtesters: Need Volunteers.

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OK folks, the 1989 Fulda Gap scenario has now entered playtesting phase, and I need volunteers.

The scenario is a small mini-campaign covering one month of a fictional WW3 in which the Warsaw Pact forces make a bid for Frankfurt through the Fulda Gap.

The NATO player will take command of US V Corps, German III Corps, and portions of US VII Corps and attempt to stop the Soviets and German Democratic Republic forces from taking Frankfurt.

The Soviet Player will assume command of the 8th Guards Army, 1st Guards Tank Army, and 3rd Field GDR Army and attempt to take Frankfurt within 30 days.

The scenario is in one-day turns, with each unit representing a brigade or regiment.

A major element of the scenario design will be the "Command Request" system, where each player uses the Diplomacy system to ask higher command for reinforcements and other goodies.


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If that is of any help to you: I live between Frankfurt and Fulda, and I can easily help you with the map..

There is a little river called Kinzig.. the distance from Schluechtern to Gelnhausen is a very tight "Bottleneck" called Kinzigtal (Kinzig valley)... I think that should be reflected in that map.

My EMail is mkollmann@tullib.com


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Excellent! I have been looking for someone like you. ALl I can go off of is satellite photos and atlas's, and that only shows so much. Except an email soon.

Does this Kinzig valley run from Gelnhausen to Fulda? That's what my map seems to show. Probably the best I can do to model it with the editor restraints is to flank the road with rough terrain on both sides, in effect creating a bottleneck. Also of note is that in my scenario, woods and hills cost more action points to move in, so that helps limit mobility in tight places.

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Let me try to explain it like this..

When you follow the railroad from Fulda to Frankfurt, there are the following cities:

Neuhof (approx. 10k residents)

Flieden (same)

Schluechtern (20k)

Steinau (10k)

Bad Soden - Salmuenster (15k)

Waechtersbach (15k)

Gelnhausen (10k; that where I live)

Langenselbold (15k)

Hanau (100k)

Between Hanau and Frankfurt there are two different railroads, and the terrain is more open.

The Bottleneck is from Schluechtern to Gelnhausen.. on both sides of this valley there are hills which are 98% covered by woods.. almost no movement possible. There are smaller villages a few miles away from the valley, but the roads are definitely not comfortable and easy to block.

The Autobahn was done from Frankfurt to Bad Soden - Salmuenster in 1989... so from Salmuenster to the east the streets were normal "Landstrasse".

Funny note: when you need a quick advance from Fulda to Frankfurt or vice versa, the Kinzig Valley is essential.. as the american troops advanced to Leipzig in Spring 45, they also needed to go through it. There were smaller skirmishes in almost all villages and cities in the valley during this time. Where I live the was a major tank blockade ("Panzergraben") which is still visible today.... it can be found on Google as well, when you know what you`re looking for.

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Here is a map showing NATO terrain and towns:

Sources were Mapquest, GoogleEarth, Microsoft Student World Atlas, and the website www.14cav.org.


Here is a map showing some of the NATO unit placements. My primary source was history.orbat.com, with a complete OOB of 1989 NATO forces.


Here are the command requests in their current form:


1: Request 1st Infantry Division REFORGER Reinforcements.

When 1st ID reforges, they will be sent to Frankfurt (Minus the forward deployed brigade).

2: Request 4th Infantry Division REFORGER Reinforcements.

When 4th ID reforges, they will be sent to Frankfurt.

3: Request 24th Infantry Divison (-) reinforcements.

Takes longer to get since they must go on Ro-Ro ships, and will be minus the National Guard 48th Brigade since they take 30 days.

4: Request REFORGER Brigade reinforcements.

Random brigade from any reforger independent brigades.

5: Request 101st Air Assault.

They will appear off-offboad, allowing the NATO player the element of surprise and the ability to land them where he pleases. The first brigade arrives in 10 days, the rest follow in about 20 days.

6: Request 82nd Airborne.

Same as above, but they appear much faster. The first brigade appears within 3 days, the rest in 10 days.

7: Request US Air Force fixed wing support.

Random assignment of anything from A-10s to F-117 stealths.

8: Request NATO Air Forces fixed wing support.

Random assignment of German or British air support.

9: Request British NORTHAG reinforcements.

Gets the 4th Brit Division coming from the North. There is a chance they may not arrive.

10: Request 1st Armored Division flank attack from the south, at Foreheim.

11: Request Strategic bombing of enemy support and logistics.

This triggers a SUPPLY event that hits all of the enemies resources, both on map and off-map, reducing their supply and efficiency. It has a 33% chance of triggering, and will happen a total of 5 times.

12: Request support reinforcements.

Player may get more arty, aviation, HQs, etc.

13: Request increased logistical aid.

Extra resources which give MMPs become available.


1: Request that Third Shock Army make flanking attack from the north.

Third Shock Army may or may not send 1-2 divisions to the south near Kassel.

2: Request that 20th Guards Army divert to battle space.

20th Guards Army in immediate reserve will divert to your sector.

3: Request that 4th Guards Army make aggressive attack from south.

4th Guards Army elements from the Central Front may appear in the southern area.

4: Request 9th Guards Army Reinforcements.

Player may get some 9th Guards Army division from Hungary.

5: Request Divisional Reinforcements #1.

6: Request strategic bombing of enemy support and logistics.

7: Request use of chemical weapons.

This event will trigger a SUPPLY event that hits all NATO held on-board resources very hard, the net effect being that NATO units supply drops. Shortly after the event, NATO will OK chemical weapons as well, and the Soviets will suffer a similar effect. Thus, time this request well!


9: Request paratroopers/air mobile unit.

10: Request Red Air Force fixed wing support #1.

11: Request Red Air Force fixed wing support #2.

12: Request support reinforcements.

13: Request increased logistical aid.

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The maps seems to be very accurate... no major changes necessary.

Just something smallish: there are two tiles between Gelnhausen and Hanau, one north of the railroad and one in the south.. the southern one can be a light wood tile in my eyes, but that is nothing serious in my eyes.

Armor in Gelnhausen is right, and helicopters in Hanau also. The infantry and Air Cavalry in Fulda should be more or less in the city or directly attached to it.. between Gelnhausen and Fulda there were no german or american forces.

What I wonder about: north of the Vogelsberg there is nothing.. area of Stadtallendorf. There is a major Bundeswehr site.. Panzerbatailon 63 (renamed into 143 in 1980). If that fits into good gameplay, I think it should be reflected.

Apart from that: between Fulda and Wuerzbug I see a helicopter sign.. what city or military site does this reflect? Slightly north of that helicopter sign there is major Bundeswehr site.. Hammelburg (no, not Col. Kling!). There was the Panzerbatailon 354 as well as other support units. When fully manned, there was more than 10k military personnel, but just Army... no helicopters.

[ February 22, 2007, 11:44 PM: Message edited by: Hyazinth von Strachwitz ]

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Thanks for your insight Hyanzinth, your recommendations were implemented.

The scenario has been delayed because I have been trying to devise scripting work-arounds for the inflexible scripting system. It looks like I will have to abandon the command request system and all of the variety scripts. The beta should be ready for playing next week, but its effectiveness is going to much less than I had wanted.

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