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  1. Hello!..."JerseyJohn!",...What 'Terribly-Interesting-Concept's' that you bring out here!. I personally think that they have 'Great-Promise'!...[Navar Haer Dat Before!]. Anyway!,...i take a peek from time to time to see what 'Witches-Brew' is stewing away in the pot!. Do keep it up!,...i may be forced to "Comment" again!.
  2. Yes!!!...there are many-fan's of SC1...that might just need to be catered to...especially for 'Head To Head' play!. Personally i prefer SC2 and it's Ongoing Continual Evolutionary-Improvement's & i have no-interest at all in 'HvH' gaming!. However!,...for those to whom it is important!,...cannot they be accomodated?..."Jersey John" is certainly a thunderous advocate of making a 'New-Improved-SC1'!. So!...if your listening 'John'!!!...please 'Speaketh Forth'!!!. ~The 'Squeeky-Wheel' just might get the 'Grease'!.
  3. 'BUG-REPORT!'.[Latest Patch] When i purchase a 'Rommel HQ',...the funds are subtracted to pay for it's cost!,...BUT!!!...on the 'PRODUCTION' screen where you can then view your purchase's,...the 'Rommel HQ' is 'ABSENT???'. Too-Bad that there isn't an 'UPLOAD' tab here as i could just then upload that saved game!. I will try to send it to you Hubert!.
  4. Mr.Dozer...it does indeed seem like as you say, a 'GLITCH' of somekind?, guess 'Hubert' will need your information and also/or save-game, if you have it!.
  5. So far ive installed a 2nd copy of SC2 on my external Hard-Drive [7200 RPM], on my laptop, applied the v1.03 patch. My External HD is connected through the USB-Port, mouse click's to activate a unit & unit movement is sluggish/delayed 4 second's!. It is frustrating to play a game with that hideous time lag factor!. Im going to try copy the game from the external HD to the main HD on my laptop, and then see if that improves the game unit movement mechanic's!. [ August 29, 2006, 12:44 PM: Message edited by: Retributar ]
  6. Any saved games as well as some games designed for an older version will most probably not work with a new updated Patch. Older games can be modified or updated so that they will work with the new Patch, and so some Mod maker's will do that, then post the new updated game at CMMODS http://www.cmmods.com/web/CMMods.nsf?OpenDatabase&login
  7. To get the best attention for a 'BUG' report,...post these occurences at... http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=forum;f=22 & also E-Mail directly to 'Hubert Cater' at... support@furysoftware.com
  8. Definitely a ' BUG ' Lurks within the Fallschirmjaeger Stormtruppen'!.
  9. Another "Segmentation Violation"!!!,...i just had one myself!,...'HUBERT' will check back here to advise you on your situation,...i'm sure!.
  10. Just got this message while playing SC2!. 'FAILED(handle_naval_unit_reorganization): Segmentation Violation' Ive never seen this before, 1st time!, 'Why is it happening?', what is the Fix for it?.
  11. beginner's luck...yes!!!...that is/was the Tank!. Seem's there's no hiding anything from you!...what???...do you have eye's behind your head?. I don't think that they built many of them other than a few for experimental purposes...and as you mentioned it was Primarily for Anti-Aircraft purposes...but some Canadians used it against some German's in a Fortification or Fortified-Position...and the SKINK smoked/flushed them out of it in a hurry...inflicting many casualties!. So, yes...it was an AA-Tank first and foremost...but, Me-Think's...had more been built to deal with Fortified Position
  12. begginer's luck ...i'm Canadian as well...so is 'Hubert Cater'...we are but a few of the few!. Anyway...since i was so Impressed by your Sherlock Holme's Skills, i would like to ask if you can continue to use your Skill's to Research...the Canadian SKINK OR SKINK'S TANK?. The German's who were unfortunate to encounter it...basically ****-their-pant's and readilly surrendered after encountering it!.
  13. Very impressive investigative work beginner's luck ...i didn't believe anyone would find anything on this subject!!!. I enjoyed reading the links you posted!!!...thank's again!!!. Jersey John ...Now to answer your Question ... regarding how ... -- If they'd built that iceberg aircraft carrier, I wonder what the displacement would have been? The ships would be cheap to make so that a vast number could be made. The ships could be up to 4000 feet long, 600 feet wide and 130 feet in depth. They could be used to carry aircraft to protect shipping in the mid-Atlantic
  14. I really appreciate your reply Jersey John even though all i was expecting was ridicule!. I did infact see this subject mentioned in a show on Secret Weapons...but, was still in disbelief after watching it. I have never heard of anything like it before!. I was very reluctant to even mention it...but, the Witching-Hour got the best of me...and i thought...'O'...what the Hell!!!. Anyway...to sumarize,...the way you explain it Jersey John, there may have in-fact been a reason for the Secret-Projects people to conjure up something so seemingly preposterous like this!.
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