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  1. Ive heard a wide array of argument's for this game engine,...'Pacific-Theater'!,...and it's very interesting!. I have a few conclusion's...even though im not a studied student/diciple of the Pacific-War!. ***I have concluded,...based on some knowlege or no-knowlege of all said above!...*** -The 'PACIFIC ISLANDS',...were VERY-IMPORTANT!!!,...for what-ever 'Historical' reason!,...which i think that the reason for what-ever it was,...is not being reflected in the/this game???. I am sure that some of those island's,...such as DAVAO had 'Oil-Resources' as an incentive,...to cause the JAPANESE
  2. "LampCord!",...Somewhere??? in the Main-Discussion-Forum for 'SC-Pacific Theater',...is a listing of the cities that need to be garrisoned to delay Russian Intervention [3-4?_Cities]. I wish that a BULLETIN would be displayed turn by turn for the JAPANESE-PLAYER...until the BULLETIN requirement's are fullfilled...indicating exactly what action need's to be taken!, such as to what particular CITIES need TO-BE-OCCUPIED!,...to thus assist in alleviating this Conondrum!. Of course!, this is all taking place,...when...'JAPAN' can 'Ill-Afford' to release any troop's at all for such action in
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good-Point's!!!,...Carrier's are 'Too-PowerFull!'. When Troops are embedded in HillSide Mountain-Caves...or...obscured in Dense-Jungle's,...'Carrier-Air-Power' should not be able to liesurely obliterate them as if Nuclear Weapon's Technology were being employed!. Overall,...the Carrier's represent that particular weapon's system quite well!,...but...more 'fine-tuning!' is required,...to make it's contribution more realistic!. Finally!,...the "FEEL" of the game need's to be addressed!,...as mentio
  4. Hello SeaMonkey!: YES!!!,...you 'Salty-Sea-Dog!',...this is my '1st-game' against the 'AI'! [Operazione' "Z"!]. That RUSSIAN involvement THING???...need's to be "EXCISED/REMOVED!...OUT-OF-THE-GAME!" [bAD-GAME-FEATURE!]. They nearly have MORE Ground Units Than the 'Entire-JAPANESE-EMPIRE' has???. Not only that,...but Germany is supposed to still be invading Russia [Right???], or at least in the latter stages of that effort,...or being rolled back to Berlin!,...depending on what your time-frame is!. 'And...here',...'in my game',...the Russian's have nearly more ground forces than i do???
  5. Hello!: I think that i am at march 6th/1943,...and so far it's been a 'hell-of-a-mind-bending experience!!!'. The JAPANESE [Whom I Presently Represent] have undergone absolute hell to maintain any viable postioning at all!. My situation has had many unforseen situations develop that i ignorantly thought would not occur in that WW2 Campaign!,...and so i have been caught with my 'Pants-Down' many times more than once,...& even so...i have still not yet lost the war!. My greatest aggrivation is how the 'Russians' come on so overwhelmingly-strongly in the game in early 1943!. "They-Wreck
  6. I too like historical games,...But!,...within those historical boundaries/parameter's are alway's the 'What-If' variable's. Just because history has worked out in a particular fashion,...it does not iron-out other alternative possibilities or outcome's that may have resulted from a 'rich-matrix' of events!. So,...i do not believe in a 'One & Only One Outcome',...i believe in alternate outcome's in an event,...dependent on the choices/decisions made, and of course...resulting outcomes that then derive new direction's in a game,...with perhap's different ending's!. That's why im '
  7. 'thetwo'..."WoW!!!"...what a historical dissection of the subject-matter!. I was unaware of a good deal of it!,...and from what knowledge i do have of these historical figure's & event's,...what you allude to seem's to make a lot of sense!. Let's keep this kind of research & analysis ongoing,...as it will tweak up this game into a superstar!. At the same time,...what 'Clarke' mention's about the U.S. being for all intent's and purpose's...as far as being immune from being broke,...or short of cash to finance the 'War-Effort!'...is something im not well versed in,...but!,...he may ve
  8. ATOM-BOMB'S!...are historical...and for game purpose's if used as they were or in some other similar fashion,...is acceptable!. However!,...going 'Bomb-Crazy' is a 'Game-Turn-Off!',...and i would like to see/have an option to turn off this Psychotic-Bomb-Fetish...'Gone-Wild!'. As i correctly or incorrectly understand it,...the 2nd & last bomb dropped on Hiroshima...was the last bomb in the American Atom-Bomb Inventory!.
  9. Me-Think's that most of these suggestion's are workable and employable in this game!. Im against instant repair or instantaneous transport of equipment!. For Example...if your Aircraft-Factory is obliterated,...then the penalty should be ~6 Month's to repair it!. As far as the "Instantaneous-Relocation" [Operate] of Unit's goes,...that feature should be restricted to an actual historical minimum,...providing it could actually have been carried out!. As alluded too!,...the JAPANESE had the real possibility of aquiring Physical-Jet-Technology...they already had the research well underway a
  10. I am glad that you were able to stumble across this deficiency!,...as now it open's up the idea of...the 'Player' being able to have the 'AI' play both sides of the Contest!. There are time's that i would really like to excercise just that particular option!. While were on this subject,...i would also like to be able to change the 'Driving-Direction' in a game!. Such as for 'Example',...when the 'Axis' has conquered 'Mainland-Europe',...and i have no desire as the 'Axis player' to pursue the game any-further,...i could then direct the 'AI' to take over command of the 'Axis-Forces'...
  11. Im so glad that the 'AI' is finally reaching somekind of 'neural-acendency!',...it's been far-too-long-downtrodden as a "total waste of time & effort!". If what i have read is 'ANY-INDICATION' of "Huberts" improvement's in this avenue,...Then '3-"Hail-Mary's!!!" For Him!'. To have EXCELLENT-WARGAME-SIMULATIONS,...we need to have EXCELLENT-GAME-DESIGN as well as an EXCELLENT-'AI'-ENGINE...Which now appear's to finally be APPEARING/MATURING!. To this end of EXCELLENCE_there must never be an end!,...as to the 'in-finale'-achieving dominace...in game dominance...in creating a most 'Au
  12. Yes!!!...Don't Stop Spreading The "WORD!!!",...As This Effort Will Aid In The Development Of Future Releases!. ...Which Us Addict's all sorely need!.
  13. Well!,...im hoping that the 'SURPRISE' might be???..."JAPANSE-SECRET-WEAPON'S" for the 'End-Game' of a Campaign!. I have already made them known [Those That I Know Of...] in an earlier forum subject's...[youtube - "Shinden Jet Fighter!". ] & [Pacific Theatre Links_Information]. If these concept's [Which Are NOT-Fabricated Ficticious Evidence's] are ever incorporated into this game!,...no-longer will the JAPANESE be considered a "Roll-Over" just because of IMPOSSIBLE-AMERICAN-INDUSTRIAL-OUTPUT-MIGHT!!!.
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