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  1. 21st of May 1943 No major changes around Gorky. A big success at Stalingrad is achieved: German troops conquer the city center and destroy 4 Soviet armies. I think my troops will be able to hold the ground as well. This will have serious consequences for the Red Army: its supply will drop. In the south, the fighting goes on.
  2. 1st of May 1943 The stalemate at Gorky continues.. and I don't expect any major changes in the next months. At Stalingrad, I make a big step ahead. Once the center of the city is conquered, the Russians have to draw back their troops. The Battle at the River Terek still rages. Ankara looks crowded, but we control Edirne, Istanbul and the mines of Zonguldak.
  3. 19th of March 1943 Army Group North is still defending its position. Army Group Center has started a massive attack on Stalingrad. Two fortifications have been destroyed. There is not much action on the River Terek, just a major battle in the air. Army Group Asia has started Unternehmen Konstantin. Edirne and Istanbul are taken. Unfortunately one of my Tank Corps has sunk the former SMS Goeben in the harbor... what a pity.
  4. Dear Philippe, sorry for my late answer. Thanks for you kind words. I need to mention that this thread is just a reduced version of the complete AAR. The full version is found here: http://www.si-games.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27305&page=4 And as acrashb said: I use imageshack. They want 20 Dollars per year.. but I think they are worth it. Currently I have 3879 pictures in my account.. all were used for AARs. 10th of September 1943 Spain is still quiet... not much happening there. I am preparing an Airborne Assault on Norway. First I need to destroy the British fighter in Porsgrunn. I want to have a base in southwestern Norway for my Luftwaffe units. General Bock has taken the strategically important city of Tikhvin. This means the rail link to the north is cut off. The remaining Russian forces around Stalingrad are in a messy situation.. Supply Zero and no hope. The Romanians continue their march to Grosny.
  5. 27th of August 1943 The Allied Forces in Spain did not attack yet.. so far, so good. After almost half a year, I have lost Tunis. My operation there was a small success.. it took the Allies a lot of time and MPPs to conquer this relatively small country, and I was able to destroy a Tac Bomber. In the north, Finnish forces attack Sortavala, and I expect to conquer the town later this year. Army Group North is marching for Tikhvin, and they will also capture it this year. The rail connection to the north is already cut off. During the sommer, there was a Russian attack on Moscow, but it failed.. the Red Army lost 2 Tank Groups and 4 units of infantry untilthe remaining forces withdrew. Germany lost one army on high supply. And my forces have taken Stalingrad. My NM is at 108%, the Soviets have 64%.
  6. 30th of January 1943 Army Group North is resting... not much action. Army Group Center is preparing the Assault on Stalingrad. Army Group South is continuing the Battle of Grosny.
  7. @ Bill: indeed.. at least in comparison to the previous match. 4th of May 1943 American Forces have invaded Spain. I have transfered Wehrmacht units which were supposed to retake Norway.. let us call them Legion Condor. It is possible the my opponent has not yet seen my troops.. and if he attacks my center, I can mount a severe attack into his left flank. Leningrad is close to fall.. the Red Army is suffering heavy losses. Army Group South is approaching Stalingrad. Another 3 Tank Groups will arrive in my next turn.. they were busy around Tambov, where they destroyed 4 Russian units on Low Supply... including a HQ. British Forces have attacked Tunesia, and the Italians come to help them. This will get very exciting.. I have gathered the complete Regia Marina including the new Carrier.
  8. 14th of January 1943 Army Group North is fully repaired and upgraded. 1943 will see a tough battle of Stalingrad.. .. and the Battle of Grosny is still going on.
  9. Unfortunately we had to restart the match.. due to some wrong decisions and a DoW by Russia the game was no longer playable, because the balance of power was clearly in favor of the Allies. Don't get me wrong: there is no bug or something else, but once the Axis does a mistake or has a bad stroke of luck early in the game, the match is lost. I did a mistake in Norway early in the game, and the Russan DoW on Germany broke my spine, because I was not able to destroy the Russian Alert Units on Low Supply.. and a really bad stroke of bad luck occured. So me and my opponent did a restart. Poland, BeNeLux and France went fine.. Case Yellow ended in late June 1940, and I had plenty of MPP by that time... and I bought two Carriers for Germany. The UK invaded Norway in late 1941, but I was prepared. It did a massive build up of Luftwaffe units in Denmark, and in May 1942 I was able to surprise the Royal Navy. Three British Carriers destroyed, no unit lost. So the Royal Navy had to leave the Skaggerak. In July 1942, Army Group Center is approaching Moscow. In August 1942, the Tank Battle of Moscow occured, and the Red Army lost three Tank Groups while the Wehrmacht just lost one in a counter offensive. In the North, Soviet Force try to remove Finland from the war.. it is not yet clear, wether they will succeed or not.
  10. 3rd of Dezember 1942 Army group North is approaching Gorki. Army Group Center is approaching Michailowka. The siege of Stalingrad starts. The Battle at the River Terek still rages.. during the last turn Russian forces conquered the Oil Wells, this turn German forces take it back. The Soviets suffer high losses in their tank units.
  11. 9th of November 1942 Not much going on.. the Battle of Moscow is over, but the Battle at the River Terek still rages. Still drastically outnumbered in Tanks, at least the Axis troops are able to destroy a Soviet Army. Additonal Tanks are expected next turn.
  12. 7th of August 1942 Army Group North destroys the defenders of Leningrad, and Finnish troops capture the northern part of the City. Army Group Center receives Infantry Weapons 3 and Long Range Aircraft 1. This raises the Land Spotting of my Fighters to 6 tiles. Another Soviet Army is destroyed, and the front in the south is stabilized. The Carrier Ark Royal ist heavily damaged and needs to be repaired... and this will take 4-5 turns.
  13. 16th of October 1942 Kalinin has been conquered, and around Moscow there are no more troops except two crippled HQs. These have not been destroyed to make sure their supply is below 5. The Battle at the River Terek still rages... and will continue for a couple of months. Germany receives new troops.
  14. 10th of July 1942 Army Group North and Finnish troops approach Leningrad. Army Group Center is stuck... too many Russians. Army Group South is closing in on Kursk. Sicily is ready for the British invasion.
  15. 4th of October 1942 The Battle of Moscow is decided, just a small bit of soviet troops are left. A Russian offensive threatens the recently conquered oil wells. German troops from Moscow are transfered to counter this attack. In general the year 1942 is very satisfying.
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