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  1. I've searched the forums and I've searched the internet using various terms, but if such a listing exists, I can't find it. What I'm looking for is some kind of online or downloadable document that has a picture of each kind of terrain tile, its name, and how it affects units which move over, under, or through it. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Max Molinaro
  2. Thanks for the quick answer(s) to a frustrating situation, and for the "walk-forward" quick fix. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  3. I tried several different searches, so either I can't get the right search terms or it hasn't come up. In a quick battle with a human opponent we have a very battered city landscape. LOS is great in any straight line, so I put some anti-tank guns in large arty shell craters during setup. I checked all the LOS's from the guns, and everything was fine. However, on my first turn after setup, the same guns, just where I placed them with fine LOS's, now have LOS's of 5-6 meters at most. Has this happened before? If so, is it a bug, or is there a gameplay explanation? I've never had an LOS ch
  4. Maybe this ought to be in the tech section? It has apparently happened to a bunch of us with Norton antivirus, and I found the directions in the other thread on this topic to not be entirely clear. The problem is that even if you turn off Norton AV during the install of the commonwealth module, when Norton goes back on, it finds and deletes its exec. file. BF has explained this phenomenon in another thread. Norton is doing its job, but false positives are frustrating. Here is what to do: 1. On the main Norton screen click on "History" under "Computer Protection." 2. On the history scr
  5. Tashtego, It's subjective of course, but I liked the degree of sharpness in these two pictures. Nice work.
  6. On a lighter note (taken directly from a current game)...
  7. Thanks to all--I should have known.... Also, did I miss "how to place mines and where you can place them" in the manual? Or is it simply not there?
  8. Looked through the knowledge base, forum, and manual (searched the PDF file) and can't find out what I'm supposed to do with the mines I've bought for a quick battle. I can't load them into anything, just move them around the setup zone. What am I missing??? Thanks for any help.
  9. Not sure who to thank for the fun (and frustration) I had playing PM! The starting notes give credit to the "BFC Beta Team" (?--I think) but I recall seeing individual names on the battles. In any case, great effort, kept me going until the end with multiple replays of at least two of the battles. I like the combo of tactical problems along with strategic dilemmas to solve. Just about drove me nuts trying to get through one very tough map in 40 or 30 minutes--didn't see how it could be done--but I did it and more satisfying for the challenge. Thanks again, guys. Max Molinaro
  10. If this comment hasn't already been made, it seems to me that the way the individual soldiers in a unit spread out/deploy is more smooth and believable.
  11. Enemy RPG fired by Mark Ezra's heartless thugs whizzing past my mostly dead troops, on its way to kill one of my BMPs. Note I.D. number on side of RPG. Full disclosure: I softened the outlines of the RPG--too jaggy on my ancient computer. Otherwise unretouched. And I agree with Lethaface's post above: equating Muslims with gun-toting jihadists is like equating Catholics with child molesters. Remember: all generalizations are false including this one.
  12. Old screenshot-based cartoon I never posted (I don't think). Hi-jinks in the barracks.
  13. Hear about those two pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles because they were (supposedly) reviewing a new scheduling system on their laptops? I think I found the real problem in this exclusive photo from the cockpit:
  14. Quote source: In On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War, Colonel Harry Summers recalls an April 1975 conversation in which he remarked, "You know you never defeated us on the battlefield," to which his North Vietnamese counterpart replied, "That may be so, but it is also irrelevant."
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