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  1. I can confirm that getting driver 17.7 does FIX this issue!! Battlefront tech support was able to help me with a licensing issue, and afterwards I played for 4 hours !!
  2. I am checking back here.. it has been quite some time but I hope that maybe possibly they have fixed this issue? I am not going to waste my time reinstalling the game if it isn't going to work.. I really enjoy all the SC games so I hope to play again one day but this issue has been outrageous to be honest.
  3. Sadly, as has been pointed out, for those of us that bought new cards in the RX series there is no "rollback" the original drivers don't work and apparently neither do the new ones. I haven't even tried to play in months now
  4. What do you mean by SC3?? I am only aware of 2, global conflict, and world war 1. I don't see a Strategic Command 3 on battlefronts website...
  5. I really hope this isn't being ignored... I have bought 4 separate SC games from battlefront and I certainly will not be buying another until I am sure that I can run it... It isn't like AMD is some crazy off brand... there is really no excuse for not taking care of this..
  6. I also contacted AMD about it, I suggest you all do the same, highly unlikely they will address it though, it's going to have to be battlefront that fixes this one... I know I won't be buying any more SC games until it is fixed thats for sure!
  7. I found a similar post on AMDs forums...apparently since the new crimson 16.6 drivers came out the game won't work! they are now a few updates past 16.6 and I guess it still doesn't work... FAILED(initialize_national_tile_surface): 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.
  8. I tried running AMDs gaming evolved software which "optimizes" games, it does not find SCWW1 breakthrough installed,, I looked through the entire list of supported games and I saw Strategic Command European Theater... which was the original SC game made years and years ago, I remember playing it back in the day, but non of the newer games, IE SC2, SCWaW, SCWW1, etc are on the list... perhaps someone at Battlefront should be keeping up with these kind of things? I mean, I have played nearly every Strategic Command games over the years, I love the games, I paid good money for them, they are grap
  9. I just installed a new AMD GPU, updated drivers completely.. and I now have the same error... I play SCWW1 Breakthrough almost daily for months now... easily one of my favorite games and I am in the middle of an epic saved game... Are you going to fix this issue with some kind of patch? Because its pretty crazy to think I can no longer play a game I paid for simply because I have a new graphics card... I mean hell this game doesn't even HAVE graphics...
  10. HC I would like to thank you for sending me that file and I for all the time you spent on this little thing. I speaks volumes about this company and yourself.
  11. Hmm I see. How come this particular turn takes so long you think? It has to be atleast 3x as long, if not more, then a normal one.
  12. HC, you are saying you load up the file and the AI plays out its turn and lets you take your turn right after? I just loaded it up again. I thought maybe I didn't wait long enough but after it did a defensive assesment it started "thinking..." and never finishes. I sat here for 10 minutes and nothing moved or changed. I hit alt-ctrl-del and it said it was "Not Responding" so I closed it. This is strange I don't see how it could all of a sudden not work on my comp but work on yours.
  13. Yes I mailed it to info@furysoftware.com But i'm not sure that is correct, if not please update me. I never really had problems with your software like this before so I am tempted to think it might have something to do with the mod? But I don't really have much knowledge about thing's like this so be objective. Thank you for your time.
  14. I recently started a game of Tharwns European mod. Everything is fine til 1 turn after USSR enters the war. Then the A.I. hangs up while "thinking" during it's turn and does not return. I reloaded the autosave and same thing happens again! I am very displeased as you can imagine, the first part of that game took me 3 hours to play and now its all for nothing. Anyone else having a similar problem or do the admins know what might be happening?
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