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  1. I can confirm that getting driver 17.7 does FIX this issue!! Battlefront tech support was able to help me with a licensing issue, and afterwards I played for 4 hours !!
  2. I am checking back here.. it has been quite some time but I hope that maybe possibly they have fixed this issue? I am not going to waste my time reinstalling the game if it isn't going to work.. I really enjoy all the SC games so I hope to play again one day but this issue has been outrageous to be honest.
  3. Sadly, as has been pointed out, for those of us that bought new cards in the RX series there is no "rollback" the original drivers don't work and apparently neither do the new ones. I haven't even tried to play in months now
  4. What do you mean by SC3?? I am only aware of 2, global conflict, and world war 1. I don't see a Strategic Command 3 on battlefronts website...
  5. I really hope this isn't being ignored... I have bought 4 separate SC games from battlefront and I certainly will not be buying another until I am sure that I can run it... It isn't like AMD is some crazy off brand... there is really no excuse for not taking care of this..
  6. I also contacted AMD about it, I suggest you all do the same, highly unlikely they will address it though, it's going to have to be battlefront that fixes this one... I know I won't be buying any more SC games until it is fixed thats for sure!
  7. What could be machine specific when nothing has changed on the machine except the card? I've played SC games, including breakthrough, on this machine for years. Besides there have been two other documented cases, one on these forums and one on the AMD forums, so it has to be something with the drivers or card. In any event it looks like I may have to just uninstall from my machine and reinstall on my laptop since there doesn't seem to be a solution. Thanks for your help regardless.
  8. Yeah it will no longer let me load the game... apparently you are right the copy protection is broken. I bought this game and installed it as a bundle, so it only had one license, do I still need to utilities? Also, how come I cannot simply enter the license I still have for it?? it lets you type it in, but the "enter" button is not a button.. .just text... This whole thing is so whacky I swear! And to top it all off it doesn't seem like AMD is going to get around to this any time soon.
  9. There are basically no older drivers for this card, it is so new that there is only 1 older version and they don't work either it seems. Also, it seems my license issue is back... this is turning into a real nightmare
  10. Ok Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. It seems sometimes a reboot of the machine will fix it, or a clean install.. but of course that is annoying... but it doesn't matter anyway because I am still getting the: FAILED(initialize_national_tile_surface): 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect. when I try to load a scenario
  11. Thank you for that information. I'll be honest it is hard to believe that I as a single consumer would have a better chance then a developer, but I will give it a shot of course. Yes I updated the driver the next day it came it, currently I think I may go and try to install old drivers and hope that they work with my other games. Strategic Command is easily one of my favorite games and I am determined to keep playing it. As I said before, I've been playing them since the first strategic command european theater.
  12. Yes the game is fully patched.... I mentioned that in the above post... I am hoping someone can resolve this soon. I also contacted AMD and am waiting for a response but I won't hold my breath.
  13. LOL now I am gettting: -Error- No Game Title It seems like there was a problem with your license. a Contact us for further assistance. -Erroro- No Request Code Send this number to customer support to get your activation key Please enter a serial key to fix this error. Erroaaaaaar message. Exit Enter again... this is really whacky.
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